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Read 2 LbL Windows reviews on this new defunct window manufacturer.

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Cascade And LbL Windows

LbL Windows was based out of Toutdale, Oregon and manufactured a number of vinyl and composite window models and series. The company also manufactured a number of private-label windows that were then relabeled and sold under different brand names, a somewhat common practice in the industry. LbL had pretty solid distribution channels in the northwest, principally throughout Oregon, which is certainly one of the reasons that they were purchased by Cascade.

In 2009, the Spokane Washington based Cascade Windows merged with LbL Windows. LbL provided Cascade with extensive distribution channels throughout the state of Oregon and also provided them with both vinyl and composite window series to sell to their existing clientele. I'm sure a number of management types used the word "synergy" during the merger deals.

At any rate, LbL Windows is no longer in business. Their vinyl and composite windows are now being sold through Cascade Windows.

Tim - Site Editor - Updated in 2016

LBL Window Warranty

We have LBL Windows and a life time warranty on them since there out of business what happens to the warranty?

Carol - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Carol, back in 2008, LBL and Cascade windows merged their operations. So they hopefully should be able to address your warranty issues. I can't say that for sure since all of these window company merges involve lawyers, terms, restrictions, etc. However, in your case, you may be able to get some relief from Cascade.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2014

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