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Alpen Windows Reviews

Read 4 Alpen windows reviews from contractors, installers and homeowners on their most popular models and series. Read Alpen Window prices here.

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Editor's Alpen Windows Review

The replacement window business can get a bit complicated, especially when companies go out of business, other companies acquire them and suddenly are marketing the same basic windows under a new name. This sort of thing is obviously much more prevalent during "down" years as companies struggle with weak consumer demand.

Typically, a company goes bankrupt and another company comes in and buys up their assets (factory, parts, trucks, etc.) and potentially keeps all of the existing ties with the distributors and/or reps that sell the product lines. It's tough to generalize because each deal is so unique -- one of the most publicized purchase was the Soft-Lite Gorell acquisition, mainly because Gorell was such a respected name in the industry.

At any rate, back in 2012, Brad Begin, who is currently the CEO of Alpen High Performance Products, purchased the assets of Serious Windows (headquartered in Sunnyvale, California). The history is interesting and somewhat ironic. Robert Clarke started Alpen back in 1981 and operated the company until 2008, when it was acquired by Serious Materials. Clarke was one of the main project managers in Serious Energy's biggest project, which was the government contract they received to replace the windows on the Empire State building - over 13,000 windows, can you imagine the cost of that project!

On a side note, according to Allison Ray at Alpen, the replacement glass for the Empire State building has already paid for itself in energy savings in under 4 years time.

When Serious Windows went bankrupt in 2012, Alpen HPP, led by Clarke, purchased the assets of SeriousWindows and is now manufacturing fiberglass windows under that name.

Alpen HPP is a high energy efficiency fiberglass window manufacturer, whose prices are are competitive with other higher end windows that provide the same performance level (insulating value, air infiltration, SHGC control, UV blockage, sound attenuation, etc), such as Marvin and Inline windows.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Have a question for our site editors, Dane and Tim? Email them and let them answer your specific project questions. Make sure to include your email address so they can get back to you directly (we never use or sell your email, we promise.)

Intus Windows Passive House

I want high SHGC windows for a passive house. Could you help?

Richard - Homeowner - from 2015

[Editor's Response]

Paul, thanks for the question, this is one question we are hearing of with more and more frequency. While Passive Houses are less popular in the United States compared to Europe and Canada, but this is changing, albeit slowly. In terms of price and availability, here in the U.S. we will be looking primarily towards Canadian window manufacturers who either ship to the states or who have some limited distribution in the U.S. (typically in the Northern States near the U.S. Canada border, although a passive home can obviously be located anywhere.)

Whoever you are using to build your home should be somewhat familiar with these companies. Passive house windows will all be custom ordered based on the direction they face in order to maximize the SHGC or passive heat that they are able to collect. To this end, make sure to ask about the timeline to order and ship the windows to the job site. Here are three companies off the top of my head that specializes in passive home technology...

Alpen Windows



Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Alpen Windows vs Marvin

We live in Virginia and are rebuilding our home virtually from the ground up. As far as windows, we have a quote on the Marvin Integrity casement using the all ultrex fiberglass frame (we considered going with the wood but it seemed easier to stick with the Ultrex interior). I'm comparing the Intergity with the Alpen 525s Series and would like to compare the U-factor, SHGC, AI, etc. We have also looked at Inline, but the lead time is nearly 3 months so that's going to work for us. Finally, we have been considering the HiMark casement as a lower cost alternative. Any opinions would be much appreciated.

Daniel - Homeowner - from 2013

[Contractor Response]

Well, Daniel, you have some good options that you're looking at. Let's start with Marvin Windows, which is a solid company that manufactures good fiberglass windows. Just out of curiousity, why are you going with the Integrity line? The Infinity window is a better window, especially if you are going with the Ultrex interior. I would suggest at least getting a bid from the Infinity dealer in your area to see how that compares. Alpen makes an expensive and quite good fiberglass window, as does Inline. Their numbers are going to be better than the Marvin, but you will be paying a premium for that difference. Get the bids with installation and then see if the added cost is worth it to you. What model are you referring to in the HiMark? Their premium and mid grade models are both excellent as well as their Starmark Composite window. I like these windows alot, well made and relatively affordable.

Peter - Contractor - from 2013

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