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Replacement Windows Cost

Explore replacement windows cost from hundreds of window manufacturers or by the material. Check our quick links to find important sections related to the most common questions related to window replacement cost.

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Page Last Updated: February 13, 2024

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How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A New Window?

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How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A New Window?

These are HUGE price spectrums, but they are, nonetheless true. For instance, I can buy a vinyl window at Home Depot and pay a handyman to install it for $400. Conversely, I can buy an Okna 800DX and have a professional installer with 500 perfect reviews to install it. The difference in quality here is massive, just like the cost differences.

Below you will find industry standard prices only - your project cost will vary by location, material, brand selected, installation method, etc. Here is a range of new window replacements costs in 2023. Please note: The ONLY real way to know the fair market price of your project is to collect multiple bids from QUALITY LOCAL COMPANIES and compare prices.

Vinyl Windows Cost
$400 to $1200 (installed)

Fiberglass Windows Cost 2023
-- $600 to $1600 fully installed --

Composite Windows Prices 2023
-- $800 to $2000 fully installed --

Aluminum Windows Cost 2023
-- $800 to $1600 fully installed --

Wood Clad Prices 2023
-- $1,000 to $2,500 fully installed --

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Window Installation Costs In 2023

Window installation costs have gone up pretty significantly in the past couple of years. There are all sorts of reasons for this, but the two main culprits are increased homeowner demand for replacement windows, and a somewhat volatile labor market inside the home improvement industry. Regardless of the cause, window installation costs are higher than they’ve ever been. In 2023, window installation costs range from say $75 to $500 per window, which is a massive range. Let's break down that cost range and find out what accounts for that huge spread.

Window Installation Costs 2023
-- $75 to $500 per window --

Let's start with the lower end, which is for retrofit installation, also sometimes called pocket installation and other times called simply replacement installation. Whatever name you give to it, in 2023, retrofit window installation cost ranged from $75 to $200 per window. In most cases, the average cost was $100 to $150 per window.

Average Retrofit Installation Cost
-- $100 to $150 per window --

With a retrofit install, the old window is cut out of the opening and the new window is placed inside the opening. It’s then leveled and secured using screw holes in the frame. The installer will then use low expanding foam to seal the opening. This is the easiest and least expensive installation method.

In 2023 the average retrofit installation with some additional work, which is pretty common, will run $150 to $250 per window. So this involves the steps I just outlined, but might also include exterior capping, exterior capping, touch up work on the frames or some trim work to improve the look of the windows. There are lots of variables here depending on the condition of your frames and sills.

Now let’s turn to the window installation cost for a full frame application, often called new construction installation. In 2023 the full frame window installation costs ranged from $250 to lets say $500 per window. On average, full frame costs were $300 to $400 per window.

Average Full Frame Installation Cost
-- $300 to $400 per window --

With full frame, the installer removes the old window, along with everything else until they’re down to the frame opening. They need to do this if there's water or other damage to the frame. Once the frame is repaired, he new window is fitted and secured to the header and sides via a nailing fin on the new construction window. This nailing fin is more or less the only difference between a retrofit or pocket replacement window and a new construction replacement window.

The installer will then apply flashing to the header and sides to protect it from water damage moving forward. Next, the installer uses a low expanding foam to seal the opening, and finally caulks the window. The last step here is to add the trim or surround that was taken off initially.As you can see, this method is a lot work and is therefore quite a bit more expensive than the retrofit method.

And there you have it, window installation costs in 2023. If you have any additional questions or you’d like our free list of recommended options and brands.

Dane - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Impact Windows Cost In 2023

Impact windows, also known as hurricane windows, are windows built to withstand severe storms and weather events. More precisely, hurricane windows are built to handle direct impact from flying debris that would occur in hurricane like conditions. In 2023, impact windows cost will run $900 to $2,200 fully installed. This price range is considerably more than traditional vinyl replacement windows, which are going to run $300 to $1200 fully installed.

Impact Window Costs 2023
-- $900 to $2,200 fully installed --

Entry Level Impact Windows Cost 2023
-- $900 to $1,300 fully installed --

Mid Range Impact Windows Cost 2023
-- $1,300 to $1,800 fully installed --

Premium Impact Windows Cost 2023
-- $1,800 to $2,200 fully installed --

Installation costs for impact windows will often be 10% to 20% higher than normal replacement windows — so let’s put this price point at $250 to $650 per window, although it can exceed this amount depending on your project specifics. As a rule of thumb, the labor portion of the project will run roughly 30% of the total, while the windows themselves will account for roughly 70% of the project cost.

Alright, so there it is — impact windows cost in 2023 and yes this is a pretty penny per window to outfit an entire home. On the flip side, if you do do it right the first time, you’ll be protecting your home during severe storms and hurricanes, hopefully for many many years to come.

Dane - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Window Cost Pages

Our windows cost calculators can help you find ballpark pricing for your next project. Calculating window prices is tough because there are a lot of variables to consider. We will try to break it down as much as possible so you can understand all the parts at play.

» Window Prices By Size

» Best Low Cost Replacement Windows

» Best Mid Range Vinyl Options

Window Cost Calculators

» Soundproof Windows Cost Calculator

» Impact Windows Calculator

» Basement Egress Cost Calculator

» Double Pane Cost Calculator

Window Costs In 2023

» Fiberglass Windows Cost In 2023

» Vinyl Windows Cost In 2023

Manufacturer's Window Costs

Below you will find links to hundreds of manufacturer replacement windows cost pages. On those pages, you will be able to see lots of homeowner provided bids and quotes. (Notice how the prices have really ratcheted up in the past few years.)

Click on the first letter of the company - so for instance if you were interested in Renewal By Andersen prices, you'd click on R - sorry if this is obvious :)

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Replacement Windows Cost :: A

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Affinity Windows was an American company out of Pennsylvania, but they are no longer in business. The company enjoyed quite a good reputation in the industry, but alas they are no longer

» Affinity Pricing

» Price Point : N/A

Alpen HPP

Alpen HPP is a Colorado based company that specializes in fiberglass frames that emphasize high levels of energy efficiency. The company makes a truly excellent fiberglass window, but it is not a cheap option. Nor is the company available in all parts of the United States.

Alpen Windows Cost

» Price Point : Very High : 10 out of 10 : Fiberglass


Alside prices are in the middle range for vinyl replacements. Contractors may have concerns with Alside, particularly their snap in sills, instead of the stronger and better designed welded, sloped sill.

Alside Windows Prices

» Market Cost : Medium : 6 out of 10 : Vinyl


Explore Amcraft prices and costs on many of their most popular vinyl replacements and sliding doors.

Amcraft Windows Prices

» Price Point : Medium : 5 out of 10 : Vinyl

American Craftsman

American Craftsman is owned by Andersen and sells their low to mid range vinyl products through the larger home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Read about their 50, 70, 2800, and 9500 series.

American Craftsman Window Prices

» Market Cost : Low Range : 3 out of 10 : Vinyl

American Jewel

American Jewel is a New Jersey based manufacturer. They offer a number of different styles and configurations in the 3 series, the 1400, 1500 and their premium 1700 model.

» American Jewel Costs

» Market Price : Low Range : 4 out of 10 : Vinyl

American Vison

We live in Phoenix, AZ and had a recent quote from American Vision on the Anlin Del Mar series. We need 2 of each of the following items, but the prices seem high. Would love your thoughts.

» American Vision Pricing

» Market Cost : Higher : 8 out of 10 : Vinyl


Amerimax pricing runs from the mid to the slightly high end. The company has a good reputation and is one of the better vinyl manufacturers available on the West Coast. One advantage they have over Anlin and Simonton is quite a few exteior frame colors to choose from - this greatly adds to the cost, but is a nice option to have if need be.

» Amerimax Windows Prices

» Price Point : Medium High : 7 out of 10 : Vinyl


Explore AMI prices and costs on many of their most popular home improvement products. AMI stands for Associated Materials, Inc.

» AMI Cost Information

» Market Cost : Medium : 5 out of 10 : Vinyl


Amsco prices are on the low end of the vinyl pricing spectrum, making their best product comparable to other budget manufacturers. They are more of a builder's grade supplier, selling through distributors for the most part. They don't offer any kind of labor warranty, so make sure to talk to the installer about their coverage if you choose Amsco.

» Amsco Window Prices

» Price Point : Medium : 5 out of 10 : Vinyl


Andersen Windows are at the high end of the wood clad market. The company is definitely the most well known brand, and possibly the largest in the United States. They have four main lines or series, each with different features and price points.

Andersen Windows Prices

» Market Cost : Very High : 9 out of 10 : Wood Clad, Composite

Apex Energy Solutions

Apex Energy Solutions sells the Insignia window, which is a relabeled Alside 800, pretty similar to the Alside Preservation model. The Preservation is a good vinyl option, although often marketed as a top-of-the-line series.

Apex Windows Pricing

» Price Point : Medium High : 7 out of 10 : Vinyl


Atrium pricing are in the middle of the vinyl window market. See models, series, analysis on each product and pricing information.

Atrium Windows Prices

» Price Point : Medium Low : 4 out of 10 : Vinyl

Select Type Of Window
Select Frame Material
Window Brand Quality
Installation Requirements
How Many Windows?
Zip Code

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Replacement Windows Cost : B


Burris is a Texas based company that sells three series: TectView Ex, TectView CA, and TectView AC. This is a smaller company, but a known name in the state.

» Burris Pricing

» Pricing : Medium : 6 out of 10 : Vinyl

Replacement Windows Cost : C


Castle have a similar price structure to Window World, they start out very low and go up as you add a la carte upgrades and package improvements.

» Castle Windows Cost

» Market Cost : Medium Low : 4 out of 10 : Vinyl


Champion pricing is in the mid to top end of vinyl market. All of the installation is from Champion certified installers, which is part of the reason for the higher price. For the most part, installers and contractors think the window is solidly made and constructed.

» Champion Windows Prices

» Pricing : High : 8 out of 10 : Vinyl


Crystal - I don't hear a ton about Crystal. From the little that I have heard, they seem to be a builder quality vinyl window. This means that they are built and marketed towards builders and contractors who are looking to put in a lower end option.

» Crystal Prices

» Pricing : Low : 3 out of 10 : Vinyl

Custom Window Systems

CWS prices are in the mid range of other manufacturers. Custom Window Systems offers quite a few impact vinyl models and series.

» CWS Prices

» Price Point : Medium High : 8 out of 10 : Impact / Vinyl / Aluminum Clad

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Replacement Windows Cost : E


Eagle prices are at the mid to high end of the wood clad market. Eagle is owned by Andersen and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. They offers lots of frame colors, hardware options and upgrades.

» Eagle Prices

Eastern Architectural Systems

Explore Eastern Architectural Systems pricing on their hr 1000 and Bertha series.

» Eastern Architectural Systems Costs


Explore Ecoview reviews and costs pricing from industry experts and our site editors.

» Ecoview Costs


Explore Ellison prices and cost information on their most popular series, including the 1100, 1300, 1600, 1800 and 1050 Series.

Energy Wall

Explore Energy Wall prices and cost information on their Energyweld series.

Replacement Windows Cost : F


Feldco is an Illinois-based regional company with a strong presence in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

» Feldco Windows Cost


Fibertec produces fiberglass frames that come in either a standard or premium series and are at the higher end of the fiberglass market

» Fibertec Window Costs

Replacement Windows Cost : G


Gerkin prices will be comparable to other mid range vinyl and aluminum manufacturers such as Milgard and ProVia. The company is headquartered in Sioux City, Iowa and enjoys a good reputation as a solid regional manufacturer for aluminum and vinyl new construction options. Gerkin doesn't get a lot of press due to the size and range of the distributors, however they tend to be well received by contractors and local installers who are familiar with their products and models.

» Gerkin Prices


Explore Gilkey costs on their most popular replacement fiberglass and vinyl window series.

» Gilkey Prices


Gorell was a high quality manufacturer prior to being bought by Soft-Lite in 2012 and closing its door soon after. The company no longer operate and therefore does not honor their warranty claims to consumers.

» Gorell Windows Prices

Great Lakes

Great Lakes produces decent quality products that fall into the mid price range of all vinyl window products. The company was bought by PlyGem, which enjoys a good reputation in the industry, but still markets their products under their own brand.

» Great Lakes Window Costs

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Replacement Windows Cost : H


Harvey are right at the mid-range for the vinyl frame market. Based in the Northeast region, they produce a good solid product that won't break the budget. They don't have the ratings to match some of the premium lines, but Harvey is well regarded in the industry for producing reliable products and services. They have several glass packages available so home owners can upgrade to a more efficient series if the budget allows.

» Harvey Windows Cost

» Market Cost: High : 7/8 out of 10 : Vinyl


We don't hear a lot about Heartland. We do have a few examples of their pricing though.

» Price Point : Medium : 6 out of 10 : Vinyl

» Heartland Pricing


The HiMark 800 or Enviro-Star 800 is considered one of the best vinyl windows, which is made by HiMark (an offshoot of Okna). This model has an attractive look to it with a .80 vinyl extrusion that makes for a sturdy frame.

» Market Cost: High : 8 out of 10 : Vinyl

» HiMark Window Prices

Home Depot

Home Dpeot prices used to be relatively low compared with many local dealers, They sells a whole slew of different series, but their most popular are the Simonton 6000 series and the Andersen 100 series and more.

» Home Depot Windows Prices

» Price Point : Medium : 6/7 out of 10 : Vinyl


Hurd was purchased by Sierrs Pacific so the company no longer sellers any products. Hurd prices ranged from $500 to $1500 + fully installed. The company was a small manufacturer out of Wisconsin that concetrated on new construction wood. 90% of their work came from contractors and builders that do higher end residential homes and developments. The company had wood rot problems on some of their windows back in the 90s.

» Hurd

Replacement Windows Cost : I


Indow prices range from $150 to $300 fully installed for a normal size opening. The Portland, Oregon company is very new, having launched in 2010. So far, reviews have been quite positive...

» Indow Insert Pricing | Indow Window Reviews


Inline produces quality fiberglass models and seem to really stand behind their work. Their products are expensive and they offer a number of different styles that all have a different series name (this is why we didn't recommend a particular series or model).

» Inline Pricing

Replacement Windows Cost : J

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen are probably at the lower end of the market, and most contractors agree that they are there in quality as well. They have lines sold in some of the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes that are designed for a price point, not quality. Their higher priced lines have a better reputation, but still aren't as good as their main competitors.

Jeld Wen Window Prices

» Price Point : Medium : 4 out of 10 : Vinyl And Wood Clad


JKR is a Utah based company that started doing business in 2016 and are now a big presence on the Utah replacement windows and doors scene. They sell an Energy Pro, although I can find very little information on this series. Their prices tend toward the middle of the vinyl window market.

JKR Windows Cost

» Price Point : Medium : 5 out of 10 : Vinyl


Joyce is based out of Berea Ohio and are a local manufacturer in the area. They sell two main vinyl window lines, the Insulator and Heritage series. The company also manufactures a Casement & Awning lines, as well as specialty window options.

Joyce Costs

» Price Point : Higher : 7 out of 10 : Vinyl And Aluminum Clad

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Replacement Windows Cost : K


Kensington offers three models, the Kingston, Huntington and Quantum2. Kensington is a smaller manufacturer that has a single factory in Western Pennsylvania.They were once owned by Jancor and then by Serious Energy and today are owned by Alpen High Performance Products, which seems to be a group of former Kensington managers. All of this ownership change has created some real issues for consumers who bought their windows and had warranty issues.

» Kensington Prices | Kensington Reviews


See KHPP prices and costs on the Genesis, Ascent, and Meridien series.

» KHPP Series Costs


Kolbe window prices are fairly expensive - the company has always been known for their wood and aluminum clad windows. Kolbe & Kolbe (now called Kolbe) manufactures 6 different models, two of which are vinyl series. They are a smaller manufacturer based out of Wisconsin, although they now own Pointe Five Windows based in Colorado, which should provide them with more distribution in the Western states. Kolbe has a long reputation for producing quality product lines.

» Kolbe Windows Pricing


Explore Krestmark prices and costs on their most popular series, including the 100, 200, 220, 250 and 400. The company is based out of Dallas Texas and produces both vinyl and aluminum new and replacements. Read Krestmark window reviews here.

» Krestmark Prices

Replacement Windows Cost : L


Loewens are at the high end of the price scale for wood clad frames. The company is known for their excellent quality products. They make some of the best wood clad series on the market, and most homeowners who are considering Loewens are willing to pay top dollar for a full replacement that works perfectly with the design and materials of their home.

» Loewen Pricing

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Replacement Windows Cost : M


Marvins are on the high end of the fiberglass and wood clad markets. Marvin makes several lines of popular series, including the Integrity, Infinity, and Ultimate. Marvin is well regarded in terms of both well-made products and great customer service. They don't come as cheap as some brands, but many home owners and contractors consider the investment more than worth it.

Marvin Reviews | Marvin Windows Prices


Explore Midway prices and costs from past consumers and homeowners on many of their EnviroSealed window series and more.

» Midway Pricing


Milgard produces solid series that offer good performance in the mid to high price range. Primarily available on the west coast, they can be found in some other areas as well. They have a reputation for good windows and good customer service.

» Milgard Windows Pricing

Monte Verde

Monte Verde prices are in the mid range price point for vinyl windows. The Monte Verde is made by Anlin Industries, although there is no mention of the company of the website - much like the Preservation line is made by Alside.

» Monte Verde Prices And Reviews

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Replacement Windows Cost : N


Explore Norandex prices and reviews on popular series such as the Extreme, Viewpoint and the Prism By Simonton series. Norandex does not manufacture the products they sell; instead they buy them from other manufacturers such as Atrium and Simonton and relabel them.

» Norandex Window Prices

Northeast Building Products

I have a bid for 25 windows from northeast building products. The bid was for $8400. Seems like a good price.

» Northeast Building Products Prices


Explore NT pricing on many of their Presidential and Executive series.

» NT Windows Prices

Replacement Windows Cost : O


Okna are in the mid to upper end of the vinyl market. They makes several series or lines, including the 400, 500, 800, and Starmark. Okna products are well designed and well made. Each line has two energy options, the Energy, which includes low-e glass and argon fills, or the Deluxe, which has those plus adds a foal filled frame and locking screen.

» Okna Window Prices

Replacement Windows Cost : P


Explore Paradigm prices on their 8300 series and their most popular replacement windows and sliding doors.

Paradigm Window Prices

Patio Door Prices

Explore patio door prices and consumer cost quotes and bids on these popular replacement series. FYI, door pricing varies considerably more than replacement and new construction windows if you can believe that.

Patio Door Prices


Pella makes lower priced vinyl frames and mid to very expensive wood clad windows. Pella is one of the best known brands available - some contractors really like their wood and fiberglass frames, while others think that they have a great marketing plan but are overpriced.

Pella Windows Prices

Pella Impervia Windows Cost


PGT pricing is in the mid tohigh end of the vinyl market. The company is considered a reliable manufacturer that delivers durable and well made vinyl and aluminum series. They have a reputation for honoring warranties and standing behind their products. Most common in the southeast, such as Georgia and Florida, PGT sells through distributors throughout the US. They are well designed and have a sloped, two step sill that is popular with contractors.

PGT Reviews | PGT Pricing

Ply Gem

PlyGem come in at the low to middle range for vinyl replacement options. Ply Gem is a solid mid-grade manufacturer; much of their product line has come from buying out other companies, such as CertainTeed, M&W, Alenco, Patriot, Great Lakes, and adopting their successful models. That can make it confusing for customers who aren't familiar with...

» Ply Gem Window Prices


Polaris pricing ranges from the mid to high end vinyl window prices, depending on the model you select. The ValuSmart is a fairly standard low-end product, designed to fit into a tight budget. The ThermalWeld is their mid-range offering, and the UltraWeld is their premium model. Those are regarded as mid to high quality series and models. Their air infiltration numbers are good, with consistent manufacturing quality, partly, due to very high quality Sturtz equipment used in the manufacturing process.

» Polaris Costs


Preservation will often run $600 to $800 per opening fully installed. The Preservation Collection is made by Alside, although most consumers aren't going to know this by going to the website. The "collection" is a vinyl window that the website spends quite a bit of time convincing you is the end all be in vinyl replacement windows.

» Preservation Costs


ProVia prices are going to run anywhere from $325 to $725 fully installed for a normal size opening. They are best known for their doors and actually started out as a door company. The company, which is headquartered in Ohio, now manufactures quality vinyl, aluminum and wood clad. Get product details on the Aeris, Integra and Aluminum Storms.

» ProVia Windows Prices

» ProVia Door Prices

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Replacement Windows Cost : Q


Quaker has three divisions to be aware of: residential, commercial, and their luxury Quartz series. The Manchester is the company's most popular series and the one that I hear about the most.

Quaker Windows Prices

Connect with Local Window Companies

Replacement Windows Cost : R


Reliabilt range from the low end to the mid range of vinyl cost scale. Get product breakdowns and pricing on their most popular models, including the 3201, 3301 and 3500 series.

» Reliabilt Windows Prices

Renewal By Andersen

Renewal by Andersen are some of the most expensive replacements in the composite market. The company has a mixed reputation because they are a franchised brand. Many installers and industry insiders feel their prices are overinflated for the quality of product and service they provide.

» Renewal By Andersen Prices


Explore Revere prices on the Amherst Plus, Berkshire Elite and Sovereign series.

» Revere Window Prices


Explore Richlin prices on their Hayfield models and others.

» Richlin Pricing

Replacement Windows Cost : S

Connect with Local Window Companies

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Schuco is a German company that also operated in the U.S. and Canada. They sell through local dealers, although they tend to lots of commercial projects over residential ones.

» Schuco Windows Prices


Sears came out and bid $15,079 for the weatherbeater plus I don't want to go with them after reading your reviews. Should I choose window world or get a local who does...

» Sears Costs


Seaway prices are in the mid to upper end of the vinyl price range. The company is headquartered in Erie, PA and has been in business for over 50 years. They are much more of a regional manufacturer and offers two main vinyl options, the Ovation and the Encore series.

» Seaway Pricing


Silverline pricing is on the low end for most vinyl windows. A reasonable installed cost for a double hung will range from the low to mid vinyl pricing scale depending on the model or series and the number of upgrades that you select. In general, Silverline is considered low end windows that does not make a product that is going to last and be very effective. Their 9500 Series may be the one exception to that statement.

» Silverline Windows Prices


Simonton falls right in the middle of the vinyl price range. They have a lot of sizes, features, and options that effect the price. They produce good, well-regarded series and have a reputation for solid customer support. Their frames run a little wider than many brands, so some home owners prefer the look of brands like Sunrise and Okna, but it is better insulated and more energy efficient.

Simonton Reviews | Simonton Windows Prices


Their pricing is at the higher end of the vinyl window pricing structure. Their products are generally regarded as very well designed and engineered. Check more Soft-Lite windows reviews.

» Soft-Lite Window Prices


Slocomb pricing runs in the mid to slightly high end for vinyl frames.

» Slocomb Pricing


Stanek prices fall in the mid range for vinyl and impact series. Stanek is more of a regional manufacturer (based in Cleveland Ohio), although they have expanded outwards since being bought by a larger company and can be pretty aggressive in the marketing and approach. In general, the company enjoys a good reputation. Get costs and product details on their replacement vinyl and hurricane series.

» Stanek Pricing


Sunrise generally range from the mid to upper end of the vinyl pricing spectrum depending on which model you select. They have several lines and series to fit your needs, and are well regarded by consumers and industry insiders alike.

» Sunrise Windows Prices


Superior reviews. The Milgard and Anlin have vent stops, which the Superior lacks. The Milgard and the Superior have lifetime warranties that include both glass breakage and labor.

» Superior Prices

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Replacement Windows Cost : T

Thermal Windows And Doors

Thermal WD is a Pennsylvania based company that sells a number of series.

» Thermal Windows And Doors Prices

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Replacement Windows Cost : U


I went to Lowes and they are offering United series for $8,200 for 3 picture fixed frames w/part and labor...

» United Window Costs

Universal Windows Direct

Explore Universal Windows Direct prices and costs on their Polaris UniShield Plus from this nationwide manufacturer.

» Universal Windows Direct Pricing

Replacement Windows Cost : V

Vinyl Kraft

Vinyl Kraft is a smaller operation out of New Boston, Ohio and the company manufactures three vinyl window series. These include the Legacy Series, the 5500 Series and the Trustgard Series.

» Vinyl Kraft Pricing


Vinylmax products are at the low to mid range end of the vinyl price structure. The company produces several vinyl products, including Hyde Park, Easton, and Sherwood windows. Vinylmax gets decent reviews from contractors, while some consider them a solid if unexciting mid-grade product.

» Vinylmax Pricing


Vista prices fall into the mid range of the overall vinyl price structure. Explore costs, product details, ratings and warranty information on the Panorama vinyl series.

» Vista Window Prices


Viwinco pricing runs from the low to mid end of the replacement vinyl price scale. Viwinco is considered a middle of the road vinyl manufacturer that gets decent but mixed reviews from contractors.

» Cost Of Viwinco


Explore ViWinTech Prices and costs on their 6000 series, as well as other replacement series and sliding doors.

» ViWinTech Pricing


Vytex prices range from the mid to higher end of the cost of vinyl frames. Vytex is considered a good manufacturer in the vinyl market.

» Vytex Windows Prices

Connect with Local Window Companies

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Replacement Windows Cost : W


I just got a quote from Wallside and the price is good and it seems like a good value. Is this a good company to buy from...

» Wallside Windows Cost


Explore Wasco pricing and costs on their Legacy, Premium and European style vinyl window series.

» Wasco Pricing


Wincore are in the mid range for vinyl frames. Get product analysis on both their 5400 and 7700 series, as well as a fair market price range.

» Wincore Pricing

Window Nation

Window Nation prices range from the mid to higher end of the vinyl window price range. The company sells two brands, the first is a rebadged Vytex line, as well as Soft-Lite...

» Window Nation Costs And Pricing

Window Source

Explore Window Source costs and prices from consumers who have used their window series in the past.

» Window Source Pricing

Window Universe

Explore Window Universe prices and costs on this nationwide company that sells the Revere Berkshire Elite series.

» Window Universe Pricing

Window World

Window World is one of the largest retailers of discount vinyl windows that has a presence in most areas and states around the U.S.

» Window World Prices


Explore pricing on the Windsor Pinnacle series, the Legend series, and the New Dimensions series. The Pinnacle is the company's wood clad, the Legend is the composite option, and the New Dimensions is a vinyl frame.

» Windsor Windows Prices

Replacement Windows Cost : Z

Zen Windows

Zen Windows are available in many of the larger cities across the nation. Zen sell three models, the Karma, Nirvana, and the Lotus, which are actually relabeled Soft-Lite Bainbridge, Classic, and Pro Series.

» Zen Windows Prices

Replacement Windows Cost Calculator

Our replacement windows cost calculator is (we hope) one of the best you'll find online -- or anywhere. It doesn't get too in the weeds, but it still provides for lists of variables. Play around with it and let us know what you think.

Please note: a window replacement cost estimator can only give you industry standard pricing. What it can't give you is the fair market price for your specific project. This comes through collecting multiple leads from quality window companies in your area.

Select Type Of Window
Frame Material
Overall Quality Level
Type Of Installation
Add Custom Frame Color
Glass Package Upgrade
Additional Upgrades
Number Of Windows
Zip Code

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Are Replacement Windows Worth The Expense?

People who make money selling replacement windows will often tout the amazing return on investment. But I don't agree - not totally at least. The ROI on window replacement is WAAAY worse than solar (as a comparison) -- solar's break even point is often 6 to 8 years (yes, I know, it totally depends on the system size, panels purchased, project bids, etc. but in general...)

ROI on window replacement is more like 12 to 18 years - meaning you have to live in your home for an average of 15 years to make your money back. So, if you move homes in less than 15 years, you've lost money on the cost of the project.

However, there is a twist here insofar as the comparison with solar panels. Homes WITH solar and those WITHOUT solar are EQUALLY comfortable. Homes with old aluminum windows are definitely NOT as comfortable as those with high quality energy efficient windows. On cold nights (or hot summer days and nights), it's easy to feel the difference between rooms with energy efficient windows and those without. So even though the ROI may be less than ideal, replacement windows provide more comfort in your home - and that is certainly worth something.

Then there's the question - does the investment in replacement windows make my home more valuable? I tend to think the answer is this: not all that much. Potential home buyers (and appraisers) tend NOT to see new windows and/or solar as something that adds real value to the home. They should add value, but they don't - UNLESS the buyer adds it in on their own.

So, when it comes to the question of are replacement windows worth the investment, I would say this: yes they are, but you have to know your timeline in the home. If this is your forever home (or your 20 plus year home), buy a top tier vinyl window with excellent energy efficiency. If your timeline is 8 to 15 years, buy a mid range window. Less than 8 years, look for a cost effective window that will keep you comfortable and offer effective ROI.

Dane - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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