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Best Replacement Windows In Hawaii

Explore the best replacement windows in Hawaii and find popular and available window replacements in the islands. If you have a good recommendation for us to add to this page, please let us know! Click on the Project Questions button on the right and shoot us an email!

Ali'i Extreme Windows

The Ali'i Extreme is a vinyl window that is marketed as a standalone product that is available in Oahu and should be available in the remainder of the islands. The Ali'i Extreme window is manufactured by Anlin Windows And Doors, which is headquartered in Clovis, California. These are nice mid range vinyl windows that should provide consumers with some excellent value for the price (better than what you will find at your local Home Depot - do they have Home Depot in Hawaii, I know they have Costco now!)

The Alii Extreme Series includes the following features: even sightlines, automatic vent stop, triple-strength glass, triple weather stripping, contoured lift rails, constant force balancing, stainless steel balances, reinforced locking rails, Better Vue screen, 2 cam locks, and a silicone spacer. In terms of color options, homeowners can choose from a white, bronze or tan on both the interior and the exterior. The window can be ordered as a single hung, double hung, awning, casement, horizontal slider, single slider, bay or bow, and in several geometric shapes and configurations.

All in all, the Alii Extreme model offers some nice features and should provide a very good option for Islanders who don't want to spend Andersen and Pella kind of money, but also don't want to buy a cheap replacement window either.

Hawaii 9 Replacement Window and Installation Cost Estimate

Hello, I happened upon your webpage and really found it informative.

In the back of my house is a major road with a lot of road traffic so I called a company to provide an estimate and he suggested the following product: Amerimax windows with the following features - double pane, argon, AG3 triple coat low-E, NEAT self cleaning stainless steel hardware . it also has an internal screen between the two panes if you open the window.

There's 9 windows of varying sizes. Total cost estimate came out to a little over $10,000 for the 9 windows after his 50% discount that he is offering.


Five are Craftsman Portrait Sliding window XO: two @ 60x38 - $1,078, two @ 60x36 - $1,056, 61x38 - $1,089
Three are Masters Grand Double Hung : 30x50 - $960, 36x50 - $1,044, 30x38 - $884
One is a Craftsman Portrait XOX: (for a particularly wide window - 90x58 ) - $1,628

That seemed high to me but I am not sure, given its a double pane and with all those other windows features I mentioned above, if that is a reasonable pricing. Supposedly, he said they had a 50% discount and that was the discounted price.

Thank you in advance!

Daniel - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Daniel, I agree, that bid sounds high to me as well. Amerimax makes a good window, but I'm not sure it's worth $1K a pop. I would definitely get a couple more bids to find out what the fair market rate is for your project. I know that Anlin makes a window line specific to Hawaii called the Ali'i Extreme. I would definitely get a bid on this window. Also, maybe from a Simonton dealer on one of their better window lines like the

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