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Slocumb Window Prices

Find Slocomb windows prices and costs on many of their most popular window models. Their pricing runs in the mid to slightly high end for vinyl window. The pricing listed below is a suggested cost for a normal sized double hung fully installed, but please keep in mind that there are many project factors that can increase or decrease the per opening window replacement cost.

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This is Slocomb's entry level window that uses a low end or clear glass and lacks any sash reinforcement etc. It's a no frills window option that is probably comparable to the Alside Exclaibur window.

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Slocomb 144 Windows Prices

I received a Slocomb model 144 window quote for $10,800 today for 27 windows. I don't like their windows near as well as the champion or sunrise, and as I said above, I've not laid hands on the unishield windows yet.

Their numbers are:
U factor .27
SHGC .21
VT .50
AL < .3 (they didn't get more specific)

Are all/any of the above worth the $ premium over the slocomb model 144? (and I read their warranty, and do not like their phrase about sending the window unit back, etc - that line gives me much hesitation)

Next week, I will be getting a quote on Simonton windows.

Angie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Slocomb makes an okay window and the price point is great, but it's nowhere near the Polaris UltraWeld in quality. If it were me, I would stretch for the UltraWeld instead of getting just an okay vinyl window in my home.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Slocomb 177 Window

The Slocumb 177 series (Pro Tech) is the mid grade window from this manufacturer and uses what they call Ultraflect Technology (Slocomb developed the Mirror Heat system and we assume this is the latest version of that). It has a U-factor of 0.27, and SHGG of 0.19, an Air Infiltration rate of 0.11 and uses a Duralite Spacer. Not bad numbers at all. It seems to be a decent window for the price point.

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Windstopper Window

Their Windstopper is their top of the line model that gets solid reviews from many of the contractors that look at its numbers. However, we weren't able to find many pros that actually install it. The window offers the following numbers; U-factor of 0.24, 0.19 SHGC, AI of .08 and a DP-55.

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Earthwise Windows

Earthwise Windows are manufactured by Slocomb and sold to a group of independent buyers who make up Earthwise. This was all we were able to "unearth" on this line of window and its relationship to Newton-Slocomb.

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