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Gerkin Windows Reviews | Read Installer & Homeowner Opinions

Read Gerkin windows reviews from installers and homeowners opinions to find out if their products are right for you. Explore Gerkin windows prices on many of their most popular models and options.

Gerkin Windows Reviews

It's harder to find aluminum windows today, everyone is making vinyl. Gerkin makes a decent one. They don't have as many options as the vinyl ones do, but their windows have pretty low air infiltration rates, .01 to .04 depending on the window type. I like the sliders with a good sill support across the window. I also screw and shim the header to make sure there aren't any issues later.

Steve - Installer - from 2012

Gerkin Aluminum Windows

I'm a Kansas home owner and I've been looking into Gerkin windows. They have a vinyl line that seems to be a mid to high end. They have some nice features, like Duraseal insulated glass and LowE glazing. They also produce aluminum windows, which most people aren't making these days. They have reinforced aluminum frames, which makes them fairly sturdy, and they seem pretty good. For the most part they seem to have pretty good products.

[Update - 6 months after install]

Six months ago I got them out in and they're really good. One screen was bent when they got here but they have good customer service. I like that a real person answers the phone when you call.

Casey - Homeowner in Kansas - from 2011

Gerkin vs Hayfield Windows

I've narrowed my window options down to Gerkins and Hayfields. I think the Hayfields are better, they have a better warranty and just seem sturdier and more sound, but the Gerkin has lower air infiltration numbers. I can't really decide, they seem to be more or less equal as far as quality and price both.

Rich - Homeowner - from 2011

Gerkin vs Jeld Wen

I'd wanted Marvins, but there isn't a dealer close by and they're probably too expensive anyway. I looked at the Jeld-Wen, which felt lightweight and less well made than a similar Gorell. I then looked at Gerkins, and I think I'm going with them. Out of all I looked at, they are the best looking, sturdiest, and even have the best AI numbers. They're also cheaper than most of the others, although not by much.

Julie - Homeowner - from 2010

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Gerkins vs Milgard Windows

I've had some customers here in Arizona asking me if aluminum windows do well here. I think that thermally broken frames are a good option. Gerkin and Milgard both make them, and they have good products that they really stand behind. Either company would be a good choice.

Randall - Window Contractor - from 2010

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Gerkin Vinyl Window Reviews

I've worked with Gerkins, and they're a solid product. They have good ratings and are made well. They don't have as many color and glass options as some lines, and they also take longer to order and deliver. Both their vinyl and aluminum window lines are a good choice for any home. Their prices are reasonable, too, which is a big deal to most people.

Todd - Window Installer - from 2009

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