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Acadia Windows And Doors

Hi, I am in the process of gathering quotes to replace an 8' sliding door. The quotes I have received vary from $4,500-$1,500 and the brands vary from Anderson to Slocomb Doors. I have narrowed it down to three choices...i think.

Alside - 6100 series or Promenade (6400 series)



I'm not familiar with any of the brands. We just want a door that is going to last and won't cost us a fortune like Anderson prices. We just want an overall good value. Our house is 20 years old, I'm the 2nd owner and we plan on staying in the property for 5 more years then turning it into a rental property. Overall we just want piece of mind that it's not going to break and fall apart since it's such a large door.

The Alside prices is very appealing but I have some concerns... The salesman pushed us towards the 6100 series because it has a white pine wood mainframe. We have a brick home and in my opinion I feel like wood= root. The 6400 or Promenade series door is all vinyl. Are you familiar with these doors? Thanks.

Jim - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Jim, I agree with you that you should stay away from wood, unless you HAVE TO HAVE wood for whatever reason. If you paint it, you will be hard pressed to really notice the difference anyway unless you are six inches from the surface.

I have to be honest, I know nothing about Acadia, but I do intend to find out in the near future.

Even knowing nothing about Acadia Windows and Doors, my pick would still be Sunrise Windows And Doors, which makes much better windows and patio doors than Alside. Alside is known more as a builder quality company, while Sunrise has a reputation for quality workmanship and parts. Pay the extra money for the Sunrise and I'll bet that 10 years down the road, you will be glad that you did!

BTW, if you do have any additional info on Acadia, please send it over so I can share it with other consumers. Thanks!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Homeowner's Response

Those are my thoughts exactly. I'm working through vetting the installers now. I've gotten some more information on the Acadia door, even went to their manufacturing plant and showroom since it's local. They're the exclusive supplier for the island of Bermuda and have been for several years. I have a friend who is a GC and they recommend the Acadia but I'm not using them for the work... I don't like to mix business and friendships.

That said it's either the Acadia 4100 which is their top of the line french sliding door or the Sunrise door.

Thanks again for your feedback. You've been very helpful.

Jim - Homeowner - from 2016

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