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Paradigm Windows Reviews

Discover Paradigm windows reviews and explore opinions from contractors and homeowners who have experience with this company.

Paradigm Windows Reviews

I've installed a lot of different windows. I always like Harvey a lot, but then I just had a job putting in Paradigms and I think they're the best I've ever worked with. They come from the manufacturer packed really carefully and the arrive all cleaned (some windows have to be cleaned before you even install them). They are easier to install, so I can charge less to do it, and they have a smooth action and good seal.

Bill - Window Installer - from 2011

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Paradigm Vinyl Windows

Paradigm makes vinyl windows, and they are pretty much the same as all the others. Most people will probably be okay with them, nearly everyone in the northeast has comparable windows. They aren't anything special, I like fiberglass a lot better.

Kent - Contractor - from 2010

Mediocre Endrosement

I've recently put in some Paradigms, and I'm not normally a big vinyl fan but these are better than most. I personally like wood windows better, but were just fine.

Spike - Contractor - from 2010

Paradigm vs Okna & Sunrise

The Paradigm is ok if you're looking for a builder's grade window. It isn't the same level as an Okna or Sunrise. You can get better without paying a lot more.

Tim - Contractor - from 2009

Contractor Opinion

My house is 13 years old and the windows are starting to rot. I'm looking mainly at Jeld-Wen, which uses a stainless steel spacer (Paradigm uses a duralite). Which is better? Also, the contractor I talked to said a full frame replacement isn't necessary, but if they've started rotting this early I don't trust the frames.

Anders - Homeowner - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

Paradigm is a good choice, I know a lot of contractors who won't work with anything except Andersens and Marvins for their higher end clients and Paradigms for your average home.

Peter - Contractor - from 2009

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Satisfied Customers

I've installed tons of Paradigm windows, and I think they're a great company. The install is easy, so it's hard to have problems, and my customers have all been happy with the windows. A couple of times when we did have a minor issue, they really bent over backwards to make it right. They have a lot of different options available and the window itself is really well designed so they only need minimal weatherstripping, not thick bands like I've seen on some cheap ones.

Mike - Contractor - from 2007

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