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Fixed Frame Windows

Fixed frame windows are unmovable windows that offer a less expensive option over say double hungs or casement windows. Check out our fixed frame price page for cost and pricing information.

Fixed Frame Windows

Fixed frame windows are often called picture windows and can be very small in size such as those often found in attics. On the other hand, they can also be quite big such as a showcase window that use a large single pane of glass. Regardless of size, they offer much better energy efficiency over movable window options like horizontal sliders.

Energy Efficiency

Opening and closing a window hundreds of times over a series of years eventually wears down the compression seals that stop air from entering a closed window. Fixed frame windows don't have that problem because they are never opened. The result is a much better window in terms of its energy efficiency. This fact, along with a lower overall price tag, are the two biggest selling points for fixed frames.

Less Repairs

No movable parts means less chance that the hardware fails or needs repairs down the road. There is very little that can go wrong with fixed frames, assuming the initial glazing and glass is down correctly. Really the only issue would be a crack in the glass from something striking the pane, which is not something you could foresee anyway.

Less Options

Fixed frames provide no options when it comes to letting in the warm or cool afternoon breezes that an awning or single hung window allows. This isn't always a high priority, but it's a significant limitation of fixed frames over other movable window styles.

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