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Polaris Window Prices

Polaris windows prices range from the mid to high end vinyl window prices, depending on the model you select. Consumers can choose from the ValuSmart, ThermalWeld and the UltraWeld series. The company is based out of Toldeo, Ohio and owned by Modern Builders Supply. Polaris isn't one of the larger window manufacturers, but they do have a very solid reputation in the industry for making quality windows at a competitive price point. Polaris doesn't have the widest distribution going, but they should have local reps, companies and/or showrooms throughout Ohio and the surrounding states.

Some consumers have complained in online forums about the long winded sales presentations from Polaris reps. One way to avoid this is to ask at the outset about presentation length - make sure it doesn't exceed an hour (unless you want to hear more) and tell them upfront that you are planning to collect multiple bids. If they balk at this, then move onto the next company.

Polaris sells 3 vinyl window series. The ValuSmart is a fairly standard low-end window, designed to fit a tight budget. The ThermalWeld is their mid-range offering, and the UltraWeld is their premium model. These two are regarded as very solid mid range and premium windows, respectively. The company uses high quality Sturtz equipment in the manufacturing process that provides good consistency and quality extrusions and components.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated In October, 2023

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Polaris ValuSmart Windows Prices

Polaris makes the ValuSmart as more of a builder grade window designed to fit into a tight budget. The vinyl extrusions are typical of low end windows, with a wall thickness of 0.70. The U-value is decent at 0.33. It is similar to a Simonton 5100, but not in the same category as the ThermalWeld or UltraWeld.

Tim - Site Editor

-- Estimated Polaris Valusmart Price: $500 to $650 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Polaris vs Sunrise

Thank you, Dane. I should always question what these sales folks told us. Sunrise Restoration did mention that they can make the window frames look really nice and asked us to visit their showroom but not until after the Labor Day weekend. He probably worked at the cost of that. We did have a Polaris vinyl that came in at $37.7k and Apex Insignia triple pan at $45k. We will have Okna 500, 800 and Soft-Lite quotes in a few days.

Winnie - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Winnie, Polaris is a very good brand -- their UltraWeld is excellent, and their ThermalWeld is a very solid option as well. That quote sounds much more in line with what I was thinking -- this is assuming that the installation company has solid to great reviews.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Polaris vs Soft-Lite Envision

Dane, I'm evaluating quotes for 20 double hungs and possibly a sliding patio door. A couple of points that I wanted to get your opinion on:

I've had two local companies come out because they represent brands (Sunrise, Soft Lite) that were highly rated on your website. That being stated, they are both really pushing windows that are 'made exclusively' for them. They look like decent windows but would like your opinion.

Neither company has really given me a written quote; is this normal? I did get an email finally from the one company that is promoting the Soft Lite Envision but it seems a little shady to me that I've only gotten verbal quotes.

- It looks like the manufacturers all make sliding patio doors; is it safe to assume that if you recommend a manufacturer's windows (Okna, or Soft Like or Sunrise), then you also recommend their sliding patio doors?

- We'll probably be in the house another 15 years so I'm looking for a decent but not top-of-the-line window.

Here are the quotes I've received:

Soft Lite Envision (exclusive to Window Nation) $12,886. Includes installation, lifetime warranty on complete window. U=.27, low-e & argon gas, .07 air infiltration

Polaris Plymouth (by Window Systems) - $12,928 - about the same in regards to U, etc.

Sunrise Restorations (through Window Systems)- $15,155

Thanks for your help. BTW, I found your website to be very helpful in my research on manufacturers, etc.

Bryan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Bryan, it is not unusual for window companies to sell windows that are made "exclusively" for them.

It is absolutely safe to say that the quality of a company's patio doors are similar to the quality of their vinyl windows. This isn't always the case, but it is for Soft-Lite and Polaris -- Soft-Lite is better, Polaris is still good.

Not providing an actual quote would raise red flags for me -- what are they waiting for? Call them up and tell the rep or sales person you are collecting bids and you need their best quote to compare to your others (this lets them know you are serious and want their best quote for the project).

It does look they provided you a quote finally? At least with the Envision, which is the Soft-Lite Bainbridge model. Not the best window, but still pretty good with that .07 air infiltration.

I haven't heard of the Polaris Plymouth, I would think its a labeled ValuSmart window (their entry level) -- although perhaps their ThermalWeld -- I would definitely find out the answer to this (ask them, if they can't tell you the answer then you have to assume its the lower quality ValuSmart). I like the ThermalWeld, not so much the ValuSmart.

The Sunrise Restorations is an excellent window, easily the best of the bunch, but also the most expensive. Can you see if the Sunrise rep can give you a quote on the standard Sunrise frame -- this is a great window and simply lacks some of the nicer upgrades of the Restorations.

The problem you have is that with your 15 year timeline, it's kind of tricky to know what to go with. What about trying to whittle the Sunrise Restorations bid down a bit. I don't think you're going to get much lower, but it's worth a shot. I like the idea of the standard Sunrise window, but some reps only have access to the Restorations.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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Polaris ThermalWeld Windows Prices

The Polaris ThermalWeld is a solid, good performing mid-level window. It is similar to the Soft-Lite Barrington but with a thicker frame. It isn't quite as sturdy as the UltraWeld but has the same warranty.

Tim - Site Editor

-- Estimated Polaris ThermalWeld Price: $600 to $750 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Polaris Thermalweld Windows Cost

Love the website and have appreciated the insights thus far. It’s actually led to me discovering a “new to me” installer! I received a quote for two different series from one installer on 17 windows.

Soft-Lite Elements windows price - $19,890

Provia Endure windows cost $16,400

Lifetime warranty on product and labor for both. The installer seems to prefer the Provia, based on quality to price, and also that it’s less “tight,” meaning fewer issues with locks etc.

Do you recommend one over the other?

This is for 16 double hung and one awning window, all white.

I have a third quote from a different installer for Polaris Thermalweld at $17,925.00 for the same replacement as below.

Thank you!!

Sarah - Homeowner - from 2022

Polaris Windows Prices List

My husband and I are doing a remodel and need to replace 16 double hungs, 1 octagon shape, 2 picture windows, and 2 large door sliders. 6 of these will be done in tempered glass.

Marvin Infinity Costs: $40,000
Sunrise Solace Bid: 36,000
Soft lite Classic Bid: 34,000
Polaris Ultraweld 8000 Bid: 30,000

Peg - Homeowner - from 2023

Polaris Windows Prices

Hey Dane, I have been getting quotes for a couple months. I have a 0% interest home loan through Dakota County, MN. The home loan is for anyone who makes $63,000 and less and is single. The limit goes up with the number of family members to over $100,000. So this program isn't a low income program.

My question is this: if a windows contractor knows this, are they jacking up their prices? And if it doesn't matter, I would still like to know what I could reasonably expect for a quote. I need to make up my mind immediately, but feel overwhelmed.

Three sliding windows (both operable) and two double hung. Sliding window size is 47x46. Double hungs are smaller – one 48x36. Can't remember the other but it is smaller than that. All are new construction windows used as replacement windows. The current window frame will be removed.

Four basement hoppers to be replaced. The frame is in the concrete so I need the frame removed.

Here are the quotes:

Home Depot: Simonton 5500 or 6500. $11,047.50 for all nine windows.

Viking Exteriors – Polaris windows. $8945 for five upstairs windows, and $5359 for four basement hoppers

Pro Exteriors – Thermotech windows. $7,150 for five upstairs windows, and $4695 for four basement hoppers

DeTomaso – PlyGem windows. $8775 for five upstairs windows, and $5,900 for four basement hoppers

Tacheny Exteriors – ProVia windows cost - $10,422 for five upstairs windows, and $2,710 for four basement hoppers

None of the contractors specified model #s in their bids. I think contractors just expect customers to make decisions without knowledge of the technical specifications.

Are these the going market prices for windows and full install?

Thank you so much!

Laura - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Laura -- I really don't know anything art the loan program, but window companies will try and charge you as much as they think you will pay. I would go back to each and ask them if they will match an existing bid.

More on how to negotiate window prices.

The two best brands in your list are ProVia and Polaris. Thermotech is also good, but I know it so much less than the first two. Each company has an entry level series, mid range series, and premium series so the actual window you are purchasing from each does matter -- but is not specified. I did a google search on Tacheny Exteriors reviews and they get excellent reviews. I also googled Viking Exteriors reviews and they get good reviews as well. I ranked the Tacheny higher because of the company reviews. Either of these options would be my call if this were my project.

Tacheny Exteriors – ProVia. $10,422

Viking Exteriors – Polaris windows cost - $8945

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Polaris ThermalWeld Plus Cost Bid

Hello Dane, we have two sets of double hung (total of 4) windows that need full- frame replacement. Recieved the following quotes:

Zen Nirvana Softlite Classic Plus: $5000

ThermalWeld Plus: $4800

We also got quotes from both Pella and Renewal by Andersen. Both were outrageously expensive.

So, comparing the Softlite with the Polaris... do these bids seem acceptable?

We are located in Minnesota, should we start upgrading our failing, 15- year old Andersen windows to something better?

Thoughts? Encouragement? Thanks!

Shelley - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Shelley, those are not cheap bids, but they seem to be on par with one another and obviously less than the Pella and RBA. Of the two quotes, I like the Polaris ThermalWeld Plus better, although the company doing the installation's online review profiles would be a much bigger factor for me over the small differences in product quality.

The other option is just to keep looking. I'll give you my list of good and great windows:

[List Redacted -- contact us directly (Dane or Tim) for our good and great windows list.]

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Polaris Thermalweld Cost vs. Alside Mezzo 4000

I'm getting window quotes on 12 windows and here are my bids\.

Okna Eco-Pro 600 Price Quote: $7,815

Sunrise Restration Price Quote: $8,400

Sunrise Windows Price Quote: $7,200

Polaris 7400 Thermalweld Price Quote: $7,600

Alside Mezzo 4000 Price Quote: $8,300

Brian - Homeowner - from 2021

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Polaris Thermalweld Cost

Hi, Mom’s house in Chesterland, Ohio needs replacement windows - 12 windows in all. 2 are 37 years old - the others are older. I wanted to break up the job and do the worst 5 now, then finish next summer. But that might be unwise - ? From 4 local installers recommended by neighbors, we got 4 estimates:for replacing 5 windows (4 are 36 inches by 52 inches, 1 is a bit bigger) -

Alside Mezzo Cost: $2575

Vinylmax Edison Cost (with Intelliglass Plus) $2700 to 2900

Polaris Thermalweld Cost: $3,000

ProviaEndure Cost: $4,250 - lifetime warranty on labor as well as product

Any advice on choosing? All the installers have local fans. The lower prices are appealing and yet . . . The house was built in 1955. Hard to say whether we’ll be here for 5 years or 20.

Leslie - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Leslie, so I don't think it's a bad idea to do some now and some later...if the installation company has been in business for say 10 plus years so that the odds of them being around in 5 or 10 years is good. For me, I'd go with the Polaris Thermalweld for $3,000. It's a much better window in my opinion over the Mezzo and worth the additional $425 for the 5 windows. Polaris makes a nice window and while the Provia Endure is better than the ThermalWeld, your timeline gives me pause to recommend that big jump in price. I think the ThermalWeld offers the best value of the bunch, followed closely by the Vinylmax Edison with the Intelliglass Plus.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Polaris Thermaweld Plus Cost

Hey Dane, I’m having 13 double hung vinyl windows installed in my home I’ve narrowed my choices down to 2.

Polaris Thermaweld Plus $8875

Provia Endure: $9550

Thanks for your time!

Marcus - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Marcus, both strong windows. I think the Provia Endure is the better option for the two prices. If my timeline in the home was under six years, then I'd go with the Polaris Thermaweld Plus. For me, a big factor would be the reputation and reviews on the installation company. However, strictly from a product standpoint, the Endure offers better long term value.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Polaris Windows Prices

Greetings Dane and Tim,

Love the site! So much good content you’ve collected! I’ve learned so much and feel like it’s helped me from making a BWD (Bad window decision). Just I’m still stuck on finding the right good decision. If you don’t mind, I think things boil down to three questions… and then there’s the quotes if you could help evaluate


Updaters? – has any brand updated their lines in the last year that I should note. Lot of the site posts are from a couple years ago so just wanted to make sure the opinions still held.

Spacers? – Is the super spacer worth the $$? Is there a spacer to make sure not to buy?

Argon fill rate? – salesy people love to talk it if they’re high, but don’t see this online anywhere. Are these 98%s real and something to be sure to get? Is there a place that’s posted online?


22 white double hung window replacements – forever home in Indiana purchase and anything is better than what we have today.

WindowNation started the whole shebang. 14,700 if I bought that day but I didn’t. I believe they are SoftLite classic which I like a lot, but I will not play their sales game. Waiting on a local SoftLite quote

Simonton 6500 - $15500

Universal Windows Direct Unishield Plus $16500 (I believe is a Polaris ThermalWeld)
Polaris ThermalWeld - $11700
Polaris UltraWeld - $13700
Sunrise Restorations - $21000
HGI Homestar - $16800
Revere Berkshire Elite with super spacer - $13300
Okna 500 - $15200
Okna 600 - $16700

I will quote SoftLite (Classic and perhaps Elements) before I can decide. Anything else I should check on? What would be top 2 or 3 values of that list?

I’ll admit I was excited at the Revere quote until I saw your site that despite their good ratings, seem to lack a bit on frame strength to run the distance. Some of the above are stronger, but then lose that super spacer that people tout.

OK, maybe a 4th question. Warranty? Are these super you don’t pay another dime warranty offers worth a dime? Some of the above have them, some don’t. Many many thanks for any response.

Stephen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Stephen, most of these windows have been around for quite some time. The Soft-Lite classic for instance is 30 years old, while the Imperial LS and Element from that company are newer designs. On your list, the Okna 600 is the latest model from that company. Great window, but so too is the 500.

As far as I'm concerned, all three of these spacer systems are good -- Supercept, Super Spacer and Intercept. All are warm edge and all are worth the small cost to upgrade. Many windows come standard with the spacer included.

Argon fills are also pretty standard on a low-e glass package. The fill provides roughly 10% more energy efficiency, so they are a nice feature to have. If your other question was about argon gas loss over the years, this is a function of the overall construction/build of the IGU or insulated glass unit. So buy your windows from a good manufacturer.

My top pick in your list would be the Polaris UltraWeld for $13700. Possibly the best value is the Polaris ThermalWeld at $11700. The Okna 600 and 500 are right behind this and both of the models are excellent (better than the ThermalWeld for sure, but quite a bit more expensive.)

I'm a value shopper so I would probably look hard at the Polaris dealer and if they had an excellent reputation and online reviews, I'd pull the trigger on the UltraWeld. If I wanted the best, and price/value wasn't as huge a concern, I'd go with the Okna options.

In terms of warranty, they often don't cover the labor to take out the windows and replace the windows (at least after a few years). So this is usually 35% of the project cost. Some are pro-rated and sometimes the dealers switch after 15 years. A warranty can be great if the same quality company is still around in 15 years. But you will still probably have to pay the labor costs of the repair or replacement. My rule of thumb is buy the best window you can and hope you never need to use the warranty.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

[Stephen's Reply]

Wow thanks for all this!

The polaris ultra quote came from your contractor lead form so would assume reputable. The okna quote gave an indication they would work with us on price. They were a bit more partly because okna doesn't offer a big 3lite slider so have to do a quarter half quarter window. 3window charge vs 1.

My argon question was about the fill %. Some sales say they are 98% argon vs others are 60%. Is that something to really care about?

I like your warranty rule. Just always seem to be a headache to use them when you need them. I'd rather just buy quality straight up.

Again many thanks for the content!

Stephen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

I would still google the specific Polaris dealer! Keep working on that Okna quote and see how close you can get it to the UltraWeld. I would almost just tell them that UltraWeld quote and see if they can match it.

Manufacturers are required to achieve 90 percent or better on their average argon fill level. However, only ten samples are tested every three or four years, so I worry about accuracy here. While lesser brands might not achieve the 90%, the better manufacturers are going to achieve those higher numbers. Since the fills accounts for 10%, a 60% fill would be three percentage points less of efficacy in terms of energy efficiency.

Polaris Thermal Weld Collection Pricing

Hello Dane, we have 26 windows and a patio sliding door to replace and I have some expensive bids. There are some big configurations in some of the windows though so maybe I'm actually replacing more windows than I think.

Okna Starmark Triple Pane: $32K
Polaris Thermal Weld Collection: $25,095
Pro Via Endure - EN600 Series Triple Pane: $31,370
Renewal by Anderson: $42K

Lesli - Homeowner - from 2020

Polaris Thermaweld Series Quotes

Hi there! I was hoping you could help me with the window quotes I received.

3 double hung Polaris Thermaweld windows and 1 picture window with 2 ultra weld casement windows at $3481.

3 double hung Simonton 6400 series with 3 panel sliders at $3767

3 double hung Simonton 6100 series with 3 panel sliders $3257

I'm leaning toward the Polaris? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards.

Ellen - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Ellen, the Polaris ThermalWeld/UltraWeld is the best deal in this scenario. The product is higher quality than the Simonton 6000 series by quite a bit. Very good quality with the Polaris option!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

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Polaris Thermaweld Windows Bid

I have a quote for replacement windows, which includes 20 polaris thermaweld series windows. They are foam filled, includes an e glass coating.

Andrea - Homeowner - from 2020

Polaris Thermalweld Casement Pricing

Hi Tim, I'm in Indiana and have a bunch of odd sized windows, three upstairs sliders with half circles and one sliding patio door.

Vytex Potomac HP Sliders: $20,045
Vytex Potomac HP Casement: $24,060

Marvin Infinity Sliders: $20,980
Marvin Infinity Casements: $25,725

Insignia Sliders: $10,050
Apex Insignia Casements: $12,050

Sunrise Verde Sliders: $11,545

Polaris Thermalweld Casements: $10,785

Allen - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Allen, you have a wide variety of prices there. The Polaris ThermalWeld Bid is my top pick, followed by the sunrise Verde bid.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Polaris Thermaweld Window Costs

Hi Dane and Tim, We live in Cleveland in a home that was built in 1925 and has original windows. We plan on staying here for a long time and are in need of all new windows. The first quote we received was from Universal Windows for almost 20K for the whole house. They then dropped the price to about $650/window, but still much higher than our other quote.

Our 2nd quote came from a local installer who came highly recommended by neighbors and has 30 years of experience. The quotes are for 20 windows, 4 of which are awning windows and the other 16 are double hung. 2 of the DH and 2 of the awnings will be wood grain inside and vinyl outside, the rest are all white vinyl in and out.

Here are the quotes from the local installer:

Polaris Ultraweld: $8,210.00
Polaris Thermaweld: $7,940.00
Alside Sheffield: $7585.00

The installer tells us the the Sheffield is compatible to the Ultraweld and of course that price looks the best, but the reviews I have read don't seem to agree. We are willing to pay the extra $700 for the Ultraweld if it really is a better window. What do you guys think?

Thanks for your input!

Sandy - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sandy, my personal opinion is that the Polaris Thermaweld or Ultraweld is a much better window than the Alside Sheffield. Much better. The $600 cost to go from a middling vinyl window to a top tier vinyl window is a no brainer for me. The Polaris Thermaweld or Ultraweld is the way to go. I'd personally go UltraWeld myself.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Polaris Thermal Weld Plus Window Quote

Hi, I received 2 quotes for windows and there is a big difference between pricing so I am hoping you can steer me in the right direction.

After reading your reviews I got a quote from express windows as they carry Polaris.

I received the following quote for 7 windows

4,092.00 This quote is for the Thermal Weld Plus collection.

I then had a Pella rep come out and for the 7 windows in the 250 Series the quote is: 7,419.00.

I was impressed with the Polaris but am wondering why that quote would be so low compared to the Pella.

Thank you for taking time to review this for me.

Monica - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Monica, the Polaris ThermalWeld is the much better option here. It is quite a good vinyl window. Honestly, it's better than the Pella 250 or even 350 series. The reason the Pella quote is so high is that Pella is a known brand and many consumers go with a known name. It makes a lot of sense in many cases, just not in the case of windows. :) Pella makes a very good wood clad window, but their vinyl windows are not a very good value in my opinion.

The Polaris option in this case is the much better quote of the two.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Polaris ThermalWeld vs Soft-lite Barrington

I've recd a quote for the Thermal Weld for 14 dbl pane windows for $7000 (originally quoted the UltraWeld at $9440.)I was quoted $6200 for the Soft-lite Barrington. I live just south of Indianapolis IN. I trust and know the Polaris contractor, the Soft-lite was recommended by a friend. Which is the better window ? Thank you

Sandy - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sandy, while Soft-Lite makes excellent vinyl windows, I wouldn’t say the Barrington model falls into that category. The Barrington is the company’s entry level window and one of the only series from the company that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend.

The Polaris ThermalWeld is a very solid vinyl window and one that I would absolutely recommend. Excellent price too at $500 per window. The fact that you know and trust the Polaris contractor is even more reason to go for the ThermalWeld over the Barrington model. Best of luck on your project!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Polaris Thermalweld Plus Cost

We have 11 casements that need to be replaced. Ten of them are two lite sliders and one is a three lite slider. This also comes with a garage opener and the total installed cost is $13.5K

Teresa - Homeowner - from 2018

Zen Nirvana vs. Polaris Thermaweld

I'll be replacing 11 windows in the very near future and the bids below are for this and the work necessary to install J-channels.

Zen Lotus Series: $6725

Zen Nirvana Series: $5625

Polaris Ultraweld Series: $6765

Polaris Thermaweld Series: $5940

Joe - Homeowner - from 2018

Polaris ThermalWeld Plus Price Bid

I’m replacing 21 double-hungs and need a mid-range vinyl option. All of them will be double paned with grids and low-E glass. I want argon and foamed filled frames. 7 require tempered glass and 4 are oriel windows.
Simonton Prism Platinum: $870 each
Universal Window Direct Unishield Plus: $740 each
Polaris UltraWeld: $575 each
Zen Nirvana: $515 each
Polaris ThermalWeld Plus: $510 each

Carl - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Carl, the Zen and Polaris quote are the best by far. The Zen Nirvana at $515 is great price. However, the Polaris UltraWeld for $575 is really awesome as well. Either one of those.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Polaris ThermalWeld Cost Bid

Tim, I have a bid was on 1 UltraWeld patio door and 12 ThermalWeld windows. The bid is for $15,200. I also got a bid on the Pella 200 window, which turned out to be $14,300. Which one is better?


Drew - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Drew, the Polaris is definitely the better window of the two, even with the difference in price. However, the bid price is not that great and I would advice getting a couple more bids to round out your offering.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

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Polaris UltraWeld Windows Prices

The Polaris UltraWeld window is their top of the line vinyl window in both design and energy efficiency. The outer wall is stronger than in the ThermalWeld. It is similar to the Sunrise Restorations, but the Sunrise has a U-value of 0.28 while the UltraWeld's is 0.29, and the Sunrise AI number is 0.04 while the UltraWeld's is 0.01, which is excellent.There are a lot of upgrades and features available, including a stainless steel spacer called the Ultracept.

The casements, bays, and bows all get excellent reviews in addition to the standard double hungs. The interior is composite wood, which is either stained or painted.

Tim - Site Editor

-- Estimated Polaris UltraWeld Price: $700 to $850 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Polaris Ultraweld Cost vs. Soft-Lite Elements

Hello, I would like your expert recommendation on my forever home vinyl window replacements. The project consists of the replacement for:
9 Picture Windows, 7 Double Hungs, 3 Eyebrow, 2 Half Rounds, 1 Sliding Patio Door

The five bids received are:

Home Depot Simonton 6500 - $26,810
Lowes - Pella 250 - $32,056
Sunrise Solaris - $35,000
Soft Lite Elements - $34,000
Polaris Ultraweld - $31,500

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Larry - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Larry, if you are planning to be in your home long term, lets say 10 years or more here are my best replacement window value picks:

Ultraweld - $31,500
Soft Lite Elements - $34,000
Home Depot - Simonton 6500 - $26,810

If you are planning to be in your home less than 10 years, here are my best replacement window value picks:

Home Depot - Simonton 6500 - $26,810
Polaris Ultraweld - $31,500

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Polaris Ultraweld Windows Cost

Hi Dane, thanks for all the great information on the website. I am looking to replace six standard sized, roughly 3x5', old Andersens with vinyl replacements. So far I have the following bids on a per window basis(except the Zen quote would include an additional labor charge for second story install). What is your opinion on the best value?

Zen Nirvana (softlite) $700
Zen Lotus (Joyce) $700
Polaris Ultraweld $703
Pro Via Endure $660

Thanks again for the info.

Brian - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Brian, great prices given the bids I'm seeing as of late. Here is how I would rank those in terms of value: Polaris Ultraweld $703, Pro Via Endure $660, Zen Lotus (Joyce) $700, and Zen Nirvana (softlite) $700.

I would also look at the overall reputation of the companies doing the install. This would be as big a factor for me as the product itself, especially considering that all of these windows are quite good.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Polaris Ultraweld vs. Softlite Elements

We are looking to replace 20 double hung Anderson narrow line (35 years old) with a vinyl replacement window.

I have 3 bids so far:

Provia Endure @ $16,464

Polaris Ultraweld for $20,000

Softlite Elements for $19,000

Any thoughts?


Kate - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kate, looking at price and value, my list would go Softlite Elements for $19,000, Provia Endure for $16,464, and the Polaris Ultraweld for $20,000. Honestly though, all of these windows are excellent. I would actually make my decision more on the company doing the install. I would choose the company with the best online reviews and reputation. That will make a bigger long term difference than which of these three excellent windows you choose.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Polaris Windows Cost vs ProVia

I need to pull the trigger and get in someone's queue. I hate that I've lost okna.

My options now are on 20 total replacements:

*Polaris ultra weld $15.5k.My prior quote didn't have foam filled frames or a spacer upgrade to be comparable to okna

*provia endure $16.5k. I see Tim likes this window. I like the dealer a bit better than polaris and I prob have a chance to work this price down.

*softlite elements triple pane $19k. Except the dealer says he can't offer this in dual pane because softlite won't make it for the Indiana geography. They can do the barrington in dual pane. My guess is this is a bit of BS that softlite might only do it for Window Nation. I bring it up because I like the window but not sure worth that much more $$$.

Again many thanks for the great input!

Stephen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Stephen, the Polaris UltraWeld at $15.5K is the better window over the ProVia Endure at $16.5K. It beats it by a smidge head to head in my opinion. However, with that close of a price difference, I would look at the company and crew doing the install. This will make the bigger difference in the long run. These are both top tier options so either one is going to serve you extremely well.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Polaris UltraWeld Cost Quote

Tim, thanks for your reply. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana so, do you think the triple pane really isn't needed here and the double pane OKNA 500 Deluxe would be sufficient for a good quality energy efficiency window for this area. I'm really torn between the triple pane energy efficiency vs giving up a some energy efficiency with the double pane OKNA 500 Deluxe to get the better quality window and I absolutely do plan on living in my house for the long haul and not selling it.

I forgot to mention that I can get the UltraWeld triple pane window with Krypton gas for $16,600 from Universal Windows but, I don't know much about this window or if this is a good price or not. This is for 21 double hungs.

Johnny - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Johnny, the triple pane is probably a coin flip where you live. An Okna 500DX or deluxe package with the double pane is probably what I would steer towards if this were my project...and assuming that I could swing it financially.

The Ultraweld is a great window, but not really better than the Okna 500. If budget wasn't an issue, consider it for sure, but you already have a winner in the Okna 500 at a lower cost.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Polaris Ultraweld Price Quotes

Hi Tim. I live in Virginia near Washington DC and have spent A LOT of time researching and getting quotes.

I have 8 windows, 4 @ 36 x 72 and 4 @ 36 x 60. I also have 2 sliding glass doors at 60 x 80.


Polaris Ultraweld @ $613 for the x72 and $541 for the x60 and $2487 for each door.

Berkshire Elite @ $587 per window and $1923 per door.

I got quotes for Okna and Earthwise as well, but they are very expensive. I am considering Polaris for the windows and Berksire for the doors. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


Bob - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Bob, for me the Polaris windows and doors are the preferred brand over the Revere/Alside. From a quality control and overall product craftsmanship standpoint, I don't feel like Alside/Revere can compete with Polaris. The price differences in your bids are close enough to justify going with Polaris over the Alside as well.

The UltraWeld is a fantastic window and door in my opinion and the price quotes look very solid. If this were my project, I'd go with the Polaris bid, but I'd ask them to match the Revere quote (just to see if they will come down on price at all..)

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Polaris Ultra Weld Costs vs. Alside Mezzo

Good Afternoon Dane, I stumbled across your site while researching window reviews and am hoping you can provide me with some assistance/guidance.

We are replacing our windows and patio door. In total, we have 16 double hungs, a casement, and a patio door. One company has quoted us $11,700 for Polaris Ultra Weld (windows and door) and one company has quoted us $11,650 for Alside Mezzo windows and Alside Promenade for the door. I should note the quote for the Alside windows includes low -e and argon filled glass while the Polaris windows, from my understanding, do not.

In your opinion, which is the best overall window?

Thank You in advance for your help.

Kyle - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Kyle, this is an easy one, which is nice since it's Monday. The Ultraweld is a MUCH better window than anything Alside makes.

The UltraWeld window is an excellent vinyl window and the window comes standard with a low-e argon gas filled IGU.

The price you were quoted out is also quite good. A great window/patio door at a competitive price. Good for you.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

[Kyle's Reply]

Dane, thank you so very much for the detailed feedback and very prompt response.

For what it is worth, your website is very helpful and informative. Keep up the good work!

Thank you again!

Kyle - Homeowner - from 2020

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Polaris Ultraweld Window Replacement Bid

I need 13 double hungs and 1 72"x80" patio slider. All white vinyl and installed.

My bids are:

Polaris Ultraweld windows cost = $12,650

Lowes- Pella 250 windows and 350 door= $13,150

Sunrise Restorations =$15,100

Champions best window/door products =$15,210

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Michael - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Michael, those are a nice array of bids. My top picks (this takes into consideration quality and price) would be one the Polaris Ultraweld and two the Sunrise Restorations. The Champion would be third and the Pella would be last. Honestly though, it's the first and second bids that I would really only consider myself.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Polaris Windows vs Andersen

Hi Dane, I had a Renewal By Anderson pricing bid that started out at first $38,000 then lesser quality $23,000. I have 12 windows being replaced. Then I received a quote from a Polaris dealer for $12,000 Ultraweld windows installed. In reading comments from your website that seems higher to me? What do you think. Thank you.

Pam - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi Pam, Andersen can be quite pricey if they are selling wood clad windows. The Polaris Ultraweld however, will beat most anything Andersen makes on price, energy efficiency, maintenance and warranty. The Ultraweld is one of the top vinyl windows out there and this would be my pick in a second.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Polaris Ultraweld Price Quote

Hi Tim, I'm seeking some advice on the estimates I've received so far for vinyl window replacement. I'm located in Northeast Ohio. I have had 9 companies come out. We are looking for 14 double hung vinyl windows with grids. Two are over 100 UI and those same two need the bottom sash tempered. Here is what I have so far-

Integrity Windows- Thermalweld Plus at $7800

EZ Windows- Interstate 6800 at $7400 ($6900 w/o grids on back windows)
Polaris Ultraweld Window Cost - $7100 ($6850 w/o grids on back windows)

Raetrent Remodeling- Alside Mezzo at $6279

Sunrise Solace at $8682
Sunrise Essentials at $7280

Window Universe Okna 600 at $9181

Window Depot Thermal Industries 9500 at $8890

Window Depot and Solar Windows sell just about any window and will beat comparable window pricing. Window Universe only sells the Okna 600 and will price match 110% to comparable windows. These three companies are larger and have been around longer than the others.

All of these companies have A+ ratings from the BBB, 5 star reviews on Google, 5 stars on Angie's list.

Can you tell me which of these quotes seem the strongest for quality and value? Do you have experience with or thoughts on Interstate windows? Which quotes should I throw out?

Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Megan - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Megan, one of the quotes stands out above the others. The Ultraweld at $7100. This is a top tier vinyl window that you are being quoted out at for roughly $500 a window installed. You aren't going to get a better window at a better price. In fact, I'm a bit suspect of that price, considering you also got a bid on the Thermalweld Plus at $7800. The ThermalWeld is the drop down to the UltraWeld and this pricing is more in line with what I'd expect.

Assuming EZ Windows has a solid reputation, this is the deal I'd go with, no questions asked.

Read all of our Window Universe reviews.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Polaris Windows vs Thermal Series 7000

I live in upstate New York and have two bids so far for 10 windows. The first is from Thermal Windows And Doors on their Series 7000. The original bid was $995 each, but the salesman had gone down to $825 by the time he left. I also have a bid on the Polaris Ultraweld for $570.

Steve - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Steve, the Polaris UltraWeld is definitely the way to go. $570 on the Ultraweld, which is their premium vinyl series, is a very good price too!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Polaris Windows vs Alside Mezzo

Hey, I have 10 windows that need to be replaced. 2 are 54 inches wide, so they are probably going to be casements or sliders or casements. Here are the initial bids.

Vinyl Kraft TrustGard Series (w/Argon, Low E, Foam Filled): $3700
Alside Mezzo Series (w/Climatech IE Glass): $4,000
SoftLite Barrington Series (w/ Low-e, Double Pane): $4966
Polaris Ultraweld Series: $5,500 (w/Double Pane, Low-e)
SoftLite Elements Series (w/Triple Pane, Low-e): $6044

Matthew - Homeowner - from 2018

Polaris Windows Prices

Hi Tim, I've gotten 3 bids on 9 windows and 1 sliding patio door. The quote for the Simonton Vantage .66 is $11000 and doesn't include the interior casing, apron, stool, and the interior wood work. inside the house). I also have a bid from Polaris for $27000 and one for the Soft-Lite Imperial LS for $13175.

Larry - Homeowner - from 2017

Polaris UltraWeld Price Quote

I have a bid for the Ultraweld from ZEN.

1 Picture Window: $460
10 Casements: $5500
$75 for haul away

Ken - Homeowner - from 2017

Polaris Windows Prices On The Ultraweld

I have two bids for 16 windows. The first is the Soft-Lite Elements for $11,200.

Additionally, I received our last quote, which is the Ultraweld for $8990.00.

Should I consider the Elements above it? Thanks!

Brenda - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

The Elements is the better of these windows, although the UltraWeld is a very good window in its own right. I would definitely consider the UltraWeld with the price difference you are looking at -- I think if it were me and I thought the installation quality with the company selling the Polaris was equal or better, this would be what I would go with to save $2K.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Polaris UltraWeld Costs

I am in the process of getting estimates and want to make sure I’m comparing apples to apples. I'm looking at the UltraWeld since the Soft-Lite Pro sales rep came back with an outrageous quote of $11,300. After a $2800 discount, it came to $8500 for 10 windows. That just seemed to be a little high. The Ultraweld quote was $6600.

Amy - Homeowner - from 2016

Polaris UltraWeld Window Costs

I am currently building a house and will be putting in 32 windows. I have been leaning towards the Wincore 500 series, ~$9,000. Someone recently told me to look into Energy Weld (previously Ultra Weld) and got a quote of ~$13,000. In your opinion, is the Wincore 500 series a good choice or are the Polaris windows a much better option even though they are ~50% higher in price? Thanks in advance!

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tom, I like Wincore windows, I think they're a solid product. I think the Polaris option is better, particularly the UltraWeld - I didn't know they changed the name to EnergyWeld so thanks for the heads up. In terms of price, I would say that the 31% difference in cost between the Wincore 500 and the Polaris EnergyWeld would be about what I would assume the difference so I think it's a coin flip in terms of overall value. However, paying $406 per window for the Polaris strikes me as a very good price for a very good vinyl window.

If it were my house, I would spend the extra money on the better window for the simple reason that you only make this switch (hopefully) every 25 or 30 years. That would be my call, but again I think Wincore makes a decent middle-of-the-road vinyl window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Polaris UltraWeld Windows Cost

With the help of this website, I have narrowed my choices down to Polaris and Softlite. Project specifics:

(8) double hungs: (4) of these windows are larger (34x72) and need tempered bottom sash-34x72, full screens, no grids, white in & out
(1) patio slider standard 6-0 6-8 size

Polaris double pane Ultraweld and slider Ultraweld $6,250

Softlite double pane Bainbridge and slider Kingsroyal $6,390

Both options will be ordered with the glass package to satisfy Energy Star.

Right of the bat, based on what I have read on this website, these two are not apples to apples, being the Bainbridge is low/mid tier and the Ultraweld being high tier. So I would bet the advice would say that I need to negotiate the Bainbridge quote down because of this. Understood, with that said, the 0.06 air infiltration and the energy star performance specs on the Bainbridge is good enough for me and the thinner window + sash frame is also a plus.

So my question is assuming I get the Bainbridge down (current quote is 611 per window so I will try to get $1000 taken off the whole job) would that be a good value for Softlite product?

Teege - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Teege, I think you should forget the Bainbridge and go with the UltraWeld. It's a much better window than the Baingridge and you are getting what seems to me is an excellent price. I would still see how much each company will come off the price, but assuming both will come down a little bit, I'd still go with the UltraWeld.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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Polaris UniShield Plus Windows Cost

Unishield Plus vs Gentek Signature Elite

I filled out the link in the email and received the following quotes - thanks by the way! This is for 2 transoms, 1 sliding glass door, and 10 double hungs.

Window Nation Addison Series - $15,060

Universal Windows Polaris UniShield Plus - $16,780

Windows Universe Gentek Signature Elite - $14,500

Mark - Homeowner - from 2022

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Polaris Windows Prices : Bay And Bow

Polaris Windows Cost

Hi. How does Polaris compare to Thermo-Twin windows? The prices for both were about the same for a 3 section picture window with casement flankers. The Polaris was $1,855 and Thermo-Twin was $2,000. However the Polaris 3 section bay was about $4,584, but we could get the Thermo-Twin bay for about $3,500. Thanks again for your input.

Bob - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bob, I know nothing about Thermo-Twin. I took a look at their website and the one thing that disturbed me was that they gave absolutely no performance data on their windows (despite having a tab that reads performance). I think you know what you're getting with Polaris, as opposed to a two person owned company in Thermo-Twin.

Of course, I would have to feel very comfortable with the Polaris rep to give them my business. That said, if it were me, I would go with the Polaris for the extra $1K, although I would go back to the Polaris rep and tell him that if he can come close to the Thermo-Twin Bay price, then you'll sign with him. I would be interested to see how much wiggle room there is in that bay window price.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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