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Norco Windows Reviews

Read 2 Norco windows reviews from contractors who have worked with these products. Norco was a wood and aluminum window manufacturer that was acquired by Jeld Wen Windows in the mid 1990s. For repairs or other issues, consumers should contact Jeld Wen directly.

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Replacing Norco Windows

I had my Norco wood casement windows replaced after 8 years in 2003, I have limped along with the replacement Norco windows until this year and have to do something as the the frame around the window mostly on bottom is falling apart.

I am getting a quote from Jeld-wen direct to replace again with a 40 % discount they say on price. They apparently bought out Norco sometime ago. They tell me that they guarantee the wood on their windows for 20 years or life or something like that. They have the order I sent in for replacements back in 2003 and should know what windows I need.

It is crazy to have to replace your windows twice in 20 years I am told and do not want to have to do again.

My question to you is what is your confidence level in the Jeld-wen product and likely hood that it will be problem free. I am guessing the price will be attractive to other options but in my mind only if it is the last window I have to put in the house. I expect a quote from them later this week and if it would help give a better opinion could get you detail on window they quoted.

Appreciate your thoughts. Rod

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Rod, yes Jeld Wen did buy Norco a while back, although I'm not sure I would use this as the litmus test in terms of who you should go with for your next set of replacement windows. I rarely recommend Jeld Wen for vinyl windows, although I have to say their doors are quite nice. Their aluminum clad auralast wood windows are pretty interesting, I have been tacitly recommending them lately, although it is only based on several conversations I've had with reps, the lifetime warranty on the treated wood, and the samples I've seen. Nothing hard tested and proven.

Certainly get their bid, but I would absolutely get more bids than this. There are much better vinyl windows out there than Jeld Wen and you shouldn't be replacing your vinyl windows for another 25 years or more. I would check to see if Okna, Sunrise, Polaris, and Soft-Lite windows have local companies who carry their window series. These are 4 of the top window brands and at least a couple should be available. The other two that are a tier below these top companies will be Wallside and Simonton, these two brands will definitely be available in your area.

Get three bids and see how they compare. If you really want wood, then I think you should consider the Jeld Wen auralast windows, but if it were me, I'd stick with vinyl - better warranty, better energy efficiency, lower cost.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Norco Window Review

Norco is no longer operating, it was bought up by Jeld Wen and is now called the Jeld-Wen Premium Collection. Norco manufactured three window lines, including the Teton, Siteline and the Traditions Plus. All three models were wood interiors with a option of either an aluminum cladding or an Auralast wood veneer. I believe the Jeld Wen window warranty on the Auralast is 20 years and covers insect damage, rot and water absorption. In addition to their Premium Collection, Jeld Wen also offers the Pozzi and the Builder's Wood Series.

Billy - Contractor - from 2007

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