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Quaker Windows Reviews

Explore 4 Quaker windows reviews on their Brighton, Manchester, Crusader and Advantage E4 vinyl window series.

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Quaker Window Reviews

Have you done any reviews on the Quaker windows?

Kelly - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

I would google "quaker windows reviews" and check out the google reviews...

Quaker Windows & Doors
3.539 Google reviews 39 reviews..

I'm not impressed by a 3.5, but I would read the reviews individually to get more specific information.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Quaker Window Costs vs Zen Nirvana

Hi Tim, we live in the St. Louis, MO area and are in the process of getting quotes for 7 of our windows. We have the following sizes:

3 - 35 x 58 1/2
2 - 63 x 58 1/2
2 - 70 3/4 x 58 1/2

I've gotten quotes for the following:

Pella 250 Series

Quaker Advantage Edge E4 series

Zen Windows using the Nirvana line

Is any one of those better than the other? Pella was the most at $10,000, Zen was about $5500 and so was the Quaker window. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I did forget to mention that they are offering the Joyce Lotus at the same cost as the Nirvana line. Is this comparable? Thanks again.

Scott - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Scott, I would definitely go with the Zen Nirvana, which is the Soft-Lite Classic window. This is going to be the better option in my opinion over the Pella 250 or the Quaker Advantage. I'm pretty sure that they use the Joyce Heritage Series for their Lotus model. The Heritage seems to be a good window, but Soft-Lite is the more proven window in that head to head. I don't quite have enough knowledge of the Joyce window to give you an opinion on the "upgrade."

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Quaker Windows Cost vs. Soft-Lite

Hi Dane, sorry, but can I ask one more question?

Got one more quote from a local installer for aluminum clad wood windows from Quaker.

The quote is higher than the soft-lite quote, and I think the soft-lite windows are probably a better option, but would love a third party perspective on aluminum clad and/or Quaker.

Many thanks!

Michael - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Michael, I rarely hear about Quaker windows. What I've heard is generally good. They are a small manufacturer out of Missouri and there are just too many small manufacturers to track. For me, you always go with the manufacturer that you know over one you don't. The fact that the Soft-Lite quote is lower makes this an easy decision. Soft-Lite is in my top three vinyl window manufacturers when it comes to quality and craftsmanship.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Quaker Window Options

Is there a particular reason why Quaker windows have not been included? Where do they fit in the line up? Any pros/cons you are aware of? Any important difference between their Manchester and their Crusader series?

Milton - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Milton, there are hundreds of window manufacturers and Quaker windows have never entered our review boards. I'm not sure where they fit into the vinyl window equation. I will say that, in general, going with a window manufacturer that is more well known, and proven to manufacture a quality product is a more reliable path to long term consumer satisfaction. I really can't compare their models -- sorry about this. I did take a look at their double hung air infiltration and was impressed with the .03 that is listed on their website.

I would suggest comparing Quaker Windows performance numbers with other brands you may be considering as a way to see how they stack up to the competition: U-factor, SHGC, DP, Air Infiltration, etc.

In Missouri, I know you have some great vinyl window options, including Sunrise, Zen, Champion and even Vista. I'm not saying don't go with Quaker, but I would get a couple more bids to at least have some options at your fingertips. Good luck!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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