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Read 5 Lindsay windows reviews and explore the quality and cost of the Sun View, Lexington, 3100 and Pinnacle window series.

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Lindsay Lexington Windows vs. Walsh

Dane, Thank you for all of your help. Here are the final results from which I will need to make a decision.

I was able to get 3 more quotes and some information on the Walsh Windows. The brand I was quoted on has a U-factor of 0.20, SHGC or 0.24, VT of 0.39, condensation Resistance of 74 and Air Leakage of <=0.3 - from the NFRC Website. Again this cost was quoted at about $13,500.

The first quote is for Soft-Lite. Again, the quotes seem outrageous. For the top of the line window I received a quote of $28,000. That is 15 Double Hung and 2 Picture Windows.

The only way to get Okna 800s in Wisconsin is to go through AHT. I talked with the Okna sales department and apparently AHT has exclusive territory to sell the Okna brand in Wisconsin. They only sell the Okna 800 series composite windows and the quote was $32,300.

My final quote was for the Lindsay company Lexington brand window. Triple pane, (except the largest picture window double pane), triple glazed LoE 366, Argon filled and either the Air Leakage or U-factor of 0.17. The quoted price is $17,200. Lindsay does have a "NFRC Certified" sticker for their windows but I am not able to find them on the NFRC Website.

I actually signed a contract for these windows last night, May 30, 2017. I have 3 business days to cancel the project, which is Friday June 2, 2017, and I am hoping to hear back from you. If the Walsh 6000 series window with metal spacers is very comparable to the Lindsay Lexington window with non-metallic spacers I would go with the Walsh. If the Lexington is way better than the Walsh, I will stay with the Lexington.

Jennie - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

If the choice is between Lindsay windows and Walsh, I would go with the Walsh. I have heard a bit more about them then Lindsay. The Walsh Tundra seems to be a good window, but again, I don't know a ton about either one.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Lindsay Windows vs Sunrise Windows

Is anyone familiar with Lindsay windows? I have a 1950 bungalow and so far have had a few contractors give me bids on replacement window. So far, the brands they use are Sunrise, Thermal Industries and Lindsay. I like the price bid on the Lindsay, and how they look, but I've never heard of them so I wanted to try and get an idea as to quality.

So just trying to get some idea as to how they match up to these other brands.

Mo - Homeowner - from 2015

[Contractor's Response]

Lindsay Windows aren't bad in any way, but they are not going to be in the same class as the Sunrise vinyl windows, which are some of the better or best vinyl windows on the market. I've installed Lindsay vinyl windows on a few jobs and they are a decent option. I couldn't say how they compare to Thermal Industries, which I have no knowledge of.

Bob - Contractor - from 2015

Lindsay vs Pella Windows

I have a bunch of bids on 22 windows, all different shapes and sizes, although most of them are double hung.

Alside Sheffield Window: $8,650

Pella Impervia: $14,700

Sunrise Standard Window: $11,900

Marvin Integrity: $13,400

Lindsay Sunview: $9,990

So far, I've eliminate the Pella and Alside bids. and Pella are out. I really like how the Marvin Integrity looks and feel like the price I received is pretty good, based on some of the numbers I've seen on this site. The Lindsay seems like the best value, but that's just because of the overall price. The numbers were pretty good on the Lindsay - U-factor 0.29, SHGC 0.22, and VT 0.5. Is the Lindsay a good deal with these numbers or do I spend more for the better windows?

Brian - Homeowner - from 2014

[Contractor's Response]

The Lindsay's performance numbers are decent, not bad, kind of right in that mid range vinyl window space. You are right, the price you were quoted on the Marvin Integrity is very good. I would either go with this one or the Sunrise myself. If these are out of your range, then my choice would be the Lindsay, which it sounds like it is. I think one of these three options is your best bet.

Steve - Contractor - from 2014

Lindsay 3100 vs Alside Excalibur Series

I'm replacing 10 windows with vinyl double-hungs. I've had 3 local companies come out to provide me quotes so far that included Alside Excalibur, Lindsay 3100, and Silverline 8500. All of the quotes were very similar in price. Which is the best?

Wendy - Homeowner - from 2013

[Contractor's Response]

Of the three windows you mentioned, I'd have to say the Lindsay would be my choice. I'm not familiar per se with the 3100 model so I can't speak to this directly. Having said that, I'm giving the nod to the Lindsay because I really don't like the Alside Excalibur or the Silverline 8500 for homeowners who are looking to maximize their long term value. You may want to get a couple more bids and see what other window brands are available in your area.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2014

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