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Affinity window prices will run from the mid to upper end of the spectrum of vinyl window prices. Affinity isn't widely known to most consumers, certainly not like Simonton or Pella. They do, however, enjoy a good reputation in the eyes of contractors and installers. Their top of the line vinyl window, the Energex Elite, is considered a top 10 vinyl window.

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Element Window Model

The Affinity Element is their low end vinyl window - by no means a cheap entry level window and there is a reason for this. Unlike other companies, the Element uses the same frame, sash and design as the Advantage, but lacks some of the upgrades on these other models. The frames uses a .08 thick vinyl extrusion, a reinforced sash rail, foam fills in the frame, a Super Spacer, 3x weatherstripping and well made hardware. It is comparable to some of the other top entry level windows - Okna and Soft-Lite.

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Advantage Window Model

The Advantage model is their mid range model that gets good reviews from most contractors. It comes standard with all of the features of the Element model, plus some upgrades that will add about $50 to the price of the window. THe window is definitely a step below their Energex Elite. Generally comparable to the Harvey Tribute or the Gorell 5100.

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Energex Elite Model

The Energex Elite model is Affinity's top-of-the-line window and a better made option over the Advantage. It has a top end Deceuninck frame, which is a very good extruder. The window is well made and durable, and is, overall, a very nice looking window. It includes some great upgrades that include high end glass and hardware, as well as a very secure locking mechanism. comparable to the high end Sunrise window - although some contractors would probably say the window is just below the top 5 vinyl windows on the market.

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