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Enviroguard Windows Reviews

Read 2 Enviroguard Windows Reviews from consumers and industry experts alike. These windows are made by Precision Millworks out of Cumming, Georgia.

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Enviroguard vs. Ply Gem Pro

Hello, we planning to replace our entire windows including the frames with a root proof composite. We have 2 suggestions from local distributors but would like your opinion. Enviroguard and Ply Gem Pro are the suggestions. How do you feel about those? Do you have another suggestion? Our house was built in 1956. It's a cedar shake sided cottage. Thank you.

Myra - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Myra, the Enviroguard is from the little I know about it a composite window. The Ply Gem Pro is a vinyl window. Both are more or less rot proof. The key with either is proper installation so that when it rains, water doesn't get behind the windows and into the walls. I've only heard of the Enviroguard once and the bid for the window was really high. I didn't love their performance and warranty information on their website when compared to a quality vinyl window. I really don't have enough information on this window to make a solid judgement though.

The Ply Gem Pro model is a decent mid range vinyl window. With proper installation, it should do a good job. You may want to look for a high end Simonton window or see if Sunrise or Zen windows has a dealer in your area. Both of their mid range and premium window series are quite good.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Enviroguard BT Double Hung Windows

I live here in Atlanta and recently had a salesman from Apex Energy give me a bid for replacing our 21 single pane windows. The bid was $17,000 and change for the whole thing. I've also had a bid from Precision Millworks on their Enviroguard BT model. That bid was considerably more expensive at $25,000 and change. I was hoping to get your opinion.

Mack - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mack, I've always been wary of salesmen coming to my house and giving me an unsolicited bid on a product I may or may not be considering replacing. Having said that, their bid isn't horrible, but not super inexpensive either. I think you can do better.

I've never heard of Precision Millworks or the Enviroguard BT window series. Obviously their bid is quite a bit more than Apex Energy. I checked their website and wasn't super impressed with the performance numbers listed. The BT window series (if I'm reading this right) offers a .48 u-value and a 2.1 r-value and comes with a 25 year warranty on the main parts of the windows. I couldn't find any additional numbers, but these aren't super impressive as a standalone. The fact that they want to charge you well over $1000 per window would give me some serious pause.

I think you should see if other quality vinyl brands are available in your area. Okra, Sunrise, Soft-Lote, Polaris, Zen, and even a premium series from Simonton. I think these might be less expensive and offer better warranties and energy efficiency.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

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