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Krestmark Windows Reviews

Read 4 Krestmark windows reviews from homeowners and contractors on their most popular vinyl window series and models.

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Krestmark 200 Series Review

My husband and I are preparing to have replacement windows installed. We live in Atoka, OK. The Krestmark 200 series was recommended, so we had an installer come out and give us an estimate and discuss the Windows with us. I am not thrilled with the thick frame that screams replacement window nor am I happy about the 10 year warranty. We have a Home Depot rep coming in a week to give us an estimate as well on Simonton Windows.

I've read reviews on Home Depot and must admit that I'm a little hesitant to purchase from them. It's just difficult to know the right thing to do. This isn't a cheap decision by no means. I would truly appreciate your advice and input. Are there other Windows you would recommend? We have to travel out of town for most everything, so that's not an issue if we need to.

Cindy - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Cindy, Krestmark makes an okay vinyl window, really nothing special. I would rather see you go with many of the Simonton models over the Krestmark personally, although I'm not a huge proponent of HD installation. This isn't to say that there aren't some good installers that subcontract out with HD, but in general the company pays a low per window rate that can lead to less than optimal results.

I do have three brands that I would recommend in your neck of the woods. Gilkey, Don Young and Enerlux. Google, for instance, "gilkey windows in atoka oklahoma" and see if any local companies carry them -- same goes for the other two. None of these is going to be less expensive than the Krestmark (or probably the Simonton), but they should offer much better long term value. With Enerlux, you may have to get a bid or two and then give them your dimensions over the phone to get your bid and then find a local installer. Enerlux is going to be expensive, but they offer pretty amazing performance.

Try these three and see what you get. Feel free to send me your bids once you get them and I'll throw in my two cents.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Krestmark Vinyl Windows Reviews

I'm beginning to research replacement vinyl windows & was interested in getting more information. Our windows are from the mid 80s and need to go. I've looked at Lowes and Home Depot and know that they sell some of the bigger companies like Andersen, Pella and Jeld Wen, but have heard that buying them through these stores isn't always the best way to go. I've received several bids from local contractors that were quite a bit more than the big box places. One possibility is Krestmark, which they sell here in the area and was recommended to me by some friends who seem to know their stuff so they are definitely in the mix. The guy that installs the Krestmark windows has a good reputation in this area and he recommended their Krestmark 220 vinyl window. I checked the website and the window has a .29 SHGC and .29 U-factor, which from what I can tell is pretty decent. Any advice would be very helpful.

Bill - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Krestmark is decent, they sell mainly through local lumber yards, manufacturer direct supply places and so forth, not so much through distributors. This is one reason why there isn't as much information on them as other companies. There are definitely better products on the market, but if you have a good local contractor that you trust and he knows the Krestmark product, it's not a bad option.

Rich - Contractor - from 2010

[2nd Contractor Response]

My own opinion is that Krestmark makes a pretty low end vinyl window. There are a ton of better brands out there - Soft-Lite, Okna, Great Lakes and Sunrise off the top of my head. I always tell homeowners to get bids on some of these better brands and then see what you can negotiate with them. Usually you can get them down to a good price and you are assured of a good solid product.

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