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Joyce Windows Reviews

Joyce Windows is based out of Berea, Ohio and is mostly a regional manufacturer. The one caveat to this is their relationship with Zen Windows. Zen has branches throughout the eastern half of the country and sells the Joyce Heritage series. This has given the company a much bigger profile nationally in the past five years. As Zen continues to up their profile, I'm assuming so too will Joyce. Scroll down for our consumer Joyce Windows reviews.

Joyce And Zen Windows: As stated above, Zen Windows sells the Joyce Heritage series in many of their branches - most often labelled as the Nirvana series (although sometimes as the Lotus series). The Heritage is typically priced out very close to the Soft-Lite Classic window.

Overall Rating: Joyce Windows gets a 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 19 consumer reviews below.

Joyce Windows Cost: $$$/$$$$
(3/4 out of 5)
(Amongst All Vinyl Windows)

"Joyce enjoys a solid to good reputation in the industry. Their Heritage series is the window they push to most dealers and the one I hear about the most. (Actually, the one I hear about almost exclusively.) I would give the Heritage a 7.3 out of 10 rating. Quite good, but not quite a top tier vinyl series in my opinion."

Joyce Windows Warranty

Joyce is interesting in their approach to warranties. They offer two options - the Silver Warranty or the Gold Warranty. The Silver option covers any manufacturer defects to the original window purchaser for their lifetime. However, it will not transfer to a new homeowner. On the other hand, the Gold Warranty is transferable to a new homeowner and includes glass breakage for life (the glass breakage is capped at 15 years for a subsequent owner).

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: April 13, 2024

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Joyce Window Prices

Joyce Windows Reviews :: Trinity Series

The Trinity series is the company's mid range or drop down vinyl window. Quite a solid mid range vinyl series on the whole. I'd rate the Trinity window at 7.0 out of 10.

Dane - Site Editor

Joyce Windows vs Provia

Hi Dane, sorry to bother you again, but I got another quote. For 6 windows from Joyce Trinity for 4630. And I am about to get quote from ProVia Aspect windows it’s about 5500 to 6000. So which one is better windows Joyce vs Provia. Please advice.

Chetan - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chetan, no bother really. I think the Joyce Trinity is a very solid window (and is obviously the lowest price point of the bunch). I like the ProVia Aspect a bit more, but that is a significant price increase over the Trinity option. The Sunrise "Classic or Standard" is on par with the Aspect - so I would say you can use that "quality guage" to evaluate the Sunrise Windows price bid when you receive it.

In terms of doors, ProVia doors are the best in the business, but Joyce makes a good door as well. In general, the quality of a particular company's patio and entry/back doors is equal to the quality of their windows. Not always true, but I would say it is true with the brands you are looking at for your project. I think you have a winner in the Joyce Trinity as long as the company doing the installation has good to great reviews.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Joyce Windows Manufacturing

Hi. Great website. Good information. Have you heard of a window manufacturer in Berea, Ohio called Joyce Manufacturing. They make and sell their own windows directly to the public. Windows seem good with narrow profile and foam insulation in frames. They do use the Super Spacer. Am going to get a quote next week for 3 sliders and one double hung. Am also impressed with Sunrise Windows and their energy efficiency.

I thought Joyce Mfg. might be worth looking into as a small ,oral company. But they must be doing OK because they are expanding. Also make patio rooms and those bathroom renovation showers, etc. Thanks.

Marsha - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Marsha, I sure have. We have page devoted to them.

Recommended Windows List
[Email for his recommendations]

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Trinity Series

Dane, I have been in the process of obtaining bids and doing research on vinyl replacement windows for our 1962 house. Most of them are the original single pane with storms. They're drafty, inefficient, and cracked around the storm frames which means tons of bugs and dirt when we want to open them. We also want to replace an original French patio door with a patio slider with a screen for efficiency and usability.

I am finding the window world to be far more complicated than I ever realized. So far I have gotten seven bids. These are for 17 windows (16 double hung and one slider) plus the patio door, all with argon gas and low-E, colonial grids on the street facing windows (8 of the 17). Pocket installation, all white, no unique sizes or other upgrades. We are in Kansas City, Missouri.

All companies I got bids from are highly rated on Google reviews (4.5 stars or higher out of at least 75 reviews). Window World is the only one who says they use subcontractors for install. Every company offers some variation of a labor warranty (some 10 years, some 20, some lifetime), and each company varies slightly on whether or not fixing minor wood rot is included or extra if they come across any. Most wrap the exterior trim in aluminum.

Window World 4000 series: $13,107
Alside Mezzo: $13,445 (fixing any wood rot if found would cost extra)
Zen Nirvana (Soft-Lite Classic Plus): $16,405 (fixing any wood rot if found would cost extra)
Provia Endure: $20,325 (this includes fixing any wood rot if found)
Joyce Trinity: $15,780 (this company uses fiberglass insulation instead of spray foam. Installation includes addressing wood rot if found).
Window Universe Berkshire Elite: $14,811 (I'm a little leary of this Window Universe company as I can't find many reviews)

The Target 4000 series bid came in at $14,781 for the windows and door, including replacing any wood rot and reinstalling shades. This installer I have personal experience with as they did our church's windows and our pastor was extremely happy. They seemed very thorough in terms of including things like addressing wood rot and reinstalling shades rather than charging extra, but the Target brand seems relatively unknown.

The other Soft Lite bid came in at $19,885. You seem to recommend Soft Lite a lot on your site. Are there any other windows I should be trying to find bids on? I did contact Okna to see if there's a dealer in my area and am waiting on a response.

All of these prices were way higher than we were expecting. We are trying to decide who to go with and whether we should do all windows at once at a lower price point or break it into stages so we can spring for a more expensive one. We will pay cash or wait, no financing. I don't feel confident whether the more expensive bids are actually worth springing more for or not.

I think $15,000 is our absolute limit for what we would want and be able to spend right now (ideally more like $13,000). We plan to be in this house long term, barring unforeseen circumstances. Our window frames seem to be in decent condition, no known wood rot, but I know there's always the possibility of finding some once they remove the windows. I appreciate any guidance you can offer! Thank you for your Joyce windows reviews!

Britney - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Britney, if your limit is $15K, I think I would opt for the Joyce Trinity. I'm not sure if can endorse going with the Mezzo (same window as the Berkshire Elite btw) if you plan on being in your home long term. It's not a bad window, but I just don't feel like it holds up all that well over time.

If this were my project, I would spend the extra $1.4K for the Soft Lite Classic from Zen Kansas City, who has what looks to me to be a more or less perfect rating/review from hundreds of consumers. Now, I do realize it is more than you want to spend, but the price bunching you have leads me to believe that this is more or less the fair market price for the work. In the end, I tend to think that this would be the best long term value for your money.

I know nothing about Target Elite windows, so I can't in good conscience make any judgement on them.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

[Britney's Reply]

Thanks, Dane. Do you find it at all problematic that the company selling the Joyce uses fiberglass instead of spray foam install? I've been told spray foam gives a stronger install and leaves no option for water to get in there and create a mold problem. Is there a right or wrong install insulation method in your opinion?

My one issue with Zen is that they charge extra for any wood rot they find, $70-260/window. That could add up fast. While you can't see any wood rot on our frames and everyone seems to think they're in good condition, I'm smart enough to know it could turn up when they start pulling Windows out. The reps from the other companies (all except one) say they take care of minor wood rot, that's wrapped into the cost. Online reviews and some personal ones affirm this is true. I'm just concerned about moving forward with Zen and then our price increasing when we're already topping out our budget with them.

Do you feel strongly enough about Soft Lite that if we can't afford to do everything, it would be better to break up the project into phases to spring for them? My one concern is the windows matching if when we're ready for the next phase something has changed in the window design.

Britney - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

There really isn't a right or wrong way to do it. Most installers use spray foam but there are others who feel more comfortable using the fiberglass insulation. I wouldn't let this be the driver of your decision. But, I do think it's fair for a company to say they charge for wood rot if they find it -- it's time and labor for them. Normally, I would be vigilant in many cases, however, I think their reviews would set my mind at ease.

However, I would ask to be shown any wood rot they find so that you can see the problem and then you can at least see the work involved in removing and replacing the rot. I always find seeing the problem and knowing that it's fixed properly sets my mind at ease and let's me know that I'm paying for a service and not getting ripped off.

Soft-Lite windows are one of the best brands out there. My concern would not be that the Soft-Lite Classic Plus is going to go away, but that the Zen branch near you would decide to carry something else. They carry a number of brands and the Soft-Lite is the best in my opinion. I would personally do it in one fell swoop, get it done right, and not have to think of it again.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Lotus Windows Cost

Tim, we have 2 quotes for replacing 14 windows.

Window World - HarborLight by Great Lakes - $7995

Zen Windows of St Louis - Joyce Lotus $9660 (includes NEAT glass and BetterView screen upgrades)

I think Joyce is the better window but is it worth the price difference? Looking forward to your opinion. Thanks.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, I want to say that the Joyce Heritage is the better value over the Great Lakes HarborLight. I think it's probably worth the additional $1700...unless you aren't staying in the home long term. If you're 10 years or under, then the GL option makes more sense from an ROI perspective. Anything above that, then the Joyce is going to be the better option in my opinion.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Joyce Heritage vs. Zen Nirvana

Thank you Dane for your advice and details. Zen @St Louis sells Zen Nirvana (NOT Lotus) Soft-lite Classic and this year started offering Zen Lotus from Joyce (which is "Joyce Heritage Select" with some upgrades for the same price as Zen Nirvana (Soft-lite) due to some "quality issues" and lesser wait time (Joyce takes 5 weeks Vs Soft-lite 12 weeks according to the Zen). They said Joyce has Composite reinforcement and Endur spacer (Vs Stainless steel ones in Soft-lite nirvanas) Would you think the "Nirvana by Soft-lite" would be good ?

Also, we were told Pella-350 is wider and takes more space and thus cause the shades to be removed (shades are "inside" the window opening now!) and the consultant suggested 250 instead. Would you think 250 would be a good option over "Nirvana by Soft-lite" OR "Lotus by Joyce" ?

Here is a quick update from Zen STL about the upgrade (I am notsure how much it is actually worth - but I am sure you will know it!!) :

•Upgrade From Soft-Lite Nirvana to Joyce Lotus

•Solar Low E Glass Coating - Increase the SHGC from .29 with the Soft-Lite Nirvana to .21 With the Joyce Lotus

•Free Self Cleaning Neat Glass (Not available from Soft-Lite)

•If I Upgrade from Metal Sash reinforcement to Composite Sash Reinforcement.

•Upgrade From Fiberglass Screen Mesh to The Better Vue Screen System

•An Upgrade to MagnaSeal for the sash seal from normal Bulb Seal. This seal works like the seal on a refrigerator door.

Thank you very much for your help!

[Site Editor's Answer]

Soft-Lite is the best brand of the three. I would rather have a Soft-Lite Classic (Nirvana) over a Joyce Heritage, although this is more based on my understanding of Soft-Lite. I'd like the see the air infiltration rating of the Heritage, along with the design pressure, and condensation resistance. (Read all of our Soft-Lite Windows reviews here.)

The Pella 250 is an inferior window to either of these models. I'd stick with the Zen. It seems like they like the Joyce Heritage, I just don't know much about it.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

[Biku's Reply]

Hi Dane, Yes; according to the data sent to me by the Zen STL the AI for Joyce seems to be slightly better than Zen Nirvana Soft-lite classic by 0.01 - ie. 0.07 Vs 0.08 [Attached is the comparison I received from Zen - to compare the first and last columns in that which apparently they offer for the same price now].

However I could not find any information so far from the Joyce website yet. According to the Zen, the Joyce "credentials" are better in all these parameters and plus "Endur" spacer and "Composite" reinforcement takes it to their "next Zen level" (Nirvana Vs Lotus) though I personally got so confused as I did not know how much the difference in factors matter and your advice do help a lot!!

The Sunrise dealer has still not given me a quote yet - though he came by and took a look at the windows over the weekend - strange considering how others have responded so far!!!

Thank you very much, again!

Biku - Homeowner - from 2020

Heritage Windows

Hi guys, just found your site. I'm looking at replacements windows for my 25 year old house. We had wood before but I think we will go with vinyl.

Any recommendations for the Columbus OH area? A lot of my neighbors have Rosati windows, have you heard of them?

Another guy are on street has Apex Insignia windows. They all seem to like what they have.

I had a guy come out that had Heritage windows from Joyce mfg and so far they seem like the best price but how do I know how they compare to the others? He said his installers have been with him 20 years.

I need 18 double hung windows in the house replaced and 12 in our 4 seasons sunroom.

We will probably be here at least another 10 years.

Also, we have many other things we need done, countertops, flooring in the upstairs and main floor so we have more than a few expenses coming up.

I don't need the top of the line windows but I don't want cheap windows either, so something pretty decent.

Lastly, do triple pane really help with insulation and noise reduction significantly? Thanks for any advice, the joyce windows reviews page, and sorry for the long email.

Tim - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Reply]

Tim, hi, so I have never heard of Rosati windows. I have heard of Apex Insignia, which is really an Alside 8000 window, a solid mid range product. Joyce makes a decent window as well, but wouldn't be in my top picks, which I will list below.

Triple pane definitely helps improve the energy efficiency of the window and can work to reduce noise, especially if you order the window with different glass thickness from one pane to the other.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Joyce Windows Quote

I live in upstate NY and got a quote for 6 double hung + 1 picture window $4,970 for the Okna 600 series. For same project joyce windows $3,915 and Alside mid range window $3,500. What would you recommend? Thanks.

Berk - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Berk, the Okna 600 is the best window of the bunch and probably worth the extra cost. I would probably opt for the Alside Mezzo (I’m assuming its the Mezzo) over the Joyce.

I guess I would say this: if you plan to be in your home long term, I’d stretch for the Okna. If you plan to leave in 10 years or under, I’d probably go with the Alside.

I would certainly go back to the Okna dealer and tell him you like his product, but the Alside window price quote is so much lower that you’re having a hard time with their bid. Ask him if he can come close. His response will probably be his floor pricing (or something close to it). I would wait a few days and see if he calls you back with a lower price to fill his schedule — hard to say if he will, but always worth a shot

The installation company should factor into your equation for sure. I’d look for the company that has solid online reviews, a strong reputation for professionalism, and a long track record of work.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Joyce Windows Reviews

Hello, my wife and I have had a couple of quotes for replacing our windows in our 26 year old home. We have one quote for the Polaris 7400 series UltraWeld window. We have a lot of different windows of different sizes. The Polaris window quote is for $15,145.

The second quote is for a Joyce insulator series double hung. This quote is for $14,115. Replacement Windows Cost

I’m asking to see if you have any recommendations of which window is better?

Thank you for your time!!

Fred - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Fred, I’ve been hearing a bit more about of Joyce windows, but to be honest I don’t know a ton about the quality of their windows.

The Polaris Ultraweld, however, is an excellent window, with an unbeatable .01 air infiltration number. A top tier vinyl window in my opinion.

If this were my project, I would easily go with the Polaris Ultraweld over the Joyce Insulator. Well worth the extra $1000.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

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Joyce Windows Through Zen

Hello, I just purchased 8 windows with Zen and it’s the Nirvana series. However it’s now not the Soft Lite. It’s Joyce Windows Insulator series but with added goodies that make it the same price as the out of the box soft lite classic. Reinforced meeting rails, fully foamed sash and frame, and LoE366 glass package worth a .27 U factor, .50 VT, & a .21 shgc. With the warranties being equal, and Joyce being family owned since the 1950’s, it made sense to give them a shot with those performance numbers. Hopefully I made a good decision that fits my budget.

Scott - Homeowner - from 2019

Heritage Signature Price Quote

We are replacing 3 awning windows and would love to get your thoughts.

PlyGem Contractor Series: $1500
Joyce Heritage Signature Collection: $1725

Roger - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Roger, Joyce makes a good window, but I don't hear much about them. So, I would have to dig around a bit more to get the specs on the Heritage series from them. However, I wouldn't put in a Ply Gem Contractor series in my house though. I would put in a Premium or perhaps the Pro model.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Joyce Windows vs Alside

Joyce Windows or Alside who is better?

Larry - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Larry, the Alside Mezzo is a decent window, better than Joyce Windows. Neither of these manufacturers are anywhere near the top of my list.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

7500 Sliding Door vs Alside

Hi Dane, I have been reading up on some of these Alside door and window reviews. They don’t sound all that great. We are having a kitchen remodel done and taking out french doors and putting in an Alside 6105 sliding patio door. Are they a good door to use?

I also have a quote for a 7500 Deluxe Sliding Patio Door from Joyce Windows. Have you heard about this company?

Diane - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Diane, I'm not a huge fan of Alside, but they aren't a bad manufacturer by any means. I simply think that for the price, there are better options out there. Their doors are no different in my opinion. However, the Alside 6400 patio door is the one product I would give a thumbs up to. I think it's a nice looking and functioning patio door.

However, I might recommend Alside over a small operation like Joyce. I don't know a ton about Joyce, I would say they're a mid range outfit like Alside. Since they are probably comparable in quality, I would say go with what your contractor recommends in terms of his overall experience with the two companies.

Ask him if he can get you a quote on a Jeld Wen door or a ProVia door. I like these two companies (for their doors) far better than Alside or Joyce.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Connect with Local Window Companies

Joyce Heritage Windows Reviews

The Heritage series is the company's premium vinyl window. A good buy assuming the right price point.

Dane - Website Editor

Heritage Series Cost Quote

Hey guys, I just had a bid on the Heritage with triple pane that came out to $720 per window and includes all the installation etc. What say you?

Jacob - Homeowner - from 2023

[Website Editor Reply]

Jacob, that sounds like a very fair deal to me. I like the window, I like the price. Just make sure you like the company doing the install. Research their online reviews and assuming that checks out, go for it. Very nice option!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2023

Joyce Heritage Series

Hi Dane, Thank you so much for getting back to us! I appreciate it. I understand this...We've been shown only one series, no comparison. I've called them and also Joyce to ask for details!

We're interested in triple pane to avoid sound. There's also a rebate deal of $600 off (energy saving incentive). So we end up paying $700 to upgrade from double pane to triple pane, it seems. Any idea what triple pane windows cost over double panes?

Joyce do triple pane windows where all three layers are the same thickness. I read that different thickness windows would avoid different frequencies of sound. But this company doesn't produce such windows, it seems. We've called in an installation company that had great reviews in the Buffalo Ny area: Express.

Joyce Heritage Series Signature, TJ221, triple pane (each 3,16 in thickness) : $620 each, with installation.
i89TM/366® Performance Insulated Glass
Neat®/PreserveTM – Coatings & Film
Double Strength Glass
Energy Star Rated

Esin - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Esin, very fair price for that window and it is a solid performer. $80 increase for double vs triple pane is a great upgrade price! Assuming that the installer is well regarded, I'd say this is a very good choice.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Joyce Factory Direct Reviews

Hi Dane, thank you so much for your response about Joyce Mfg. I have checked out the info. I am going to get an estimate from them and will let you know. As such, I have checked out their windows on the NFRC website and they seem comparable to others with good numbers. What drew me to them besides being local...I live 15 minutes away is the use of foam in the frames.

One window I cannot recommend is Renewal by Andersen. Although they are aesthetically pleasing, you don't want to sit near them in winter as the frames are very cold....compared to vinyl...and the spacer is metal so the glass conducts cold. I have a picture window with double casement on each side.

These windows have NO weather stripping on the bottom and the stripping on the sides is paper thin. Now, these were installed several years ago so hopefully they have improved. But people need to know that the lovely hard frames conduct cold much like hard plastic. I do not recommend the windows for cold climates like we have in northern Ohio unless you want to apply your own weather barrier in winter!!

I put old fashioned string caulk around the edges outside. In fact, I still have some old Andersen wood casement windows and they are far superior to the Renewal as far as cold transmission. And, I will say that my overall experience with Renewal was very good but how and why these windows are generally so highly recommended is beyond me.

I am also checking out Sunrise windows as the dealer is also very close. So far, I got an estimate from them 2 years ago and I want to check them out again, of course, realizing that everything has gone up in price. FYI, I am looking at replacing 3 double casement that are 48 x 60 with sliders and one 29 x 60 casement with a double hung, these are the 30 year old wood Andersens.

Sorry for such a long message but had to comment on the Renewals. Again, thanks for your very informative website. Marsha

Amy - Homeowner - from 2022

Energy Pro Heritage Series

Hello Dane: we are looking to replace 11 windows in our home in Kansas City. Leaning towards Joyce Heritage with a company called Energy Pro. Also considering Soft-Lite Nirvana from Zen Windows, but they use contractors to install. Can you send me your list of good and great windows that you refer to on your site? Thank you so much… your site is very informative.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Mike, both of those companies have excellent reviews. I would probably pick the soft-Lite over Joyce as a brand, but I understand what you are saying about subs. However, if you google "joyce windows reviews Kansas City" they achieve such a high rating from all the aggregators that it might be hard to discount them...I send you the list.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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