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Hayfield Windows Reviews

Read 5 Hayfield windows reviews from consumers and contractors alike on their popular window styles.

Hayfield vs Gerkins

I'm looking at both Gerkins and Hayfields. They are pretty similar as far as air infiltration but I'm not sure how much that matters. The Gerkins says a range of .04 -.07 and the Hayfield says .06, so I don't see a significant difference. I'll have to have 4 sliders and 2 single hung windows.

Timothy - Consumer - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

You won't find any real differences in the AI with numbers that close. The Hayfields have a better warranty, 20 years on all of it, while the Gerkin has 10 years on hardware and only 5 on glass. If you like them the same, then I'd let the warranty shift the balance to the Hayfields.

Hank - Contractor - from 2011

[2nd Response]

Can you go look at them together in person? If you can find someone who carries both lines, go look at them and see how they compare. Both companies make a good product and I don't think either would be a bad choice.

Todd - Contractor - from 2011

Hayfield vs Gerkins Take II

I'm getting new windows, mostly sliders but also 2 double hungs, and I'm looking at the Gerkin 6000s and Hayfield 201s. The price is pretty close so it's down to features. Gerkin has better AI numbers, Hayfield has a better warranty. But Gerkin's is 10 years on glass, 5 on hardware and that might be all I need so I haven't decided.

Gerry - Homeowner in Mid West - from 2011

[Response From Industry Insider]

The two lines are comparable and both are fine. The Hayfield warranty is a lot better, 10 and 5 isn't long at all. The warranty might be important enough to make Hayfield my choice.

Tony - Contractor - from 2010

Hayfield Windows Reviews

The installer I'm working with refuses to install anything from Hayfield. He said the last time he did, they were poorly made and leaky, and they refused to replace the faulty windows. He recommends anything but Hayfields, and says Vista or Andersen is a good choice.

Mike - Contractor - from 2010

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Hayfield 201 White Slider Windows

My friend had Hayfields put on his whole house and he is really pleased. He said he got a great deal, and when we decided to get new windows we called the dealer he had gone through. We've been really happy with them. The warranty is good, and they are much less drafty than our old ones. The patio door has a really smooth glide, and the windows are really easy to clean from the inside. One sliding window that was put in was the wrong style, but they ordered a replacement and had it fixed in a couple weeks. Overall it was great service and a good deal.

May - Homeowner - from 2009

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