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Crystal Windows Reviews

Read 8 Crystal windows reviews from installers, contractors and homeowners on this vinyl window manufacturer.

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Crystal Windows Prices

Crystal Windows vs Marvin Integrity

We need to replace six windows, approx 4 inches x 77 inches each, in our Manhattan apartment (2nd floor of an old tenement-style building.) We have a contractor working on a renovation who will do the labor.

We have quotes for windows from Marvin Integrity and Crystal and are stunned — and confused -- by the enormous price difference between Crystal and the other two. Crystal estimates about $1700 for all six windows, the other two, more than $6000. How can this be? Are Crystal windows reliable? What would you do?

Marilyn - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

I don't hear a ton about Crystal windows. From the little that I have heard, they seem to be a builder quality vinyl window. This means that they are built and marketed towards builders and contractors who are looking to put in a cheap vinyl window that will function well enough for the first handful of years, but will begin to break down in that year seven, eight, nine, 10. So the question you have to ask yourself is is it worth it to spend the $1700 on cheap windows knowing that you'll have to replace them probably in your tan or do you go with the more expensive windows that will probably last 20 to 25 years.

Normally, I tell people to go with the more expensive windows because from a long-term perspective it tends to be cheaper. However, the quote you've received are so different in price that you may want to consider consider putting the Crystal windows in for the $1700 and hoping that you don't have any issues part of what would drive this decision for me would be the claimant that I live in. So, for instance, if I lived in a very cold climate in which the quality of my windows was very important, I would be hesitant about going with the Crystal windows. If, however, I lived in a place with a much more mild climate, I would definitely consider going with the Crystal and knowing that I'm going to have to replace them in eight or nine years.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Crystal Window Reviews

Looking for 12 replacement double hung windows, plus converting 2 to a far I have 3 quotes. The Alside Excaliburs and United 4800s were really close in price, then the Crystal Series 200 was about half that. I'm not sure which I should go with and what the differences are. The United rep said they use shims and caps on every window instead of simply nailing them in. Is that a big deal? Excaliburs have a better warranty. I don't really know much about the Crystals, they can't be as good for that much less.

Alissa - Homeowner - from 2012

[Response To Homeowner]

I've done a lot of work with Sunrise, Soft-Lite, OKNA, Simonton, Gorell. They all have various window series, basically a premium line, a standard one, and then a bargain. For the most part, big differences in price from one estimate to another are because you're comparing across quality lines. I'd go back and ask them about the features to figure out what level of window you're looking for before you compare the costs. To be honest, none of the three brands you mentioned are something I would recommend to customers of mine.

Mike - Contractor in Delaware - from 2012

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Homeowner Opinion

My new house has Crystal windows and so far I love them. I get a tax credit because they are energy efficient, and my energy bills are smaller than in my old house even though this one is larger.

Robert - Consumer in New York - from 2011

Crystal Window Opinion

I've put Crystal windows in new construction and also as replacements. I've never had a major problem. They aren't as sturdy as some and I wouldn't put them in a hurrican zone or anything, but for most homes they work well and look nice. Most of the repairs I'vd had to do were because of bad installs. They aren't the best but they're good for the price.

Allen - Contractor in Connecticut - from 2010

Crystal Windows For Rental Properties

I own a lot of rental properties, and I had a unit that need windows fast. Crystal windows worked with my insurance company to get the paperwork in order so I could get the tenants back in. They aren't the best quality window, but their service was excellent. They really went out of the way to help me.

Charlie - Consumer in Washington D.C. - from 2010

Crystal Windows Reviews

I went with the basic windows, without the energy efficient features or anything. The only optional thing I went with was the mechanism that keeps the window from opening too far, I put that on the kids' rooms. I won't work with the particular dealer again, though. I thought I ordered one window, and the ones they put in I think were a lower end model. When I finally got a guy out to look he insisted that they were the ones I ordered, but I know that I wanted different ones. They gave me some money back but didn't want to switch out my windows. So I got windows I don't really like, but at a great price. They work well enough, and I might get Crystals again, but not through that distributor.

AJ - Consumer in Virginia - from 2010

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Crystal Window Review

Crystal makes a really low-end product. They're for rentals and temporary windows, they aren't good enough to use on your home. The only way to make them workable is to use so much caulking and silicone that it looks like garbage. Almost any other window would be better.

Bruce - Homeowner - from 2010

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