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Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows Reviews

Explore 2 Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows reviews on this impact vinyl window.

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Simonton Stormbreaker Plus vs ViWinTech Shoreline

Hello Tim, I plan on replacing several windows in my mother's home in Seminole, FL. I will try and be brief. I have 2 quotes from reputable installers. Simonton Plus Series installed is $800.00 more than the ViWinTech Shoreline 3100 Series. Same amount of windows in each quote. The home is a 1200sf ranch. If the difference between the windows is negligible, I would prefer to save the $800.00. How much quality will I be giving up by going with the lower quoted Shoreline Series?

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Tom, I'm going to assume that the Simonton Plus you referred to is the Simonton Stormbreaker Plus window. The Stormbreaker is a good window for coastal applications. I don't know a ton about ViWinTech windows, but I know their reputation is sort of run of the mill, I haven't heard contractors really extol their vinyl windows. If it were me, I would absolutely go with the Simonton Stormbreaker and fork out the extra $800. You will likely save a lot more than this in the long run.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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