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Garden Windows Prices & Costs

Garden window prices and costs range anywhere from $400 to $4000 for both the product and installation. The main factors that determine garden window replacement cost include the frame material (from least to most expensive - vinyl, composite, fiberglass, aluminum, wood clad), size of the garden window you need, glass package, upgrades, hardware and the work required for the installation itself. These units are typically premade and put together by the manufacturer prior to be delivered to the job site. They are great decorative additions to a home and typically are installed in a kitchen and they provide a view into a garden or outside area.

Entry Level Pricing

Price Range: $400 to $800 Installed

Recommended Manufacturer & Product
Milgard Montecito (Check Milgard windows prices here.)

Standard Pricing

Price Range: $800 to $2000

Recommended Manufacturer & Product
Okna Garden Window (Check Okna window costs here.)
Preservation Collection (See what Preservation windows cost here.)

High End Pricing

Price Range: $2,000 to $4,000

Recommended Manufacturer & Product
Andersen Garden Window (Check Andersen windows prices here.)

Installation Costs

Expect the cost of installation to range from $150 to $1000 for garden windows. The low end is for inserts that can be placed into the existing opening and does not require any additional labor. The high end is for those projects that require extensive work to the existing opening, either repair work or actually enlarging or altering the opening to accomodate the new window.

Price Range: $150 to $1,000

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