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Gilkey Windows Reviews

Read 13 Gilkey windows reviews from customers and contractors to see how their products compare to the competition in terms of pricing and quality.

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Gilkey Window Prices

Gilky, Window World Or Champion

I'm getting my house ready to sell and found out my large three pane casement window cannot be repaired. I had it installed abt 20 years ago, and I think it is a Wendco, which no longer exists, meaning getting the same size may be impossible. I don't think it can be smaller because I have old aluminum siding which can't be matched. I don't want to spend a fortune but want a good quality window.

I live in central KY with installers that include Champion, Gilkey and Window Worlds. Couldn't find any Sunrise, Simonton or Soft-Lite near me. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

- Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

I always have a problem with these questions because my advice is going to be to do it as cheap as possible since you are getting ready to sell. On the flip side, whoever buys your house may be getting in touch with me after the seals fail in 8 years.

The fact is you won't recoup this money so you are not going to want to spend a lot of money. Get bids from Champion, Gilkey and Window World -- WW will be the least expensive and you should probably go with them as long as visually it makes sense.

Some WW have good reputations and offer lifetime warranties. Just make sure to give the new owner all the paperwork so that if something does happen down the road they will know who to go to.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Gilkey vs. Don Young Aluminum Clad

Good Evening, we live in North Central Texas and we are planning on replacing our single pane aluminum windows this spring with double hungs. We are looking in the mid price range. My concern is who to use that is energy efficient, will withstand our heat and extreme cold. What series you would also recommend? Warranty there work/labor for life of purchaser?

I hear that vinyl will warp, not sure if this is true. Since we have aluminum tend to lean that way but are open to recommendations. I keep going to Don Young only cause he is in Texas and I have heard good things from a friend but I do not know what other companies I should check out.

We have a multi colored house of blue/grey hues, red/terra cotta hues and I am trying to find the frame that would compliment the house. Therefore, I would also need some company that has a wide range of colors.

Thank you for your guidance

Martha - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Martha, Don Young makes a high end aluminum clad window and a good vinyl window. I would highly recommend going with a Don Young aluminum clad window, but good quality vinyl windows should not warp. Cheaper vinyl can warp—if you do go with a good quality vinyl window, I would suggest upgrading with a sash reinforcement.

The bottom line is any material can warp, but quality vinyl windows are made to take the heat conditions in north Texas. The heat is one reason why aluminum is a viable option in places like Texas—aluminum is not very good in terms of energy efficiency, but it is very strong.

Other options include the Milgard line for Texas, Gilkey aluminum windows, Soft-Lite, Sunrise, and the Zen Lotus Plus (if available).

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Gilkey Windows vs Soft-Lite Elements

Hi Tim, thanks for all your work on this site, choosing replacement windows is very confusing and it was a wonderful surprise to find a site like this. We have 11 windows to replace and are trying to choose between the Soft Lite Elements window $679 U value .19 triple pane and the Gilkey Double 366 window U value .26 $804. Both with Argon gas.

The Gilkey window looks like it might be a more sturdy window, and the installers are company employees, however the SoftLite window has the better U value. (Gilkey has windows with higher U values, but this is supposedly their best seller)

Thanks in advance for your opinion.

Ann - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ann, Gilkey does make a very good window, although they are also much less well known than Soft-Lite (no judgement good or bad there, just a fact). The Soft-Lite Elements is more or less considered one of the top 3 vinyl windows available. If it were me, this is what I would go with -- Soft-Lite has a very strong reputation and the Elements is truly an excellent vinyl window with an air infiltration that just can't be beat. At $680 fully installed, it sounds like a fair price point as well -- considering it's the less expensive of the two bids you have, I'd say the choice is easy. This is obviously assuming that the installation team selling the Soft-Lite is well reviewed and you feel confident that they'll do a good job.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Gilkey Window Review

I ordered Gilkey windows because from what I'd heard they were a good company. They were supposed to be installed in 6-8 weeks but no one called me, so I had to track my windows down. I finally found out that they were backed up and they'd be coming soon. When I finally got a call, I was ticked enough at the wait, but they showed up and it was some unmarked van, no uniforms or anything. I'd gone with Gilkey partly because they say they don't use outside installers and obviously this wasn't the case. When I called and complained they said that they were employees, but they don't provide them with cars or signs or anything. I'm not sure I believe that, everyone has a car magnet at least. The windows themselves are fine. The gas bills went down about 30%, which was nice, but sometimes I can hear a whistling sound when it's windy, and that drive me nuts.

Kamila - Homeowner in Illinois - from 2011

General Opinion

Gilkey makes a great window. I'm not a fan of the Heat Mirror, but it does help to lower energy costs. Their windows are really sturdy. They even have a System Boreal that's hurricane rated, but it isn't the prettiest of windows out there. They also have a good warranty and good customer service and sales staff.

David - Contractor in Florida - from 2010

Gilkey Windows vs Champion

If you're set on Champion windows, trust me and take a look at Gilkey first. They have a more limited line because they're a smaller company, but they have the same quality customer service and commitment to their product. I think their windows may even be a little better.

Ken - Homeowner in Ohio - from 2010

Gilkey vs Window World vs PGT

I've had three estimates, from Window World, Gilkey, and PGT. The Gilkey is a little more in terms of cost, but I've heard that they are a lot better quality. Someone told me though that sometimes you order a certain type of window and Gilkey sends a cheaper one. Is that true?

Matt - Homeowner in Kentucky - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

Gilkey makes a good window. From what I've heard, they have good customer service and they aren't going to try and pull a fast one. Mistakes happen, but I think if Gilkey sent the wrong thing it would be an honest mistake. They make a good window, and it will last longer and give you less trouble than a lot of more expensive options

Jon - Installer - from 2009

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Gilkey Series 6 & 10

I live north of Chicago, and have 16 windows to replace, a mix of sliders and single casements and picture windows. I got a lot of estimates, and I'm mainly looking at the Gilkey Series 6 or 10. At $11,800 it's a thousand more than the Series 6 but it has a .10 U-value, 99.9 UV block, .33 SHGC. Plus I think it looks a little nicer. The Series 6 has .16 U value, .36 SHGC, and 99.7 UV block. Not really sure which is better.

Gary - Homeowner in Illinois - from 2008

[Contractor Response]

Gilkey is a good choice, it will out perform most other brands at the same price point. They get good U-Values because of Heat Mirror, which some people don't like. As long as the price is right and the warranty is reasonable, Gilkey is a fine choice.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2008

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Limited Product Details

I don't like that it's so difficult to get details about Gilkey windows. Their brochures and official website don't really tell you anything. Everyone else has that information and its easy to find. The Gilkey salesman gave me some handwritten info but we talked about several different options and I'm not sure what was what. Why would anyone make it hard to find out about their product?

Dan - Homeowner - from 2006

[Response From Contractor]

I'm not totally sure about their different lines and options, but I know [another contractor] has worked with them more than I have. They seem to have a good reputation, so they must be doing something right. I know that the PHTec is one of the best windows available, but I'll have to look into the pricing and other specs.

Wilson - Contractor - from 2006

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