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Silverline Window Prices

Silverline window prices and costs are on the low end for most vinyl window manufacturers. A reasonable installed price on a standard double hung will range from $225 to $375 depending on the model or series and the number of upgrades that you select. In general, Silverline is considered a budget window that does not make a product that is going to last and be very effective. Their 9500 Series may be the one exception to that statement.

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Silverline 2900 Windows

The Silverline 2900 vinyl window comes standard as a single hung that offers the following performance numbers (assuming the upgrade to the low e2 glass) - AI 0.13, VT 0.58, SHGC 0.34 U-value 0.35.

Compare to the Alside Excalibur Series

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Silverline 3100 Windows

The Silverline 3100 vinyl window are also single hungs and typically built for contractors (builder grade). This Silverline window uses a pretty flimsy frame and will not hold up more than 10 or 15 years - avoid this window and upgrade to a better model if possible.

Compare to the Amsco Artisan Window

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Silverline 8700 Windows

The Silverline 8700 vinyl window is a horizontal slider that does not offer much in terms of design or strength. We couldn't find much on this series.

Compare to Vinylmax Hyde Park Model

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Silverline 8500 Windows

The Silverline 8500 vinyl window uses a Low e2 glass package and includes exterior screens. It offers okay performance numbers - DP45 and U-value 0.30. The window includes dual weatherstripping, a tilt in sash, a constance force balance system and comes standrd with the Super Spacer.

Silverline 8500 Bid vs. Simonton 5500

I have 3 bids on 20 new replacement windows that include Andersen Silverline, Simonton, and PGT.

Simonton 5500: $11,500

PGT 2200: $11,072

Andersen Silverline 8500: $7,250

Sheera - Homeowner - from 2018

Silverline 8500 Window Costs

I live in northern New Jersey and I need to replace one bathroom window - 22" x 41". I have gotten a price quote for the Silverline window and it includes low-E with no grills, argon fills and tempered glass. The Silverline 9500 is $485. The Silverline 8600 series is $445 and the Silverline 1200 is $380. These are installed prices.

Carey - Homeowner - from 2016

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Silverline 9500 Windows

The Silverline 9500 window is their top end window and one that we put in our top rated entry level window. The frame is bulky and comes with double strength glass (strong but thick isn't such a bad combo unless you are dealing with small openings). The window offers an air infiltration of 0.14, DP45, U-value 0.30 - these numbers may improve a bit with upgrades that include argon fills in the glass and foam fill in the frame. Compare the Silverline 9500 series to the Pella Encompass Model

Dane - Site Editor

Silverline Windows Warranty

Silverline Windows by Anderson offers a limited lifetime warranty on their windows, including the mainframe, sash and all additional vinyl components. Any exterior frame codeine is warranted for a period of 10 years. The warranty does not include any of the labor costs involved with removing a defective window or installing a new replacement window. It only covers the replacement parts or replacement window itself.

The warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owners. The remainder of the warranty covers the list of exclusions and limitations that applies to both the patio doors and the vinyl windows. In general, the silver line window warranty is pretty weak, although not surprising given the low price point of many of their vinyl windows.

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