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Trimline Windows Reviews

Read 1 Trimline windows review from our site editor on this Pennsylvania based wood and wood clad window company.

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Editors Trimline Window Review

Trimline is a regional wood clad window manufacturer, with their corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania. They are often times sold in building supply houses, as well as in local lumberyards and through select dealers and distributors. In general, they seem to get good marks on the quality of their products and their customer service. They have had a few warranty snags, according to some, see below.

At the outset, let me say that I have very little experience with Trimline, so I hesitate to say much either good or bad. I have seen some forum posts where the contractors who have used them were impressed with the quality and construction.

Trimline Windows Warranty

There was some talk of Trimline warranty issues a while back, but it's tough to find a wood window manufacturer who doesn't have warranty issues in the past. In fact, this is one reason why consumers should be wary of buying wood clad windows in the first place - the manufacturers provide a 10 to 20 year warranty (as opposed to lifetime with most vinyl and fiberglass), which says something about what they think about the longevity of their products.

Trimline Windows Prices

From what I can tell, they seem to be on par with Marvin and Andersen in terms of quality. Perhaps a bit less expensive than these big name brands but I would suspect that Trimline windows cost will be only a bit less than what you would pay for comparable Andersen or Marvin windows.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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