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American Exteriors Windows Reviews

Read 5 American Exteriors windows reviews from homeowners, consumers and contractors who have experience with the company's products and customer service.

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American Exteriors and Zen Windows

Tim, I found your site searching for replacement vinyl windows. American Exteriors gets bad reviews from everyone but Angie’s List, yet there were the first to call me.

I have gotten a quote from the local Zen window dealer. 4 Nirvana’s with extra solar tinting for 3 to replace some old vinyls. It came in at $3139, way higher than your guess. When I questioned that in an email they said that was their price, no room to dicker. I will also get a SoftLite and at least one other non-franchise local outfit. What is your take?

Lew - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Lew, I agree that American Exteriors does not get glowing reviews so don't use them, but do get a bid from them. The bids help you gather information and get pricing ideas -- plus they cost you nothing but time.

Zen tends to have a good reputation but that bid is too high on the surface of it. You need more bids to get to the fair market price for your 4 windows. Remember there are a good 20 factors that can drive the per window cost of your project up or down so the more bids you get, the more certain you'll know what the appropriate price range is. There are plenty of times when the per window cost is $850 per window (especially if work has to be done to the sills or walls).

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Five Months and No Windows

Our installation was supposed to happen in May, and everything fell apart. They were on back order, then there was a mix up, then back order again. We finally got them put in in September. It was ridiculous that a window company can't handle an order for 7 windows. When they finally did come out for the install it took them 4 whole days, the custom grids were wrong for the 4th time, so we're still waiting. The person we've been talking to in their customer service department is rude and unhelpful, and he acts like this isn't really his problem. We haven't been offered any kind of discount or anything, and we're still waiting for the right grids. As much money as we spent we should at least get an apology after 5 months!

Bradley - Homeowner - from 2012

Ask for Discounts

Keep in mind that everyone qualifies for discounts. Whenever a dealer comes out for an estimate, they're going to start with a higher price but you can always get a break if you don't sign right away. They are really annoying, especially when they want you to sign right away and they start with the pressure, but you can get a good deal if you know your budget ahead of time.

Dick - Homeowner - from 2012

Questionable Sales Methods

They might have great windows, I'll never know. We didn't get past their sleazy sales guy. We had someone come out for an estimate, but he only measured a few windows and then said he would have to send someone else out for the rest. He asked us to sign a credit check form so if we decided to finance he wouldn't have to come back out for more paperwork. At least that's what he said. A couple of days later we found out that he opened an account for us to buy windows with a huge limit, which we never said he could do. We tried to close the account and since then have been getting nasty phone calls and letters threatening to sue us. The second guy never came out to finish measuring, we never got an estimate or picked windows or anything. I don't know how they think they can convince a judge that we agreed to buy from them. I've never even imagined that any business could work this way. Ended up going with Window World and the job got done right.

Whit - Homeowner - from 2011

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Install and Warranty Problems

I thought they would be great windows, but the installer broke one of the frames and didn't even offer to fix it. Their measurements were wrong, so the final price was higher than the estimate, and they aren't honoring their warranty on some glass breakage. They are drafty and the outside noise is awful, I might as well leave them open half the time. I'd go with a different company if I were you.

Denise - Homeowner - from 2010

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