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HiMark Window Prices

Explore the range of HiMark window prices and costs on their most popular models and series. For additional project cost estimates, use our free calculator.

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HiMark 800 Series

The HiMark 800 or Enviro-Star 800 is considered a upper echelon vinyl windowthat is made by Okna and sold through HiMark, which is an exclusive dealer and requires that consumers use HiMark installers for the job. This ensures quality installation, that will typically cost a bit more. (I personally think this is a good trade off in most cases.) The window has an attractive look to it with a .80 vinyl extrusion that makes for a sturdy frame that is well designed and manufactured. It is offered in lots of frame finishes and color variations on the interior and exterior and comes with lots of hardware options and available upgrades. It isn't a cheap window, but it is one that will last a very long time and be a great performer.

HiMark DX400 vs DX800 Cost

I have a quote on 21 windows that includes exterior capping, colonial grids, and the installation itself.

HiMark DX400 - $12,285

HiMark DX800 - $13,260

Jon - Homeowner - from 2011

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