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I've just received a quote for replacing (not refitting) 2 windows from New Windows of America. One is for a bathroom, double hung (32wX42h), their Edison series, with tempered glass, and opaque lower sash. The other is a casement awning window for the kitchen (36wX42h). Windows include Intelliglass Plus glass package which includes triple pane glass, two layer soft coat low e coatings, with argon gas fill. All vinyl windows are standard with PVC virgin vinyl, multi chanbered, fusion welded frames and sashes. Installation with full frame application which includes new casing, extension jamb, and sill. Exterior wrap if needed. Casings are prefinished oak. Insulate around windows with minimal expansion foam and/or R11 fiberglass insulation. Lifetime warranty on all parts, glass breakage, and lifetime non-prorated glass seal warranty. Lifetime labor service warranty as relates to window parts and installation. Quote is $3260 installed. There is a $700 small job fee in this quote. What is your opinion of the caliber of windows, window cost and warranty?

Judy - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Judy, I hadn't heard of New Windows of America, so I did some checking and it looks like they have several locations, although they very well may be a franchise. I would ask them this question and see what they say and if they are, how long they have been in business and ask for some references that you can check out. I can't quite figure out what the Edison window is - it looks like the company uses Vinylmax primarily, which is a good vinyl manufacturer, but not a first tier company - I think it's safe to call them a second tier vinyl window manufacturer.

So with full frame installation and a triple pane vinyl window, I suppose this isn't out of the realm of possibilities in terms of a fair price. However, $1500 for two windows is pretty darn high, they aren't even that large - it's Renewal By Andersen high. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend getting 2 to 3 more bids to see how they compare. What state do you live in, I could make some recommendations.

I'm assuming you are somewhere in the mid west and typically I recommend Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Polaris and Simonton. Get a couple more bids and let me know how they compare!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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