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Read examples of Zen window prices and costs from consumers and homeowners on their Karma, Nirvana and Lotus vinyl window series.

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Zen Karma Windows Prices

The Zen Karma is the company's entry-level offering and is actually a relabeled Soft-Lite Barrington window. While Soft-Lite is often in the conversation as a top tier vinyl window manufacturer, the Barrington isn't my favorite window by any means. It's quite decent when compared to other company's entry level windows, but that isn't saying much. In general, I don't recommend that consumers go with the low end offering if they are looking to maximize long term value.

The Zen Karma series includes the following standard features: double weatherstripping, a lock/tilt latch, constant force balancing, and a nice exterior molding. Consumers can get the Karma model in brown, beige, or white or beige for the interior and exterior. While I would suggest most consumers "stretch" into the Nirvana or Louts models (similar and both quite good), the Karma window isn't a bad option for budget conscious consumers.

Dan - Site Editor

Zen Karma Window Prices

Thought I'd share my 5 quotes for my Austin, Texas home. The project scope includes 15 windows, several have large eyebrows with legs.

2 = 82L x 34.25 picture+eyeb
1 = 28L x 58W picture+eyeb
3 = 52L x 47W picture+eyeb
3 = 70L x 35.5W
2 = 70L x 22.25W
4 = 70L x 47W

Replacement Window Quotes:
1. Zen Soft-lite Nirvana = $16,200
2. Simonton P Plat = $16,040
3. Simonton Vantage Point 6500 = $13,985
4. Product Wincore 5400 = $10,490
5. Zen Karma = $10,040

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Zen Nirvana Windows Prices

The Zen Nirvana is really just a relabeled Soft-Lite Classic window. This is an upper end mid range vinyl window that has been around for quite some time, but is quite a good design. It comes with nice features, components, and options. It's a step down from the Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Elements, but still quite a good vinyl window.

Tim - Site Editor

Zen Nirvana Windows Quote

I have 3 bids so far on 17 windows. Here's what I have thus far.
Vi Win Tech 6000 Series: $7100

Ply Gem 6000 Series: $8400
Zen Nirvana Series: $9200

Vincent - Homeowner - from 2017

Zen Windows Nirvana vs Vinylmax Edison

Hello! I've been reading window reviews on your site for a while and have found a lot of very helpful information! I've narrowed my window search down to four windows. Which of the following windows do you feel is the best window? I've learned that installation is just as important, so I'll be looking into that when we narrow it down a bit more. We live in Colorado and are looking to have them in our home for long term. Our quotes include 14 windows and a sliding glass door.

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait Series $11,800

Zen Windows Nirvana $10,800

Wincore 7700 $13,364

Vinylmax Edison $9996.22 (this price may not be a bit higher as we didn't sign that day)

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance. I've found your website to be extremely helpful!

Amber - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Amber, I like all of those bids you've received. I would say the Zen Nirvana or the Vinylmax Edison would be my picks since they are both good windows and the prices are the lowest. See if you can you the existing bids against one another to get the lowest price possible -- especially for the Nirvana -- see if they will match the Edison price.

The bids are close enough that you should feel confident that you have your market range of price bids. And you are correct that installation is an important factor so certainly look closely at the companies before making a decision. I would feel comfortable having any of those four windows in my house!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Zen Nirvana Prices vs Vytex Fortis

Hey guys, I appreciate all your insight and the reviews/comparisons you provide. We are shopping for new windows in the Cincinnati area and I believe we have it narrowed down to 2 brands/manufacturers after several different quotes and a few painful demonstrations.

There are 18 total windows to be replaced - 16 double hung and 2 4x4 picture windows. We received a quote for the Vytex Fortis that came in $8600 for windows, installation, and removal. We also received a quote from Zen Nirvana for $9500 for windows, installation, and removal. Both have full lifetime, transferable warranties. Based on specs and price the Vytex seems like the better option, but I haven't been able to find much information around a parent company. I know that the Zen is a Soft-lite product which comes with a very good reputation.

Derek - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Derek, but of those quotes look very solid, nice price point on each (although I would still see if there is wiggle room to save yourself some additional money.) Vytex is a smaller company out of Maryland, but pretty well respected in the industry. I think the Vytex Fortis quote is the better one. A lower air infiltration number and equal in terms of U-factor and design pressure (I'm not completely sure on this last one). Plus it's the cheaper of the two. The Soft-Lite Classic is a good window to be sure, but I think the Fortis is the better of the two at a lower price point. Assuming you like the Vytex rep and/or company installing the windows, I think that's your winner.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Zen Classic vs Harvey Classic

Hi Tim,Thanks got your reply. I did got a few quotes from others like Renovso, and Zen windows. Renovso proposed the exact Harvey Classic but is about $1500 more total including the bay and patio door. Zen windows propose the softlite classic and is about $4500 more. I decided to go with the Harvey classic which is energy star qualify and have a U factor of 0.25. They also give me a life time elite dealer window warranty. One last question, do u like the Harvey vinyl patio door? Also do u like casement vs double hung on the bay window? Is there any difference in performance between double hung and casement? Thanks again.

Wymond - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

I have to say I've never seen the Harvey patio door, so I can't say one way or the other. I prefer the side casement to the double hung on the bay window, but that's simply because I like casements and there is a larger area for ventilation with the casement. I think it's really personal preference more than anything else.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Zen Window Costs

Hi Tim, your website has been a big help to me. Just looking for a quick non-skin in the game recommendation. I'm having a situation where all these guys are saying that the other one either sucks or isn't any better LoL. Zen has been pretty straightforward. We live in CO - all windows are south facing.

I've got 3 quotes for a variety of windows, some picture, some double hung, some standard sliders + 2 sliding glass doors. - Totals 2 doors + 15 windows.

Quote 1: Amerimax Craftsman Portrait with AG3 - $10,150

Quote 2: Zen Windows Nirvana - $13,010 (Soft-Lite Pro?)

Quote 3: Wincore 7700 - $13,400

Are any of these going to be better than the others? Just looking for some clarity on the actual quality in comparison of these 3 products.

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Chris, all three of these windows are good. I would say they are close, but I think the Soft-Lite Pro (you are correct) is the best of the bunch. I really like the window. Zen windows are franchises and often fairly new into the business (that doesn't mean whoever is running it is though). My point being, make sure that the Zen dealer has a good crew of installers who have good reviews and experience. Of course, this goes for all three companies.

All in all, I think you have three good bids - but it is annoying when everyone is bashing the other one, not very professional.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Zen Nirvana Windows Cost

My bid on the Zen Nirvana model came in at $1,000 above the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait, and $200 below the Simonton Platinum Prism window.

Margaret - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Just based on the windows alone, I'd go with Zen for $1000 more, but the installer will probably play a bigger factor with the selections you have. Good luck with your project.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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Zen Lotus Windows Prices

The Zen Lotus is a relabeled Soft-Lite Pro window, which although not a new design by any means, is a very good vinyl window. The Soft-Lite Classic and Pro are quite similar to one another, achieve good performance numbers and are quite well made.

The Lotus comes standard with some nice features and components, including a super spacer, good vent locks, frame foam fills, locking screen latch, delta safety locks and a metal reinforced meeting rail. It can be ordered in a number of interior wood laminates, as well as some 15 exterior color options. I especially like the wood laminates, which look quite realistic and provide the look of wood, without the cost and maintenance requirements.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Zen Lotus Price Bid

My first quote is as follows:

4 Double Pane Hopper Windows: $220

14 Alside 3100 Series Double Hung Windows, Triple Pane: $7200

14 Zen Lotus Double Hung Windows, Triple Pane: $8500

Jim - Homeowner - from 2017

Zen Lotus vs Marvin Integrity

I've been frustrated by the complexity of knowing all there is to know about windows in replacing my windows. I've heard all sorts of things, and all viewpoints. I live in Boulder, CO and am doing a window project. From people selling everything or everything but vinyl, I've heard all the horror stories about vinyl. It breaks down in UV. The thermal expansion and contraction wreak havoc. Don't do vinyl. It's terrible. The world will come to an end. Whoa is me! Two different vinyl sellers have said no, vinyl's fine. One said that those issues WERE a problem, but were addressed and largely solved 5-10 years ago. The other said those issues only affect virgin vinyl. I think both are trying to sell their product. First, I want to thank you for this website. It has really seemed like a relatively neutral source, and has provided me wonderful insight. So thank you so much. Now, I'm doing 2 horizontal sliding windows, roughly 5-6'W x 4'H, a 6' patio door, and an 8' patio door. Here are the quotes I've received so far:

Zen Windows - Karma - $5,700*

Zen Windows - Lotus - $6,700*

Berkshire Elite - $5,500*
(Both vendors want $300 per window to do a "Full Frame" replacement down to the studs, so add $1,200 to both those)

Andersen 100 Series - $7,100

RBA - $16,000 (Special Deal! $13,500!)

Pella Impervia - $9,500

Marvin Integrity - $11,100

I will (hopefully) be getting a quote from Alpen soon. Based on price and vinyl fear, I kind of like the Andersen 100 series, but the 10 year warranty doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

All the horror stories of vinyl have me skeptical of it's longevity. Do you think it will stand up to temperature swings of 100F throughout the year and up to 70F in a single day? I've read on your site that the Impervia isn't exactly stellar, so I'm trying to stay away from it.

That leaves the Marvin, but that price tag is a pretty big pill to swallow. I'm confident that, with a little help, I COULD replace the windows myself. I'm a physicist and an engineer, and enjoy being handy. Would doing so void/nullify any warranties?

I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks again for this awesome neutral site.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, the process can be very confusing and there is lots of noise to cut through. Yes, low quality vinyl windows have had issues in the past, but not so with newer, high quality vinyl windows. Looking at your bids, the one I really like is the Zen Lotus, which is really the Soft-Lite Pro window. This is a good window with better performance than the Andersen 100, RBA, Impervia, and certainly the Berkshire. I'm not so much of a fan of the Karma (the Soft-Lite Bainbridge).

Assuming that the local Zen dealer (Zen is a franchise of Soft-Lite, I'm not sure if you knew this or not) has a good reputation for proper and thorough installation, then this is what I would go with -- Soft-Lite has one of the best reputations in the business.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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General Zen Windows Prices

Zen Polaris UltraWeld Prices

I have a bid for the Polaris Ultraweld from ZEN.

1 Picture Window: $460
10 Casements: $5500
$75 for haul away

Ken - Homeowner - from 2017

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