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Slocomb Windows Reviews

Read 13 Slocomb windows reviews from both contractors and homeowners on their 677.

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Slocomb Series 144 Windows Reviews

The Slocumb 144 series has some nice features and options for a vinyl window, including a sill reinforcement, warm edged spacer, sloped sill, and fiberglass insulation. Consuerms can expect the following performance dat with a standard low-e glass package: U-factor of 0.26, and SHGG of 0.18, Visible Transmittance of .48, and an Air Infiltration rate of 0.10. All decent numbers that put this window in the very solid mid range vinyl window category.

Tim - Site Editor

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Slocomb Series 177 Windows Reviews

The Slocumb 177 series (Pro Tech) is the mid grade window from this manufacturer and uses what they call Ultraflect Technology (Slocomb developed the Mirror Heat system and we assume this is the latest version of that). It has a U-factor of 0.27, and SHGG of 0.19, an Air Infiltration rate of 0.11 and uses a Duralite Spacer. Not bad numbers at all. It seems to be a decent window for the price point.

Tim - Site Editor

Slocomb Protech 177 vs. Sunrise Vanguard

I’m replacing 9 Double hung windows on a home in central Maryland. I’m currently considering the Slocomb Protech 177 and the Sunrise Vanguard.

I haven’t found reviews on the Slocumb Protech 177 but have dealt with the contractor Previously and am happy with the company. The reviews on the Sunrise Vanguard seem like they are a solid midrange energy efficient window.

The quote on the Slocomb window is $5700 vs the Sunrise at $7500. I plan to be in the home another 10 years.

Help. I don’t know which way to go.


Nora - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nora, I would say that the Slocomb Protech 177 is a mid range window. The Sunrise Vanguard is for me at least one of the nicest vinyl windows on the market. I would expect about that price difference that your bids reflect. So for me, if I were going to be in my home for another 10 years, I would go with the Slocomb with a contractor I know and trust. You won't get the ROI on the Vanguard in the 10 years.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Slocomb 177 vs. ProVia Endure

Hi, I live in Pennslyvania and have need for 27 replacement windows. Here are the following quotes.

ProVia Endure EN600 Series: $21,992

Slocomb 177 Series: $19,535

Tim - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tim, the Provia Endure would top the Slocomb 177 in my opinion. The numbers are similar between the two windows, but overall I feel like the premium Endure is the better window than the 177 Slocomb. Both good windows though.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

[Tom's Reply]

Tim, thanks. After some wrangling, I got the ProVia dealer to drop his price to the Slocomb price. So my choice is pretty easy now. Thanks!

Tim - Homeowner - from 2018

Slocomb Series 177 vs. American Craftsman Series 70

Dane & Tim, I live in Ambler, PA and need to replace 10 windows, (5) window are DH 31” x 45” with (3) casements at the same size, and one large opening at 126” (2) casements and one fixed panel in the middle. Windows are all vinyl, Low-e + Argon, and insect screens. My buget is around $5,000. I would like a good quality replacement window but so many choices, please help. I need to order the windows asap.

Below are the quotes I received.

Slocomb Series 177 for $4,100.
Reliabilt by Atrium $3,200.
Jeld-Wen $3,700. (Note, the 126” is a Casement Anderson 100 series)
American Craftsman Series 70 $3,400. (Note, the 126” is a Casement Anderson 100 series)

Phillip - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Phillip, the American Craftsman Series 70 is a poorly made window, I would throw out that bid. The Reliabilt by Atrium is a bit better, but basically also a poorly made window. Jeld Wen makes an okay window, but nothing great.

I think the Slocomb Series 177 is the best window of the bunch. I would say that's a nice mid range vinyl window.

Have you checked to see if Sunrise Windows has a dealer in your area?

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

[Phillip's Reply]

Dane, Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate your feedback. Would the Reliabilt 3900 series be closer option to the Slocomb 177? I have been reading about getting the foam option within the frames (when available) as a good insulator. I contacted a Sunrise window dealer and I’m getting a price from them too.

Phillip - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Phillip, I believe Reliabilt's best option like the 3900 would be close to the Slocomb 177. I don't know a ton about Slocomb's windows to be honest, but that is my understanding.

The foam insulation upgrade is well worth the money as far as I'm concerned.

Simonton is a good manufacturer and I would recommend their top end Reflections model or their Impressions model. They are better than any you have bids for so far. Sunrise is a step above Simonton and one of the best in the business.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Slocomb Pro-Tech 177 Windows

Hello, I have received a quote for 8 Slocomb Pro-Tech 177 series to be installed in my home that was built in 1920. They will be replacing the current wood windows. I am not sure if the quote I have received is too high or not. The largest window I have is 61"x35" all other windows are slightly shorter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have until Wednesday to back out!

Jessica - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jessica, you didn't include the actual quote. More importantly, don't sign anything with a company that puts some hard fast deadline on when their "amazing deal" stays good for — these are cheap tactics.

I think you can do better than Slocomb windows anyway. Check out our recommended list of brands and see if any of these are in your area. Get a couple of bids and compare them to the Slocomb quote. This is going to tell you whether the bid is good or not.

Send me all the bid prices and the windows the companies are suggesting and I can give you my opinion.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Slocomb Windows vs. Wallside

I am trying to decide between Wallside windows, Ply-Gem 2000 Contractor Series, and Slocomb Pro-Tech 177. All are vinyl options. I am doing 12 windows and a sliding doorwall. Do you have any recommendations between these options?

Rob - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Rob, I haven't heard the best things from Wallside, although I have little direct knowledge of the company. From what I've heard, they operate in much the same way as a Window World in terms of the pricing and quality. Ply Gem makes a decent product in the Pro and Premium models, but anything with the words Contractor Series means you are buying their entry level product and this is not a recipe for long term value. See if you can't get a bid for one of these upgraded models instead. The Protech 177 model looks decent from the website, but I couldn't find any numbers on it on the website, either under Slocomb or Newton.

However, to answer your question, if it were me, and all things being equal, I guess I'd go with the Slocomb option. I might suggest getting a couple more bids to see a couple other brands, preferably ones that are less regional and have a bit more of a national presence, Simonton, Sunrise, Okna, Milgard.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Slocomb, Newton, Earthwise

In 2002, Slocomb acquired Newton and became Newtown-Slocomb and then two years later, they became a part of Earthwise Windows, which to my knowledge is a buying group (read: a bunch of independent manufactuers) that buy Slocomb manufactured windows and get them at a better price point based on their volume and size. Dreamhouse is involved in this whole thing somehow, but that part of the story eludes me - Dreamhouse filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

Jerry - Contractor - from 2012

Slocomb Windstopper Review

I looked at the Windstopper from Slocomb recently and I was impressed with its design, sloped sill, locking mechanism, triple seals etc. It had a U-factor of .22, which seems very good from the research I've done so far. However, I don't see much on this company and was hoping to get some insight into how they compared to Sunrise, which is the other company that I'm also considering. Thanks.

Todd - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

There isn't much information about the company because they are not a very big player in the replacement market and they make a product that is mediocre - not bad, just nothing special. Their design is relatively boxy, but other than this I can't say anything bad about them. Sunrise windows is a very good vinyl window and one that I've worked with and can recommend without question, assuming that whoever installs the windows is knowledgeable and thorough.

Pat - Contractor - from 2012

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Slocomb 677 Windows Reviews

Slocomb 677 Series Windows

Hi Dane, my husband and I live in Central Florida just north of Orlando and we are looking to replace 33 original 24 year home windows and 2 door walls. We just started the adventure and received our first quote for $35,000 using Slocomb 677 Series windows and were told that they can withstand up to 173 mph winds. Is this true? (We have a lot of Geo windows and are large too)

Not sure what the CR is?
R-value = 4
U-factor = .26
Would appreciate your advice on this window and is it worthy of 173 mph winds? Or should we be seeking high impact glass? Told not necessary in our area? Please advise:)

Found the contractor from HomeAdvisor.

Laurie - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Laurie, the Slocomb 677 Series window is a good product, well made and it has nice features and parts. As to the wind claim, I'm not an expert on Slocomb so I couldn't say. If you need an impact window, the Slocomb doesn't get you there so you would have to go another route anyway. Four companies that do make an impact window in Florida include Simonton, PGT, CWS, and Sunrise.

Before you go spending $35K on these windows and doors, you need a few more bids. I'd choose the Sunrise and Simonton impact windows over Slocomb in a heartbeat. These companies are also preferable to Slocomb with a standard vinyl window. Not to say the 677 Series isn't a viable option, but if you're paying $5K for the two doors, then that means you're paying over $900 a window installed. That's a steep price tag. Before you pay that, I'd collect more bids to see whats our there.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Slocomb 677 Series vs. Alside Preservation

Dane..saw your website and wonder what you think: We have quote from Chas SC window company for Alside Preservation windows..$6650.00 installed. ( we would need to add Hurr Panels to this figure, about $2200) well we have quote from another company for 10 Hurricane strength Slocomb windows/ 677 Series, with wood color interior trim for $10,900....

We need to replace 10 Anderson wood double hungs, 30 yrs old, one now bad...this is our back family room - addition 30 yrs ago... we live on a barrier island, Ranch brick house, on marsh side of island....Been thru Hurr Hugo to far all good...but age (72 and hubby 86) now creates need for hurr panels vs plywood - which we have used in past....

Trying to balance money/cost and make resp decision on best window....the rest of house has basic vinyl windows we replaced 7 years ago, so now have quote for hurr panels on them while we get quotes on other 10 windows... Your thoughts on the quotes above...Read about Alside Preservation windows just now now have reservations..despite the cost savings between the two bids above.and the nice guy we are talking to...(the other guy Slocomb window is nice tooGrin.)

Carol - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Carol, the Slocomb quote is just too high in my opinion. I think the Alside Preservation is a nice window and a decent value at the quote listed.

I think you should try to get a couple more quotes on hurricane or impact windows to see what else is out there. Simonton Stormbreaker Plus is an affordable hurricane window.Stanek also makes good hurricane windows, although I'm not sure if they are available in your area.

Two other companies that make impact windows that should be available in south caolina include Custom Window Systems and PGT. They are both florida based, so you may need to google "PGT windows in YOUR TOWN, south carolina" and see what comes up. Do that for all the brands I suggested and see if any local companies carry these brands.

It's always tricky with impact windows because if you go with plywood on the windows during a true hurricane or big storm, then you can go with a non-impact vinyl window during all the other times.

Let me know what you find!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

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Slocomb Xtreme 3 Windows Reviews

Slocomb Xtreme 3 Windows

Tim, could you please provide me with a thorough comprehensive review of the Xtreme 3 window by Solcomb sold by Homefix Custom Remodeling?

Also, much should the window cost including installation and capping? Thank You.

Sounjay - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sounjay, I took a look at the Slocomb Xtreme 3 window. As a rule of thumb, Slocomb makes a decent mid range vinyl window. The Xtreme 3 seems to be in this same mold. I like the U-value of .27, AI of .10 and the true sloped sill feature. I don't think the window is a top tier vinyl window, but it appears to be a solid offering. In any window project, installation is half of the equation and I don't personally know anything about Homefix Custom Remodeling. Before I pulled the trigger I would spend an hour looking at their online reviews, track record, etc.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

[Sounjay's Reply]

How much should the cost of window replace be for 7 double hung windows (all windows length plus width are less than 102 inches) with half screens and grids for the Xtreme 3 vinyl windows and one Xtreme 3 vinyl sliding glass door 96 inches by 80 inches (materials, installation, capping, and replacing 10 feet of rotten wood)? What is a great price for the job?

Sounjay - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sounjay, I don't have their pricing sheet so I can't say. I would think the windows would be in the $500 to $600 range. Doors are all over the board based on custom sizes. Maybe in the $1800 to $2300 range.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

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General Slocomb Windows Reviews

Slocomb Windows vs Gorell

We have 2 different quotes on 18 windows that are for a mix of double hungs and casements. The first one is on the the Slocomb 477 model called the WindBlocker. It uses double-pane glass and the casements have a U-Factor of .21 - the product is manufactured by Earthwise and uses a combination of soft and hard coat low-e glass, which I'm a little confused by what this means exactly. The second quote is for the Gorell 5300 window with a U-factor of 0.24 and the quote is about $1K more. Gorell was recently bought out so this worries me but the windows look very solid. I liked both reps and met the installers who both seem to know their stuff. So I'm wondering who to go with?

Brad - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Gorell is the clear winner of these two options. They were bough by Soft-Lite, which has a great reputation in the field. The 5300 is a very solid window with a good design that will last you a long time. Slocomb is an alright choice, but not in the same league as the Gorell. I don't like the mix of hard and soft coat low-e glass (although it decreases U-factor, which the company can tout when comparing their product to competitors). Hard coat decreases condensation resistance and increases the chances of surface scratches, not to mention a greater "hazy" look problem. What you want is soft coat with the low-e glass.

Matt - Contractor - from 2011

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