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Read 3 Premium Windows reviews from consumers and industry experts alike from this Paramount, California based company.

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Premium Window Update

Hi Dane, I called back the two companies that presented me with Anlin and asked if they could go back and sharpen their pencils. I think my final purchase will be between the two companies. Sivan was pushing Milgard and Premium.

I was told that Premium Windows was started by the old CFO of Milgard, but it is a lower end product. (My neighbor just put into a house that he rents).

I'll let you know what happens!

Tracy - Homeowner - from 2018

Premium Windows vs Anlin Windows

Hi Tim, I am a homeowner in Bakersfield, CA that is replacing the original 1946 wooden frame single pane windows on our recently purchased home. We have received three bids from two contractors:

Contractor A: 19 Anlin Del Mar windows for $17,172

Contractor A: 19 Anlin Monte Verde windows for $11,525

Contractor B: 17 Premium Windows for $6,036 (

Contractor B does not seem like they would do a good job since they got the number of windows wrong on the bid (we asked for 19) and have generally had poor communication with us. So we want to stay away from them and we have not seen any reviews for Premium Windows.

Anlin Windows get very good reviews, but the $17k price point for the Del Mar windows seems excessively high versus the Monte Verde. Two questions:

1) Are the Del Mar windows that much better that they would warrant $6k higher price?

2) Is the quote for either the Del Mar or Monte Verde in the range of normal?

Thank you.

Curran - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Curran, the Del Mar is the better window, but I don't think it's worth the $6K more. I like Anlin windows but that price seems quite high for 19 windows.

I agree that you don't want to go with a contractor who you are having reservations about BEFORE the job. I actually think the Monte Verde is a decent vinyl window and the upgraded Bay View option in this model is good.

I checked the premiumwindowsinc website and they look like cheap vinyl windows -- I wouldn't be surprised if they were relabeled Atrium windows. However, I don't know this for a fact so I will try and collect some additional consumer reviews to get a better judge on this company.

I think you need to either find the floor of Contractor A's bid by using the Monte Verde bid to drive his price down.

I think you should get a bid from a local Milgard dealer and a local Amerimax dealer and see what they offer. I think this would bring some clarity to this huge range of bids you have so far.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

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