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Replacement Window Warranties

Read opinions on replacement window warranties from contractors, installers and homeowners. Find out which manufacturers honored their warranties and which ones do not.

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Window Installation Warranty

Dane if you don't mind a quick question re. labor warranty.

If a dealer gets really solid reviews, but only offers maybe 2 or 3 years labor warranty, in your opinion is that concerning? Or these days, 1-3 year labor warranty is pretty much standard practice and i really can't expect many dealers to offer 5, 10, lifetime labor ??

Thanks Dane. And no worries if such a question is out of scope in terms of types of questions you respond to(!)

Mike - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, a 2 or 3 year labor warranty is not concerning to me. The windows are typically going to have issues when they go in (that you will hopefully notice) -- shoddy installation work, the windows don't fit properly in the openings, damaged windows in transit, frame blemishes, problems with the hardware, etc. Once the windows are in, functioning well, then you're usually good to go.

Then it's all about how well those windows hold up over time. If the window is a quality unit, you shouldn't have issues for decades....and by that time the warranty may or may not apply, the company is no longer there -- there are all kinds of things that change after two decades.

The important thing in my book is to find a quality brand and window series -- then combine this with quality installation from a trusted local company.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Amerimax Windows Warranty

We put in Amerimax windows in 2007, and they are alright but not great. The noise level was reduced some, but not as much as they said it would. They aren't too drafty but they have some little holes near the bottom tracks that wind can blow through. I had to stuff them with toilet paper. Some of the vent stops broke last summer, and I called the dealer, who told me to call Amerimax. They said they would send replacements, but they never came. I forgot about it, and it wasn't until spring that I remembered and called again. I called Amerimax first this time, and the guy I talked to in the warranty department was rude and told me to go through the dealer next time. The windows are decent but not great, but their customer service was so bad I woudn't buy from them again.

Sharon - Homeowner in Colorado - from 2012

Alside Windows Warranty

Alside, Revere, Alpine, AMI, they are all the same thing, they just keep renaming new lines to try and avoid their reputation. They make a low quality window and they don't do too well, but they are successful at what they do, which is selling cheap windows, and from what I've heard they are decent about honoring warranties.

Holland - Installer - from 2012

Amsco Windows Warranty

The big problem with their composite and vinyl windows is the warranty. They claim that they have one, but if you read the exclusions they eliminate pretty much everything that can go wrong. You can call and order replacement parts but they don't send anyone to make repairs. Amsco says the distributors are supposed to cover labor and the dealers say that Amsco is. I wouldn't bother with their windows cause it's a gamble.

Steven - Dealer in Texas - from 2011

Andersen Windows Warranty

Andersen windows customer service is a joke. I spent over $20,000 on doors and windows from them. One of the doors has a split in the wood. Some of the screens are faulty and don't fit into the frames. We ordered in the spring, but delivery was delayed for some reason which they never shared with me so it didn't come until August. I'm in Phoenix, and I'm not going to try and do all that work in the middle of an Arizona summer, so I stored everything until it cooled down in October.

Now they're saying that it's not their problem, because it's been more than 90 days. They're telling me to fill the split in the door and paint over it. For the screen problem, they said to take it apart and put it back together "to factory specifications." Why didn't it come from the factory "to factory specifications?" The great transferrable warranty that they told me about apparently is a joke. My installer will fix them for me but says I have to pay him, and the Andersen rep clearly doesn't care.

Danny - Homeowner in Arizona - from 2010

Cascade Windows Warranty

I've installed a lot ot Cascade windows here in Los Angeles, and I've never had any major problems with service or the warranty. The quality is spot on for the price and they always deliver on time. I've put in hundreds of their windows, I think I've never had anything worse than a couple of missing screens and those were replaced right away with no hassle. It's certainly better than most manufacturers I've dealt with. One patio door screen was delivered with some damage and they sent someone out to put the new one in so I didn't have to. No manufacturer is going to be perfect, but I've had a lot fewer problems with them than anyone else. My customers have all been happy and that's matters.

Tom - Contractor - from 2011

Crestline Windows Warranty

We built a house last year and went with Crestlines. Just a few months and they were leaking and fogging up all the time. They wouldn't honor the warranty, and every time I called I talked to a different person and got a different excuse. I would never use them again.

Jeff - Homeowner in Wisconsin - from 2010

Gerkin Warranty

The company offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on most of their products, that includes defects in both the materials and workmanship and applies to the mainframe and sash. The warranty is not transferrable to any additional homeowners. In terms of Gerkin vinyl windows, the warranty covers 5 years on the weatherstripping, 5 years on the hardware, 20 years on the insulated glass unit (1 year stress crack), 5 years on the wood veneer. As always, there are a number of exclusions and provisions that we strongly urge consumers to read prior to purchasing their windows so that they fully understand the fine print that goes along with buying Gerkin windows.

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Gilkey Windows Warranty

Gilkey makes a nice window. I'm not a fan of the Heat Mirror, but it does help to lower energy costs. Their windows are really sturdy. They even have a System Boreal that's hurricane rated, but it isn't the prettiest of windows out there. They also have a good warranty and good customer service and sales staff.

David - Contractor in Florida - from 2010

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Milgard Windows Warranty

We went with Milgards for a few reasons, mainly the warranty and their reputation for a good product. I've been happy with them, no drafts or anything else, but the dealer we went through has been awful. Several different things were ordered wrong, grids and wrong sized windows and several other issuess. The windows are still good, though, I would get Milgards again, just with a different dealer.

Gary- Homeowner - from 2011

MI Windows Warranty

My house has MI windows that are about 15 years old. I've heard they have a lot of problems, but I've been impressed with mine. Their warranty was better than a lot that I looked at and when I did have a minor problem they stood by it with no arguing. They replaced 15 year old glass at no cost to us, and not everyone would do that.

Grant – Homeowner – from 2011

Monte Verde Windows Warranty

The Monte Verde comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers the original owner from product defects for the life of the product. The warranty is transferrable to one subsequent homeowner, although once tranferred, the warranty is only valid for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

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Hurd vs. Jeld Wen

Jeld-Wens top line is Pozzi. Hurds are decent, but not as good as Pozzi. Hurd actually has a better warranty, but in 2008 they were bought by another company, who decided not to honor the warranty. A great warranty is meaningless if no one wants to honor it. That made a lot of contractors and dealers mad, and they stopped working with Hurd altogether. I'd go with the Pozzis.

Trevor - Industry Insider - from 2009

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Norandex Windows Warranty

Norandex is a large company with tons of models and series. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the original owner for as long as they live in the home from defects in workmanship and parts. The insulated glass unit carries a 25 year warranty provision, although the company covers less and less based on a schedule they've created. There are a number of exclusions that are included in the warranty that consumers should take a look at. In general, the warranty they offer on their vinyl replacement and new construction windows is just okay when compared with other warranties from other manufacturers.

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Ply Gem Windows Warranty

Plygem is comparable to Great Lakes, Sunrise & Gorell, it all depends on which lines you're looking at. They have a lifetime warranty on glass, and from what I've heard they are pretty good about honoring it without too much hassle. Sometimes I've had Ply Gem send replacements for stuff that isn't even covered.

Han - Contractor - from 2010

Seaway Windows Warranty

Seaway offers a very good Limited Lifetime Warranty on both their Encore and Ovation windows. This includes a lifetime warranty on the mainframe, sash, balance and locking systems, . Any parts that are defective will be replaced by the company, although the owner is responsible for the installation cost. The lifetime warranty also extends to insulated glass failure (including accidental breakage on many, but not all, of their standard styles of windows). They offer a one time transfer to a new owner as long as they receive written notification of the title change and require a $50 fee for the transfer (this is relatively standard in the industry). The new owner does not receive the complete lifetime warranty on the insulated glass, but instead gets a percentage of the cost depending on how long the windows have been installed.

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Silverline Windows Warranty

I put in Silverline 8000-8500s 12 years ago. We had 28 of them, double hung, low-e coating, argon filled, all the extra features. The salesman said they were the best windows on the market, we didn't pick them because they were cheap. Within just a few years, we started having trouble. We started replacing sashes almost right away. They have a rubber seal that keeps the argon gas in and they leak and make the glass streaky. Also, the plastic pieces that keep them in their track get dry and brittle and start to break. I will admit that they honor the warranty, but they do it stupidly. They won't replace the upper and lower sash together, but only one at a time. So they all fit poorly and we now have tons of drafts and upper sashes that won't stay up. I've talked to customer service a hundred times at least. I'm about to give up and I've started looking at windows to just replace these.

Jeremy - Homeowner - from 2012

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Sunrise Windows Warranty

I'm trying to decide between the Simonton 5500, the Sunrise, or CertainTeed Bryn Mawr III. Sunrise has a great warranty and I like the finished look of them. They have clean welds and are probably the best window overall. The Simonton has two lines (the Reflections and the Impressions) that I like and I'll probably end up with one of those. The price is good, and with a few upgrades they are about as good as the Sunrise window option. The Bryn Mawr looks good, but I've heard a lot about their quality control issues recently and they make me reluctant to buy anything from CertainTeed.

Mike - Contractor in Delaware - from 2011

Vinylmax Windows Warranty

I was looking at Plygems and Vinylmax, the Vinylmax seems stronger and the welds look nicer, plus it has a lifetime warranty vs 25 for Plygem. The Vinylmax is $60 more each window, and I'm not sure if they are worth that much more? I don't mind paying it if they're worth it but I hate wasting money.

Peter - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

You want to compare SHGC, u-values, DP and AI ratings. I don't know much about Vinylmax. They look like they have some nice features, but I know Plygems and I'd feel more comfortable recommending a company I know well than one I don't. Also, I don't know where you got your warranty info but Plygem has a lifetime transferable warranty.

Harry - Contractor - from 2012

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