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Fibertec Windows Reviews

Read 2 Fibertec windows reviews from past customers and contractors on their customer service and window quality.

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Fibertec Ordering Issues

We recently ordered a Fibertec sliding patio door for the house we are renovating. It was supposed to have been shipped in 8 weeks, but it has been delayed nearly 4 months now. They continue to push back the shipping date. Finally we were told it was on its way and we paid for the order over the phone.

They let us know what day it would arrive and we got the time off work and hired people to receive and store it before it would be installed. But it didn't arrive and when we called the company, they said that there was yet another delay and they had to set another day up. The entire process has been a nightmare.

Christa - Homeowner - from 2015

Fibertec Windows vs Thermotech

We have received bids from Thermotech and Fibertec. The Thermotech was $15K above the Fibertec bid. We are replacing 20 windows and a sliding glass door. The quality of the two products (doors and windows) seemed similar to me as well as my wife.

We ended up going with the Fibertec to save the money and I've been quite pleased with how everything turned out. The Fibertec seems to babe in line price wise with Inline windows, which I believe also gets good reviews for fiberglass windows.

Jenny - Homeowner - from 2015

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