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Replacement Windows Problems

Read consumer reviews of replacement windows problems and how they handled them.

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Wrong Patio Door Ordered And Installed

We recently ordered many windows and a sliding glass door for the patio. The door opens left to right but the salesman ordered the door to open right to left. Even the foreman who came to measure noticed it was ordered backwards. When the door arrived, it was still backwards. The crew said nothing. Instead of ordering the right door, they turned the door upside down and installed it. We immediately complained to the foreman and the owner, both said that doors are built to be installed either way, so they are not going to replace it and make it right.

Do we have a legitimate complaint? I don't want a door with the etching upside down in my line of sight and an upside down handle and lock. We paid over $1500 for the door and just want it done right.

Nanci - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

I think you have a legitimate compliant, they ordered the door wrong. Now how do you get it fixed?

The foreman has a boss and I'd tell him that they need to fix it because you paid $1500 of your hard earned money for it. Be nice about it, but if he says "no," tell him you will need to talk with his boss about it. If the boss won't budge, you are stuck. You could always lodge a complaint with the BBB or threaten it and see how this plays. I hate this stuff, but it happens all the time.

I've never heard of a door being able to be installed either way.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Whistling Windows

Hi Dane, We had 9 windows installed in July 2015 & most of them whistle, all of the have condensation. The installer came back & chalked everything he thought might be the problem (DID NOT WORK). Another guy (from Alside) came out & replaced two sashes (AGAIN, DID NOT WORK) same problems!!! I replaced one window 10 years ago with some cheap window from Busy Beaver and it's doesn't sweat or whistle & I never installed a window before. Sooo frustrating. The recent high winds the last couple of days made it hard to sleep or hear the TV. It sounds like the house is haunted. One note, I opened the window from bottom & whistling continued. I open the top same thing but when I opened both at same time it stopped. That tells me it the windows not the trim. Please help!!!

Mark - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Mark, without seeing the problem, I can't really diagnose it. It could simply be the way the windows sit in the frame, but I would tend to say that the installers screwed up, especially considering that you installed a window and haven't had any issues. Whistling comes from air passing over an open gap so there are plenty of places for this to happen (it's a similar concept to blowing across the top of a bottle). Unfortunately, since you've had the installer and Alside come out, I'm not sure what relief you are going to get beyond what they've done.

You can find an independent installer and pay them for an hour of their time to come out and give you an opinion. The other option is to call local companies and ask for a bid on replacement windows (even if you're not in the market). They're free and you are going to get unbiased opinions. I would also suggest taking some video of the windows with your phone to show anyone who comes out exactly what the problem is.

I wish I had better advise for you, but this is probably what I would do.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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