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Picture Windows Prices & Costs

Picture window prices run anywhere from $250 to $2500 or more for the cost of the replacement window and the installation. Picture windows can vary tremendously in size, type of frame, glass, seals and installation requirements.

The term "picture windows" is often used synonymously with fixed windows, which essentially means that they are not movable like casements or double hungs. However, fixed windows tend to be thought of as smaller in size, while picture windows are often larger in size. They are typically showcase windows that serve as the focal point of a room or even of an entire home. Many homeowners consider pictures to be some of the best replacement windows that can transform the overall look and feel of the home.

-- Price Range: $250 to $2,500 Installed --

Lower End Picture Window Pricing

Lower end pricing runs $250 to $500 fully installed for a small to normal sized opening. (A small size opening might be 24"W by 36"H, while a medium size opening might be 36"W by 48"H.) Windows at this price point will typically use vinyl frames and a clear glass that will allow in lots of light, but will not deliver the same energy efficiency as a low-e glass.

Homeowners can expect okay seals and spacer systems, but nothing close to top quality. In all likelihood, these windows will be from a regional or lower end national manufacturer and perhaps sold through the larger big box home improvement stores.

-- Price Range: $250 to $500 Installed --

Sample Manufacturers & Models

Window World
Jeld Wen

Mid Range Picture Windows Prices

Mid range prices run $500 to $1,00 fully installed for a normal sized to slightly larger opening. (A medium size opening might be 36"W by 48"H, while a large opening might be 48"W by 60"H.) Windows at this price point will use vinyl, composite or fiberglass frame and incorporate some nice components such as the sash, spacer, screen and glass package. This price point will typically provide consumers with the best overall value for the money.

-- Price Range: $500 to $1,000 Installed --

Sample Manufacturers & Models


High End Picture Windows Cost

High end costs run anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 fully installed for a large to very big sized opening. (A large opening might be 48"W by 60"H, while a big opening might be 60"W by 72"H.) Windows at this price point will use a wood interior and an aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass cladding on the exterior. These very large windows are expensive because the pane of glass is so large and the transportation and installation can be technical and tricky. In addition, it will take a team of two to three installers to remove the existing window and to properly place, position and secure in place.

-- Price Range: $1,000 to $2,500 Installed --

Sample Manufacturers & Models


Installation Prices

Replacement installation prices run from around $75 to as much as $1500 per picture window. Complex installations of large picture windows can take three workers quite a while if the opening needs to be altered in any significant way. The larger the picture window, the more complicated the install, especially for very large picture windows that use a single pane of glass of significant size.

-- Installation Costs: $50 to $1500 --

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