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Wood Windows Reviews

Read 7 wood windows reviews and discover which models and brands contractors, installers and homeowners recommend.

Page last updated July 2014.

Pella ProLine Wood Windows

I've installed Pella windows going on nearly 30 year and have all the training certification etc. I love wood clad windows, but they have some downsides to be sure - rotting and mediocre rating at the top of the list. Honestly, the Sunrise vinyl window will be a better option in both of these regards (perhaps not their entry level window, but the standard frame and all other upgraded models.) As far as wood windows go, I think the big manufacturers need to stand behind their products and warranty their frames and sashes on the wood windows for 20 years. Then you would provide some confidence to the consumer.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2014

Andersen 400 Series

Most people today are using vinyl windows (at least in the replacement market). The Andersen 400 series is a vinyl wrapped sash with a wood frame. Andersens used to be everywhere, and to a lot of people take them almost as a generic name for a window. Most people don't realize that it's a wood window because it looks like vinyl. I really wouldn't recommend them. If the stores had an actual window on display I don't think anyone would ever order them.

Don - Contractor - from 2011

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Pella vs Kolbe

If you're looking at Pellas and Kolbes, the Pella is probably a little cheaper, but not by much. I think the Kolbes are better by a big enough margin to be worth the higher cost. I had 20 double hung wood windows put in about 15 years ago and they are still like new.

Guy - Homeowner in New Jersey - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Kolbes are definitely better. Pella is better known, but people in the trades know Kolbe. Better post-sale service, better build quality, just a better choice all around.

Tim - Contractor - from 2011

[2nd Response]

I honestly am not impressed by either of these. Kolbe to me is just an unimpressive mediocre window. Pellas, though, are garbage. Even their top-line Architectural series are lousy. The showroom models look nice, but when you get your windows all the details are off. Hardware is on crooked, miter joints are bad. The Pellas I put on my house are decent, but only because I put a ton of work into fixing them after they came. As delivered, they weren't something that could be put on a house.

Mark - Contractor - from 2011

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Loewen vs Marvin Wood Windows

I sell both Marvin and Loewen windows, and I think they are both good products. Loewen is a small company, and they only sell through dealers, so it's important to go through a good one, they are the ones who'll handle most of your customer service after the sale. I'd get quotes from both Marvin and Loewen before deciding, though, because which one is the best value will depend on exactly what you're getting. If you're looking at wood, the big difference is the wood they use. Loewen usually uses Douglas fir, which has a little more pattern than pine, stains darker, and is a bit harder. Marvin uses Ponderosa Pine, so it's lighter in color but still looks nice. Pine will rot faster, so extruded aluminum or vinyl cladding and a good finish can help protect it. To me, the only real weakness Loewen has is the size. They are very small, a lot of people have never heard of them, and if something happened and they closed you'd be out of luck as far as repairs or service.

Daniel – Installer – 2009

Andersen 400 Series vs Woodwright

I have done a ton of research into the Andersen 400 Series compared to the Woodwright Series. So far, this is how they seem to compare -

Woodwright Series
Premium cost
Available as a replacement or insert
Tilt wash feature
Good looking
Clean jambs

400 Series Tilt Wash
Mid range cost
Available as either a built to fit or as a full frame
Difficult tilt feature
Good looking

"They seem to run pretty close, with the higher price for the Woodwrights being the deciding factor for me. The 400 series are pretty close in quality and features for a lower price. Steve - Homeowner - from 2009

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