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Marvin Window Prices

Marvin window prices are in the mid to upper range for their Integrity and Infinity models and on the high end for their wood clad Ultimate Series. Marvin is well regarded in the industry for their well-made products and great customer service. Marvin window prices are expensive, but many homeowners and contractors consider the investment a good long term value.

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Marvin Integrity Prices (Fiberglass)

The Integrity is the company's entry level fiberglass window, although generally considered a good window. There are two options here, either a full Ultrex frame or a wood interior with the Ultrex exterior cladding. The Integrity offers less options than the Infinity in terms of custom sizing, exterior frame colors, etc. It comes standard with a 10 year warranty on defects, a 20 year warranty on the glass and lifetime frame coverage.

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Marvin Infinity Prices (Fiberglass)

The Marvin Infinity comes in either a full Ultrex fiberglass frame or an Ultrex exterior with an Everwood on the interior. Everwood is a wood veneer that closely mimics the look of wood, but doesn't require the maintenance of real wood. The Infinity will typically run $50 to $100 more than a comparable Integrity due to the thicker frame and more bells and whistles that come standard. It also has a nicer finish and a better warranty, which covers 20 years for the glass and lifetime for everything else. It is usually considered one of the top fiberglass windows on the market.

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Marvin Ultimate Prices (Wood Clad)

The Marvin Ultimate is a highly rated wood clad windows accroding to installers, contractors and many homeowners. The window comes in the following wood options; white oak, mahogany, douglas pine, fir, and cherry. The window is completely customizable and comes with a lot of upgrades and custom options. These can easily cost $1000 per window, although many contractors and homeowners feel the quality and craftsmanship is worth the rather steep price tag.

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