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Energy Wall Window Reviews

Explore 2 energyWall windows reviews, including on their top of the line energyWeld model.

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energy Wall Window Quality

I just got a bid on energyWall windows, but I haven't heard much about them. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on the company and their windows (I know they sell doors too, but not sure that's in our budget for this round of remodeling.)

Thomas - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Thomas, thanks for the question. So here is the deal; energy Wall windows are manufactured by Polaris, a well respected vinyl window and door company out of Ohio that has some pretty solid distribution throughout the country (not so much on the west coast.) Energy Wall is essentially a relabeled UltraWeld window, which is Polaris's top of the line vinyl windows. The energy Wall offers a few options and extras that aren't available on the UltraWeld, such as a green reinforcement and black stainless spacer.

The window is quite nice looking, I would say nicer than the UltraWeld. The problem, not for you obviously, but for other consumers, is the availability of the energyWall models. I believe it is only available through certain select dealers. Perhaps the best way to describe it is a souped up UltraWeld. According to the website, the energyWeld casement (40" by 80") offers a .01 air infiltration, which is more of less the best AI numbers possible.

I would love to hear the price point on the window quote, I'd be interested to see how it compared to Polaris window prices.

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