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Window Mart Windows Reviews

Read 3 Window Mart windows reviews from consumers and our industry experts on their vinyl window quality and installation.

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Editor's Window Mart Window Review

I don't know much about Window Mart, so the information I'm providing is admittedly surface information. The company name immediately brings up a red flag for me. Window Mart sounds like you are buying a cheap product at a cheap price, mainly because the name sounds so darn similar to another company with "Mart" in their name (hopefully this is pretty obvious what I'm referring to). The company however seems to put together a reasonably well made window, at least their mid range and higher end products.

They are located in Arkansas and look to be a regional window and door supplier. Their 7200 double hung with their better low-e glass has decent numbers; .28 U-factor, .19 SHGC and .44 visible transmittance, and .10 air infiltration. This isn't the best AI, but it's not that bad either. The company looks to sell Vista windows for their sliders because they don't make sliders themselves.

In terms of the Window Mart warranty, it looks like they offer a Limited Lifetime on all the vinyl parts, hardware and components. They also offer a 3 year glass breakage provision, which is quite a nice provision.

I'd like to get more feedback on this window company, but I'm pretty impressed with I'm seeing on the surface. I'd like to see them change their name though so I wouldn't have to say that I'm recommending a company with the word mart in their name :)

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Window Mart Owner's Comments

Noticed your site when I was doing some poking around on the web. Saw the review for Window Mart and just wanted to say thanks for the kind reviews but I also wanted to let you know a few things from the horse's mouth so to speak.

First off we do build our own sliders and do not purchase them from Vista. We have been building them for as long as we have been in business which is 20 years this year.

We have typically been a regional manufacturer that serves some of the southern states. As you will find over the last several years we have expanded our footprint.

I think if you search around you will find we have a fantastic reputation with our customers. We pride ourselves on that. I also think that we build one of the best windows on the market. If you look at our product compared to what is out there you will find we use only the best components in our windows. From the vinyl ,glass and spacer system to or balance systems all are as good or better than what you will find at your so called high end guys.

We like to think we put our money were or product is. What does this mean. You won't see us with a bunch of high gloss pamphlets trying to sell you a window that really doesn't do what we say. We take all that money and put it into our product. And our customers love us for it. What that means is they get the benefit of one of the best windows on the market for a better value than the other guys.

Another quick note about Window Mart is that we are Made in the USA certified. As you can see below in my signature. As a veteran and a son of a veteran this is something that is very important to me and a lot of people in this country. You don't have to look very far to see someone we all know who has been effected by loss jobs in America. We pride ourselves on making sure that not just the vinyl but most if not all components and the end source material is made right here in the USA. Some guys will put a flag on a product and claim made in America but can't do the supply chain audit that is required by the certification company.

And P.S. I get the name thing but I bet you have been shopping in that same store this month. I know most of us have. The one thing regardless of income, we all shop there. Especially in the south. Thanks again and if you ever have a question don't hesitate to shoot us an email. Try that with the other guys.

Robert Tankersley - Owner - from 2106

Window Mart Window Prices

I have a bid from a guy who works for Crown Window, and he recommended "Window Mart" for double hung windows, and said they'd be about $400 each installed, which sounds a little low. Not that I don't like a bargain, but I don't want to short-sheet ourselves on quality either. He also recommended a company called Vista for our 3 slider style windows.

Are these windows that you're familiar with, and if so are they any good? "Window Mart" doesn't sound very promising to me, but I don't know a lot about windows, so they could be fine. Thanks again.

Hans - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

So, I don't know much about Window Mart. I took a look at their numbers on the website and the performance looks decent. They have 4 different double hung windows so the model you choose is certainly going to affect the quality you're getting. Do you know which of the 4 models you were quoted for the $400? What kind of a warranty do they offer? Can you get a couple of references from past customers (preferably customers who have had their windows in for at least 4 or 5 years to see how well they are holding up?)

I took a look at their website and the specs on the windows look decent as well. This doesn't tell me much about their reputation in the industry though - how well their windows are made, how reliable their batch production, how they sell and distribute their windows, how well the products hold up over time, etc. These are questions that you should know before spending you're hard earned dollars.

I like Vista windows, they are generally a well made vinyl window. Was the choice between Vista and Window Mart, because I'd have to go with the Vista just because its a known company with a decent track record.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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