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Alliance Windows Reviews

Read 11 Alliance windows reviews from homeowners and installers and discover the quality of their window products and customer service record.

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Alliance Belmont windows

I unfortunately hired a contractor who replaced all the windows and a sliding glass door in my home with Alliance double hung Belmont windows. This was not the brand he told me he was going to be installing. I have issues with leaks from faulty installation and product issues with the door and windows. From screens coming out of their frames, difficulty opening and closing some windows. I also have locks popping off sashes, leaks between panes and issues getting sashes to line up to lock. The locks are popping off because the windows aren't lining up and when forced to lock they are pulling the locks. Manufacturer said they are not installed properly.

The reason I picked my contractor was because he assured me he would honor his warranty (5 year on his installation plus manufacturers stating lifetime warranty). Other installers didn't offer a five year warranty. He talked the talk and I unfortunately trusted him. My issue now is that the contractor won't honor his warranty and fix the issues. The company he purchased these products from have issued him a credit after coming to my home and seeing all the issues that I have with windows and door.

Problem is he purchased them from this supply company ABC and they won't help me to get issues resolved stating that he has to make claims for window/door issues. I can't get ABC or Midway Windows (they are the manufacturer) and Doors to help me. I have over 60 pictures with issues that include cracks in corners of the vinyl sash frames. Every sash has at least one crack in the corner. The manufacturer said that he thought they must have been damaged prior to installation. I have no idea what happened and I spent a lot of my savings on replacing these windows and door when I purchased my home last year. I needed energy efficient windows that were easy to clean and maintain because I am disabled and I can't climb on chairs or ladders.

My question is do you have any suggestions on how I can get these windows fixed. The contractor is refusing to help or fix any installation issues. He told me in writing that these windows were made by Anderson that Anderson owns Alliance (Anderson was what I wanted installed). I was very naïve and trusted this contractor. I have contacted Better Business Bureau but he won't fix issues. I will not got enough money back from small claims court to hire another contractor to take off maintenance free wraps and replace the windows and door again. Without the contractor who purchased these products doing a claim to supply company where they were purchased and Alliance the company who manufactured the products won't help me. They said contractor has to take pictures and make the claims.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I don't recommend Alliance and definitely not the contractor either. I paid a lot of money. I appreciate any constructive feedback.

Jen - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jen, unfortunately I'm not sure what recourse you have at this time. I'm very sorry, this sounds like a total nightmare. Can you order and pay for parts through Midway and hire an independent window repair person (with EXCELLENT reviews and track record) to come in and get everything looking right? This would be the course of action I would follow.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Alliance Belmont Sliders

We started replacing our windows about five years ago in a piecemeal fashion. Our supplier friend hooked us up with Alliance Belmont sliders w/ low E Argon-Filled. We have been pleased with their performance. We are now looking to replace three more windows and want to stay with the same window for both aesthetic and cost reasons. Two questions: 1. How would you rate the Alliance Belmont replacement windows? 2. If I had to switch to a comparable brand/model, which would you recommend?

Louie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Louie, the question of Alliance's quality is a tough one because they are a group of independent manufacturers. It's like asking about the quality of a franchise, some of the franchisees may be good, some may be just okay, and some may be substandard. From the website, I'd have to say that the Belmont window looks pretty middle-of-the-road, which is not a bad thing at all.

I would say that if you liked the windows you purchased and they have worked well for you and feel comfortable with the price point and the dealer you bought them from, why not stick with them? You know what's your getting and the look and hardware of the window is going to match the other Alliance windows.

If you would like to go in another direction, here are my picks for the best mid range vinyl window on the market.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Alliance Windgate Windows Review

Hi Tim, We are planning to build a new home and would really appreciate your advice on window manufacturers! From what I count on the floor plan, we have 12 single casement or awning windows, 7 two-lite casements, and 5 three-lite casement/picture. Here is what we have from the builder for pricing options:

Alliance Windgate $12,327

Andersen 100 series $15,477

Sunrise $20,712

I know the Sunrise are well regarded, but I would have a hard time spending that much more. What are your thoughts and recommendations given these choices? Thanks.

Matt - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Matt, I agree with you on both counts -- Sunrise is well regarded and the price tag they bid out the project looks steep. I think I'd toss the Alliance Windgate bid, unless you aren't planning to be in your house for very long. The Andersen 100 bid looks reasonable, but the window isn't as good as the Sunrise, which leaves you in a bit of a pickle.

Two suggestions -- take a look at our recommended window manufacturers and see if you can get another bid or two from a local company that sells one of the recommended brands of windows. This should hone in a bit better on the fair market price of the project.

The other thing I would do is go back to the Sunrise dealer and tell him that you have an Andersen 100 window bid that's much more in line with your budget and that if he can get close to this price, you're ready to sign. Here's an article on one approach to negotiating the cost of windows.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

[Matt's Response]

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your feedback. I did talk to the Sunrise dealer, but they were unwilling to move significantly on the price to become a part of the conversation. With them out and Alliance out, the decision is getting easier!

Regarding the Andersen 100 series, I have read that it is a good window, just not as good as some of the top vinyl. It does appear to be well priced and a decent option. What would be your concerns with me moving ahead with that window?

Matt - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Matt, the Andersen 100 window is a good one. I would have that window in my house. If you are getting a good price and feel comfortable with the installer, then I say go for it!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Alliance Hawthorne vs Walsh Tundra

I am looking to replace windows in my house and would like to ask for your opinion on Walsh Tundra 6600 vinyl windows or Alliance Hawthorne windows. I have 2 double casements,1 single casement, 2 awning windows and a 60 inch circle top with 2 awnings mulled together at the factory. Are these decent windows and so they stand behind their warranty? Do you have any other window company you would recommend? Thanks.

Dan - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Dan, neither of these window companies is that well known, certainly not when compared with the larger window manufacturers. I took a look at both windows and they seem very close in terms of performance. I would say that both windows are not flashy in terms of how they look, and neither ais a bad vinyl windows by any means - both pretty average, which is necessarily a bad thing. I would say that the products are equal in strength - so the big question is going to be which company provides better installation - which one do you feel represents themselves more professionally? Do they offer a labor warranty? How long have their installation teams worked together? Which company offers the better price.

Honestly, I don't know the details on the warranties they offer on the windows - I would imagine they are similar, but that's just a guess. I would say get some answers on the installation front and go with your gut in terms of which company is going to do the better job.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

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Hawthorne Alliance vs. Alside Promaxx

Tim, we recently purchased an older home and are looking to replace the single pane windows. I have had different contractors give me estimates and tell me their window is more superior to the other guys. I would rather have facts than just a bunch of talk. The two brands are the Hawthorne Alliance vs. Alside promaxx with Climatech TG2 (triple pane). There are roughly 20 windows to replace along with a sliding patio door. We would be looking for a wood grain interior and a beige exterior. I am wondering if I should check into the Ply Gem Premiums. I would appreciate any feedback that you would have. I never would have guessed choosing a window could be so difficult.

Brian - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Brian, I would say that the Alliance Hawthorne window is decent - I certainly wouldn't put it in the exceptional range, but decent numbers and decent features. The Alside Ultramaxx (I haven't heard of the promaxx, perhaps a specialty window line?) is a decent window as well, but again not a world beater by any means. Not to say that you need the very best vinyl window out there, but you do need really solid installation so this component of the project should account for 50% of the equation when you decide.

Absolutely get a quote on the Ply Gem Premium - maybe even one more from a Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Okna, Polaris or ProVia dealer - it can never hurt to get more bids. Usually, I recommend taking the lowest bid you receive and bringing it (or calling) the company you most like and asking if they can come close to this lower price quote - I always start out by saying "I want to go with them, but they out of my price range" - usually they will come down some and then I feel like I did my best to get the best price and still get a good quality product. My two cents.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Alliance Windows Reviews

Alliance Windows are made by a loosely connected group of fabricators who used to work with Certainteed. Their product is average - a decent builder's grade window. If you're looking for a bargain, you could do worse, but it isn't going to be premium quality. Ever since the affiliate in Louisiana went out of business, we've had a lot of trouble with customer service in Texas.

Cameron - Installer - from 2010

Alliance Window Complaints

I had Alliance windows put in my house and I've been furious ever since. The windows are a joke and the installation was even worse. From the beginning, the crew was late, loud, and rude. The windows have gaps all around, the are leaky and drafty and caulking got everywhere.

Doug - Homeowner - from 2010

Alliance vs Certainteed

A few years ago CertainTeed ended their licensing agreements with outside manufacturers. Some of them got together to form Alliance. CertainTeed has gone down in quality ever since. Alliance makes mediocre windows, but they are better than the new CertainTeeds. The Alliance Hawthorne and the CertainTeed Bryn Mawr are pretty much the same window, but the Hawthorne is much better. Every manufacturer has a range of products and when you compare similar products they are as good or better than the competition.

Neal - Installer - from 2011

Alliance Window Reviews

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say Alliance windows are a 4 or a 5. You can find better windows in the same price range, but these are far from the worst. If you need a window with middle of the road price and a middle of the road quality, these can be a good choice.

Daniel - Contractor - from 2010

Alliance Windows Problems

Alliance makes a decent builder's quality window, but they aren't anything special. There are a lot of windows available that are really high quality. Alliance, along with a few other companies, don't make them. Their product is ideal for low-bid contractors and builders, but not for the home owner who wants a beautiful, stylish, and well-made window.

Mike - Contractor in New Jersey - from 2009

Installer's Opinions

I don't install a lot of Alliance windows. I usually work with a higher end product, but a friend of mine deals with them all the time. He has never had any complaints, but I know him and I know his installation is top notch. A lower quality window like Alliance has to have perfect installation to avoid leaks and drafts. A better window is going to be more forgiving.

For the most part, a cheap window is a cheap window. The features and windows are pretty much the same within the Alliance price range. Alliance is a stable manufacturer with decent customer service, and that's the main thing. A good installer can make sure that any window is seated well and nicely sealed. Most of them are used to lower end windows anyway. I'd consider a Milgard or Ply Gem as a better, but not super expensive option - if they have those in your area.

Brian - Installer - from 2008

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