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Energy Wall Window Prices

Explore Energy Wall window prices and costs on many of their most popular replacement windows and sliding doors.

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EnergyWall Window Prices

Hi Dane – looks like a nice website! We are looking to replace about 22 windows, mostly double hung, with a few casements.

I have gotten bids from the 2 companies in the area with the best and highest number of reviews.

The first bid $36k to put in the EnergyWall, which I understand are basically the private label top end of Polaris. The other bid $22k to put in the Simonton 5050’s.

Based on my research, seems like the EnergyWall would be the way to go, but I also feel like both quoted me very high. Wondering if this is the new reality?


Chris - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Chris, yes its the much better window, but that's $1500 a window...that is really expensive. I think you need two more bids just to see what else is out there. I'm of two minds on this: one, I love the idea of working with the company in your area with the best reviews, but two, the highest rated companies are so clogged with work that I feel like they are throwing out crazy numbers and seeing if customers will actually bite. So this is why I think two more bids might get you a window comparable to the EnergyWall, but maybe around the price of the 5050. If it saves you $10K, it could be worth it.

[Email for his recommendations]

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Polaris Energy Wall Window Prices

Hey Tim, just met with the Polaris Window dealer. He quoted me for 31 casement, 1 patio door, 1 awning window, 4 stationary and 2 hopper windows. Wood grain interiors, bronze laminate outside. Energy wall windows - $47,500 and an extra $3,530 for an entry door with 2 side lights. That’s clean up and haul away of old windows also.

Seems high also..

I have 2 large windows that are 116" x 69". These each have 4 crank outs and 1 center picture. They are saying these are very expensive.

The rest of the windows are pretty much normal sized casements.

I am adding the wood grain color to the inside of each and a bronze color to the outside.

I mentioned to the Polaris dealer that I thought he was high and he seemed surprised.

Not sure what is a fair price? I did like the Energy Wall windows..

I have attached the quote from the Polaris dealer.


Greg - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

An excellent window, but yikes that’s a big price tag. I’d keep getting bids to see if this is fair market price or outliers.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Energywall Price Quote

Hi Dane, I wandered on to your site and was wondering if you are still answering questions about window replacement quotes? We are looking to replace 5 windows (2 sliders and 3 doublehung). The quoted price for Elite 2 DBL is $4308

Suzanne - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Suzanne, that seems pretty high to me, but that doesn't mean it's not the fair market price. I'd find a few more bids to compare yours to.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Energy Wall Price Estimate

I'm researching Energy Wall windows and found your site.I have a bid but would like to find out what price you think I should pay for these windows. Thanks in advance.

1 trapezoid window
10 sliders
1 patio door

Tam - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Tam, the Energy Wall series is quite good, but I can't give you a price bid based on what you've given me. I would sat that in a very general sense that a medium-sized Energy Wall slider would be $650 plus or minus a hundred dollars. variables. The patio slider might run $1500 plus or minus a thousand dollars.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

EnergyWall EnergyWeld vs. Alside Mezzo

Our project involves 17 windows and installation. Most double hungs at 70 inches by 35 inches, all with the elite glass package. The Energy Weld window looks like the better of the two windows but I'm not quite sure.

EnergyWall EnergyWeld: $11,874

Alside Mezzo: $12,000

Kathy - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Kathy, I would try and negotiate both of these prices down. I would also agree that the EnergyWall EnergyWeld is the better window.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

[Kathy's Reply]

I negotiated like you said and I got the Energyweld down to $11K and the Alside Mezzo down to $10,500. I'm going with the Energyweld and thanks for your advise, it saved me almost $1000!

Kathy - Homeowner - from 2018

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