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Best Aluminum Windows

When people talk about the best aluminum windows, there are two very different frames types in the discussion. The first is an all aluminum frame, also known as a thermally broken aluminum, which is a very strong window, but is very energy inefficient compared to other frame types. The second is an aluminum clad window, which is a wood interior and aluminum exterior, typically the most expensive window frame with solid efficiency numbers.

Top Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows

Thermally broken windows are very strong and can stand up to very warm temperatures, making them ideal for warm states like Texas and Oklahoma, but beside avoided in colder climates.

Gerkin Aluminum Windows

Gerkin is a smaller, more regional window manufacturer that enjoys a good reputation by most contractors who know the brand. They are often mentioned as for aluminum windows, allow we have no specific performance numbers

Price Range: $550 to $700 installed

Jeld Wen Aluminum Windows

Jeld Wen is a larger manufacturer, although they get mixed reviews from contractors; some thing their products are not the greatest of quality, while others like the customer service they offer and feel they are a decent value for the cost of the windows.

Price Range: $400 to $550 installed

Milgard Aluminum Windows

Milgard is considered a good mid range window company that makes a good product at reasonable prices. The same seems to apply to their aluminum windows, although we haven't found any specific reviews on their aluminum frames. Read additional Milgard windows reviews.

Price Range: $500 to $750 installed

Don Young Aluminum Windows

Don Young is out of Houston and produces nice solid aluminum windows. They are priced farily and Don Young enjoys a good reputation in the industry. These are therefore is a good option for customers in Texas, but may not be available in other states and areas.

Price Range: $400 to $600 installed

Top Aluminum Clad Windows

Marvin Ultimate is a wood interior, aluminum clad exterior that comes in a whole host of options - lots of color, siez and hardware options. Interior wood choices include white oak, mahogany, douglas pine, fir, and cherry, which offers easy customization for a unique but classic look. With a lot of upgrades and custom options offered, Marvin windows can cost $1000 per window. The window offers decent numbers; DP50 rating, U-value 0.31.

Price Range: $900 to $1100 installed

Loewen Window

Loewen's main line of windows is a wood clad that comes in several styles: bay and bow, picture, access, specialty, and transom, awning, and the more traditional casements and double hungs. The interior can be either Douglas Fir or mahogany, and the exterior features extruded aluminum cladding and a Kynar finish. Loewen offers two separate color lines for the exterior finish, either standard colors or the architectural color collection. A Low-e2 glass package comes standard.

Price Range: $950 to $1050 installed

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