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Castle Window Prices

Castle window prices are low for industry standards - the company seems to offer a similar Window World prices. They offer the consumer a low teaser price for a stripped down single or double window installed. Any and all features or upgrades to the base model increases the price by set increments; for instance, an upgrade from clear to low-e glass might add $75 per window. Explore Castle Windows reviews.

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Entry Level Pricing

Their entry level window is a stripped down vinyl window that probably uses a clear glass option. The company appears to assemble their own windows in their factory(ies), instead of purchasing the assembled window and rebranding the line with their own name. (Relaibilt typically uses a rebranded Atrium window.)

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Mid To High End Pricing

The mid to high end pricing from Castle may or may not be a different frame extrusion. It will include a low-e2 or low-e3 double pane glass, an argon glass fill and a 2x weatherstripping. It will include a hardware upgrade from plastic to perhaps a metal such as nickel. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products. See our Castle window reviews for additional consumer and contractor information on their products, pricing and process.

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