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Weathershield Windows Reviews

Read 10 Weathershield windows reviews and explore customer and contractor opinions on all of their most popular products, window models and customer service.

Page Last Updated: August, 2014.

Weather Shield Window Complaints

I purchased Weather Shield & did so because I was told by my builder that they were high quality windows. My package was for vinyl exterior/wood interior casements, & was over 40k on a new construction home. They are functional & look nice, but more than 20 windows have experienced seal failure. Their non responsive customer service department blames the failures on the Michigan climate changes. Why do they market their windows in areas in which they can not perform properly? They pass you off to a local authorized dealer who is looking to profit by selling & installing replacements. If you do decide to purchase them plan on replacing several within the first five years. There warranty will cover them but you will have the expense of installation & finishing them. There must be a better option out there!

Customer Thumbs Up

I had Andersen windows before but I think their quality is sliding fast. We then looked at Pella and Marvin, but the Pella looked average and the Marvin dealer was rude. Then I went to a Weather Shield dealer and we were impressed. The exterior is extruded aluminum clad and the inside is wood. The sliding glass doors are incredibly heavy, I think it would take a tank to break it, but they slide like you wouldn't believe. They have a lot of options available, fiberglass and low-e coatings and different finishes.

Sandy - Homeowner - 2011

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Weather Shield Customer Complaint

I had Weathershields put in, and the bottom sashes didn't fit right. I asked for replacements, but they sent a repair guy who said the installer damaged them and I'd have to take it up with them. Save your time and money and go with someone else.

Ross – Homeowner – from 2011

Online Information

I like Peachtree, but we had trouble finding info. The windows is the same as Weathershield, and there is a lot more info online under that name. I don't know why they don't make it easier to find things out, no one buys without looking online first these days.

Harry - Wisconsin - from 2010

Homeowner Looking For Advice

Weather Shield came out today for an estimate. They said I don't need new frames, just sash replacements. Are they a good company?

Victor - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

In my experience their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I'd go with someone else.

Allen - Contractor - from 2010

Customer Service Issues

Weather Shield makes a decent window, not top quality but serviceable, but their customer service is horrible. The vinyl windows are the problem, they make a good all-wood product, but most people today want vinyl.

Matt – Contractor in Milwaukee - from 2010

Visisons 300 Option

I'm looking at WeatherShield Visions 3000. The price is good, the different specs and ratings look good. They have a simulated divided light grill, which is really important to me, and the design is nice, clean, and looks good.

Renee - Homeowner - 2010

[Contractor Response]

I don't like WeatherShield's vinyl lines. They make a good wood window, but their vinyls are cheap. Simonton and Gorell offers a good window with the grill you want.

Henry - Contractor - from 2010

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Legacy Model

Weathershield Legacy is a good wood clad window, but their lower ends sell more and they are not so good. Selling more of the bargain windows has gotten them a poor reputation. When people order a builders quality window, they have to expect an entry level product, but for some reason they don't. I'd stay away from the lower lines but the Legacy is fine.

Steve – Contractor – from 2009

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