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Read Dabella Windows Reviews from consumers and industry experts alike. This home improvement company has over 20 branch locations throughout the western half of the United States. They are most heavily concentrated in the Pacific Northwest. The company tackles a number of different jobs, including bathroom remodels, gutters, roofs, siding, and windows.

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Dabella Windows Review

Hello Dane & Tim, I cannot "Thank You" enough, how useful your website is while I am looking for window replacement. Thanks a ton for all the time and help you guys putting in!!!!

High Level details of project -

Replacing 16 windows as mentioned below. We are looking for Full replacement for our Bow (it has 2 casement and 3 picture) and L.Bathroom (DT) and rest all are Inserts (Vinyl).

Options considered so far

I took estimates of Anderson (39k), Champion (20k), Sunrise Restoration (19350), Apex Insignia (19812), Sunrise Solace (26k), Dabella windows (29k), Hayfield + Weather Shield (24k). All, but Insignia are double pane with AR gas, while Insignia alone is KR + Triple Pane (low U factor).

Shortlisted options

I have shortlisted - Apex Insignia, Sunrise Restoration, Hayfield ( this team is installing Hayfield in all Double Hung + Weather Shield Signature BOW window), and Champion.

Help from You

Please advise, out of Apex Insignia / Sunrise Restoration / Champion & (Hayfield+Weather Shield) combination - which one you will recommend? Also, should I be checking some more, and which ones, if you can advise on that?

Project details

Bow Window 21x62 5 Casement Full replace Bow
L. Bath 25x38 1 Double Hung Full Replace Double Hung
M.Bed (big one) 37x63 2 Double Hung
M.Bed (single one) 37x63 1 Double Hung
M.bath (big) 25x55 2 Double Hung
Bed1 37x55 2 Double Hung
Bed2 37x55 1 Double Hung
Office 37x55 1 Double Hung
Laundry 29x55 1 Double Hung

Thanks & Regards.

Sanchit - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sanchit, your lowest cost bid in the Sunrise Restoration is the best window of the bunch. The Champion is probably right behind this. The Sunrise Solace is the Sunrise Restoration, so they are asking $6000 more for the same window. I think the Apex Insignia is probably third on my list. Honestly, I would go with the Sunrise Restoration option. It is a fantastic window. All of the prices are close enough to tell me that this is about fair market price for this project.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

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