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Explore Target Windows reviews from consumers and industry experts alike on their 4000 Elite and 8000 Series.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: March 30, 2024

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Elite 4000 Series

Dane. my husband and I are in the midst of comparing quotes/estimates for the window in the front of our ranch style home. That window is a large 10' X 64" bow window. We are in the midwest, we're in southern Wisconsin. Which can mean hot humid summers, and below-zero temperatures in the winter. Estimates appear to be all over the place. I'm finding it difficult to truly compare "apples to apples." Part of that seems to be limited "like" options in my immediate area. But here goes - -

Trinity (Pro Series)
Beige outside and inside - $7488
Notes/Comments - - Co (Replacement Window Center) from Milwaukee area trying to establish their self in the Madison/Janesville area

Target Windows Reviews - Elite 4000 Series
Beige outside and inside $8121
Beige outside and wood look inside $10,590
Notes - - Company that has been inbusiness in our city (Janesville, WI) for 20+ years. When I asked what brand window they use I was told, and told it being a brand that I may not have heard of would be discussed at our appointment. At the appt. they summed that up by saying Target is a mid-west company familiar with our weather and window needs.

Sunrise - I'm going to start with my "Notes." We replaced all of our other windows (all except for the bow window) 7-10 years ago. We used the company (Bob's Custom Windows & Siding) Seemed logical to go back to them. After I got their "proposal" I noted that I could not tell if the quote was for double or triple pane glass....AND, I could not get an answer from the Rep as to which Sunrise window this quote was for - Standard, Essential, Restoration etc. Odd, right? Here are numbers, which actually probably mean nothing if you don't kno9w which Sunrise window you are talking about.
Beige outside and wood color inside $14,680
Beige outside and beige inside $11,625
(When I told them this was out of my budget he lowered the price on the Beige outside/beige inside to $10,450)

Sunrise (Yes, another quote from a Sunrise Rep. Thebco - Madison, WI) This company offers just the Restorations line.
Beige outside and wood look inside -
R-10 Triple pane KR-90 U-18 - $16,281 (this is withy a $625 discount thru July 31)
R-7 Triple pane AR-90 glass - $13,753 (this is with a $625 savings thru July 31st)
R-4 Double pane glass U-28 - $12,956 (no discounts for the double pane product)

I know it's probably not fair to compare Sunrise to (much) lesser known companies. As for Sunrise, this last Sunrise Rep indicates my others are not Sunrise Restoration windows, so I doubt the 1st Sunrise quote above is for a Restorations product. In that case, it makes the 2nd Sunrise quote look pretty good. In a perfect world I think I would go with the product highlighted (bold) above. But is it worth it?

What do you think? Or, what additional questions should I ask to make an accurate comparison?

Sue - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Sue, it is difficult to compare these quotes — the Trinity series from Joyce is a pretty solid window. However, I’m not quite sure this is what the Trinity is referring to.

I know nothing about the Elite 4000 series, but my guess is that it is close to what Window World sells, which is not a very high quality window.

The Sunrise Restorations bid of > R-7 Triple pane AR-90 glass - $13,753 sounded like maybe the fore runner to me.

I would definitely take into consideration the ratings/reviews of the installers as you move forward.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Target Windows Reviews

I have received 2 bids thus far, but can't find a lot of info on either one of these windows. The contractor who I know is a fan of the Target Hampton window so I'm leaning towards this option. Any info. is appreciated. I have 12 windows that need to be replaced.

Target Reality 8000 Series: $5280
Heartland Hampton Series: $6240

Bruce - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bruce, I haven't heard much of either of these windows so I can't comment. I apologize, but there is a reason why you can't find any information on either one of these windows -- they are such small manufacturers that there is virtually no online info. I guess my question would be why are you going to take a chance on unknown brands (or worst window brands) when there are so many windows that have tried and true track records?

I think the only way I'd recommend going with Heartland or Target is if the contractor can show you the performance data and compare them to a known brand. This would have to include DP, AI, U-factor, SHGC, CR and VT.

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