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Better Bilt Windows Reviews

See Better Bilt windows reviews on this now defunct window line.

Better Bilt Windows Reviews

Better Bilt was an independent manufacturer that was acquired in 1999 by MI Windows & Doors. MI sold Better Bilt replacement and new construction windows for several years through their distribution lines and Lowes Hardware Store. They sold both vinyl and aluminum clad windows. In general, the BetterBilt windows were considered a low to mid grade window - butt jointed coners, U-channel spacer, single strength glass and a non trasferrable warranty.

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Better Bilt Review

I like Milgards much better than Better-Bilt, but Anlins and Superior are worth taking a look at, too. They are all fairly similar in price to Simontons, but I think the quality and service are significantly better. The Milgards and Superiors are probably going to have the best warranty and give the best value long term. Especially in Southern California, where Superior is based, you can sometimes get really good prices on their windows.

Aaron - Contractor - from 2009

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