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Fleetwood Windows Reviews

Read 3 Fleetwood Windows reviews on this California based thermally broken aluminum window manufacturer.

Editor's Fleetwood Window Review

Fleetwood is a California based company (headquartered in Corona in Southern California) that manufactures and sells high end thermally broken aluminum windows and doors. There products are rather high end, meaning they are going to be quite expensive and available only through your builder, architect or other local distributor. There aren't a ton of reviews out there on Fleetwood windows and doors, mainly because the company tends to service more commercial projects, as opposed to the residential market.

In general, they seem to be good - a well made aluminum window. Of course, for many consumers, the price tag puts them out of reach for a whole lot of homeowners. The Fleetwood windows warranty is lifetime on defects in materials and workmanship,ten years on the insulated glass, a five year provision on aluminum anodized finishes, and a five or ten year period on painted finishes (depending on the option you select). The document is not all that long so I would strongly advise consumers to read the warranty in full before you buy.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

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Fleetwood Aluminum Windows

We recently finished our custom home that used all Fleetwood aluminum windows. During the past storm (I live in Northern California), we had multiple windows leak.

At first we thought the flashing was to blame so I hire an expert to do some testing and consultation and his conclusion was that it was the windows. I've tried to get in touch with Fleetwood for weeks now and they've ignored us thus far. Then I threatened to send them the report from the waterproofing expert and suddenly they sent someone out. I spent nearly $100,000 on the windows and I'm obviously very disappointed with the results.

Janice - Homeowner - from 2014

Quality Of Fleetwood Windows

I have Fleetwood aluminum windows and sliding doors, they are more or less commercial-grade windows, which seems to be how the company makes most of their money from. Ours thermally broken aluminum windows are thick and solid, really high quality materials. They weren't cheap, I'd say double the cost of a comparable vinyl window.

There are tons of different options to choose from; frame color, glass thickness, frame type. One thing to be aware of, a custom frame color can add considerable cost and delivery time for your project. For our home, we opted for a laminated glass to reduce UV damage on the west facing windows. The laminated glass adds maybe $100 each, but we felt like it was worth it, especially because aluminum windows last so long because they are so strong.

The other really good thing about the Fleetwood windows was the good U-factor for aluminum. Aluminum is usually horrible in its data performance, but the Fleetwood was solid - not near as good as vinyl, but good for aluminum. I was really impressed with the windows, although they are very expensive.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2009

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