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Read window company reviews by researching local companies or manufacturers that they may have heard about. We provide replacement windows reviews on over 200 companies - all of the reviews are from consumers and contractors and we strive to make sure that we provide a good cross section of opinions that will give homeowners a fair picture of what they can expect from each manufacturer. Click for window replacement costs and prices.

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"I haven’t been offered any manufacturer except the 7D, even though they aren’t mentioned in the contract I am somehow supposed to..."

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"Aside, Sunrise, or Acadia. I'm not familiar with any of the brands. We just want a door that is going to last and won't cost us a fortune like Anderson. We just want an overall good value. Our house is 20 years old, I'm the 2nd owner..."

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Advanced Window Products

"I hadn't heard of Advanced Window Products out of Utah. I took a look at their website and saw they are part of the Earthwise Windows And Doors, which generally seem to get good..."

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Advanced Windows

"I work in and around Chicago so I have some working knowledge of Advanced Windows. They make a nice tilt turn, but I'm not overly impressed with their double hungs..."

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"I have quotes from Alco, Simonton, Okna and MI and so far have since gotten rid of the MI quote. The bid is for 21 openings total, most of which are standard double hungs, about half of which are to be installed in a sunroom that we are building out back. Any opinions on which ones I should go for..."

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"Hello we experienced a house fire in 2012 our contactor before replaced our air tite windows..."

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"I've read about windows and learned a lot. I have been talking to Alenco after finding them at a home show..."

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"Alliance Windows are made by a loosely connected group of fabricators who used to work with Certainteed. Their product is average - a decent builder's grade window. If you're looking for a bargain, you could do worse, but..."

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"I have an estimate from Window World and one from Allstate. Window Worlds end estimate came in at $1182 less than Allstate. Allstate started at a total of $8702 and came down to $4400. Allstate does not offer financing...

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Alpen HPP

"Alpen HPP makes an expensive and quite good fiberglass window, as does Inline. Their numbers are going to be better than the Marvin, but you will be paying a premium for that difference. Get the bids with installation and then see if the added cost is worth it to you. ..."

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"Alside, Revere, Alpine, AMI, they are all the same thing, they just keep renaming new lines to try and avoid their reputation. They make a low quality window and they don't do too well, but they are successful at..."

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"I've seen a lot of reviews that trash the Excalibur and talk about how much better the OKNA 500 is. That's ridiculous! The OKNA 500 is about twice as much, of course it's going to be better. The Excalibur is a low-cost window..."

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"I purchased a home that has Alumax windows, I believe craftsman double hung. All 14 of these windows have broken seals. Mold is growing up..."

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"The Amcraft Grand Estates Original is made by Simonton and relabeled or rebadged by Amcraft. In general, Simonton windows are a good mid range vinyl window so I'll assume that this is the same for the Grand Estates Original..."

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American Craftsman

"The American Craftsman isn't a good window. It has its place - if you need a temporary window or something for a rental property, it isn't bad. I would get an outside contractor, though, because the big box stores go with the lowest bidders..."

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American Exteriors

"Our installation was supposed to happen in May, and everything fell apart. They were on back order, then there was a mix up, then back order again. We finally got them put in in September. It was ridiculous that a window company can't handle an order for 7 windows..."

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American Jewel

"I'm a carpenter and I've put American Jewel windows in dozens of homes over the last few years. I've heard some bad things about them but I want to say that I like working with them. It's easy to get a person on the phone when you..."

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American Windows

"If this were my project, I would rank the top two as the American Windows for Sunrise Restorations for $19,200 and the Vytex Fortis for $17,975..."

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American Vision

"I knew I wanted Anlin windows, but I was having trouble finding an installer. The first person I turned to gave me a ridiculous price, so I called Anlin and asked what installer they recommend. They told me to call American Vision..."

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American WeatherTechs

"American Weathertechs is an Ohio based company that sells both the Preservation series, as well as Vinylmax windows. They tend to get good reviews..."

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American Window Systems

Read reviews from consumers and industry experts alike on this Texas based vinyl manufacturer.

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America's Best Choice

"We have a local Abc windows dealer and he quoted us $1100 on a double hung 28 inch by 54 inch Comfort window double pane. I didn't find any information..."

Additional Resources: America's Best Choice

America’s Choice Windows

"America’s Choice Windows of New Orleans promised to deliver his windows by last week. When I didn’t hear from hi, I called he said he didn’t know whether the windows would be on the truck this week, if not he would call me and they would be delivered the next week. ..."

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"About 5 years ago I had Amerimax vinyls put in my Los Angeles home. They are still very nice and white. They work well, with a smooth movement and no leaks or drafts. When we were shopping for them we saw some really cheap junky vinyl windows..."

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"I wound up going with Ameristar, they have been around since 1999. The rep quoted me $9,400 and matched the sliding glass door and all. He had nothing bad to say about..."

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"AMI or Associated Materials, Inc. is a large building supply company that owns a number of window and siding companies, including Alside, Xact, Preservation and Alpine..."

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"The big problem with their composite and vinyl windows is the warranty. They claim that they have one, but if you read the exclusions they eliminate pretty much everything that can go wrong. You can call and order..."

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"I've seen and heard a lot of bad things about Andersen windows, but I've had mine for years and they are great. I haven't had any problems at all. They don't have any leaks or drafts, they look great, and I've been happy..."

Additional Resources: Andersen Windows Reviews


"Anlin products are supposed to be really good, I haven't heard much bad about them. You should always get at least three estimates, for both the windows and the installation. Prices can be surprisingly different, but don't automatically go for the cheapest..."

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"My dealings with APCO, was their prices might have been a little high for my son's house. It was about $14,500 or so for 26 windows, with grids, low "e"glass, and argon filled gas..."

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Apex Energy Solutions

"Their strategy is to go door to door supposedly looking for "promotional homes" where they offer you a big discount to buy their windows then help market their product, instead of pursing traditional..."

Additional Resources: Apex Energy Solutions


"I have an appointment for measurements to get an estimate on Armaclad's Encore Series. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ but I haven't talked to anyone who's bought from them before. They also have two different systems..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Armaclad


"Astor Windows did our house in Coral Gables and were recommended to us from a friend who had used them several years ago. The whole project from start to finish went off without a hitch and the installers did a great job..."

Additional Resources: Astor


"Atrium has several levels of windows. The builder grade is the cheapest, the mid grade is sold in hardware and home improvement stores, and the premium windows usually have to come through a dealer. Their premium grade windows are great, especially the..."

Additional Resources: Atrium Window Reviews

Bee Window

"The other bid is from Bee windows, which gave me a quote for $14,650 on the Sunrise Restorations..."

Additional Resources: Bee Reviews


"I know very little about Beechworth, except that they are manufactured by James Hardie, who is the largest manufacturer of fiber cement siding in the world. I liked many of the features that I saw on the website, but this doesn't really tells us much..."

Additional Resources: Beechworth Windows Reviews

Bell Brothers

"I like the Bell Brothers since it seems like their window has everything, but their quote is high and I cannot find reviews for them online. I can't tell if it's truly a great window or just a good sales presentation. Can you share what window is the best, long term value..."

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Better Bilt

"Better Bilt was an independent manufacturer that was acquired in 1999 by MI Windows & Doors. MI sold BetterBilt replacement and new construction windows for several years through their distribution lines and Lowes Hardware Store..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Better Bilt

BF Rich

"Because I live near their plant, a lot of local stores carry BF Rich windows. Their double hungs are one of the bulkiest I've seen. The welds are sloppy and their designs all look dated and old. I haven't really heard anything bad about their performance..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On BF Rich


"I received an estimate from Brennan which says their windows are comparable or the same as the NT. Do you know if this is true? Also, do you know how the SolarBear compare..."

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"I'm looking to replace 15 Bristol triple pane windows. So far I've managed to narrow my choices down to the..."

Additional Resources: Bristol Reviews

Brothers Home Improvement

"I also had an earlier quote from Brothers Home Improvement using their own proprietary line (I think) for about $24,000. I went with the..."

Additional Resources: Brothers Home Improvement Reviews


"Burris is a vinyl window manufacturer that is headquartered in Carrollton, TX. The company sells three window series, including the TectView Ex, TectView CA, and TectView AC..."

Additional Resources: Burris Reviews

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California Deluxe

"California Deluxe makes nice looking windows, but I would never buy from them. I met with a salesman for over an hour and I really liked the windows, but I decided to wait a while before I had them put in. I figured in a couple months I'd call and have them..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On California Dexluxe


"Caradco was purchased by Jeld Wen in 2002, although consumers do continue to have questions regarding these windows and the warranty terms and specifics..."

Additional Resources: Caradco Warranty Issues


"I've installed a lot ot Empire Pacific/Cascade windows here in Los Angeles, and I've never had any major problems with service or the warranty. The quality is spot on for the price and they always deliver on time. I've put in hundreds of their windows..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Cascade


"I have seen them around in the past eight years or so and they have appeared on several well known magazines for the amount of business they do. I believe they fall into the bargain window category, around $169, the strange thing is that I work in the area where they are based and have only even seen a handful of sites displaying their name..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Castle


"I had Certainteeds installed about 4 years ago and we started having problems after only 3-4 months. They let so much cold in, I compared with a thermometer and the bathrooms where they were installed are about 3 degrees cooler than everywhere else..."

Additional Resources: Certainteed Window Review


"Donna, I have never heard of CGI so I can’t comment on them. PGT generally gets good reviews, but I have heard lately about some issues..."

Additional Resources: CGI Reviews


"I called Champion and I just wanted to ask some questions on the phone, but they really pushed a home visit. The rep that came out was nice and spent a lot of time going over the options. He had sample windows and heat lamps and thermometers, it was very professional..."

Additional Resources: Champion Windows Reviews


" I met with one of the owners of Citiquiet and he has been very helpful as far as offering solutions for my windows, which are oddly shaped and his general demeanor etc. He wasn't pushy and didn't try to shove anything down our throats, which I appreciated..."

Additional Resources: Citiquiet Reviews


"Two guys came in and installed the soundproof windows in a day and the difference is pretty stunning. They are sturdy and work great. They don't match perfectly with the color of my existing frames, but it's not noticeable until I point it out to people..."

Additional Resources: Cityproof Reviews

Clear Choice

"Sharon, thanks for the question. Clear Choice is very similar to Window World, they are set up as a franchise where each city or area is independently operated. This means it's impossible to say what the quality..."

Additional Resources: Clear Choice Reviews


"I've received quotes on the Simonton 5500, Alside Preservation Serie and ClearView windows from two different companies for 14 double hung windows. They do their own installation and have a long list of references for me to check so I feel like the install quality is covered..."

Additional Resources: Clearview Reviews


"I took a look at their website and was impressed with at least the amount of information they provide, including performance and structural data. It looks like their vinyl windows are relatively budget based in my opinion. They certainly aren't a top tier..."

Additional Resources: ClimateGuard Reviews

Climate Solutions

"Dane, starting to get replacement window bids and have one from Home Improvement USA to install Climate Solutions, the 8100 series..."

Additional Resources: Climate Solutions Reviews


"I live in Clifton Park, NY and I can’t seem to find either of the window companies you talk about in my area. There’s the usual Andersen and Pella distributors and a local company - Comfort Windows and Doors..."

Additional Resources: Comfort Reviews

Comfort World

"If your only choices are those from Window World, then I'd recommend the 6000 series. Bear in mind that the installation of the window plays a very important ..."

Additional Resources: Comfort World Reviews


"My entire house has Crestline double hung windows, which are made of aluminum and wood and were put in around 1993. I never loved them, but there weren't awful. Then not long ago I noticed water stains under some the sills..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Crestline

Crystal Pacific

"John, I don't know much about Crystal Pacific windows (based out of Riverside, California). I did look them up on the website to look at some of their performance numbers and they appear to be okay. I'm sort of assuming that the company like many smaller manufacturers makes a sort of mid range

Additional Resources: Crystal Pacific Reviews

Crystal Windows

"I've put Crystal windows in new construction and also as replacements. I've never had a major problem. They aren't as sturdy as some and I wouldn't put them in a hurrican zone or anything, but for most homes they work well and look nice..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Crystals

Custom Window Systems

"CWS does make some of the best impact windows and they are not too crazy in terms of cost (or they shouldn't be). I recently put a ton of single hungs into a home in Florida..."

Additional Resources: CWS Window Reviews | CWS Pricing

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"Dabella branches are most heavily concentrated in the Pacific Northwest. The company tackles a number of different jobs, including bathroom remodels, gutters, roofs, siding, and windows..."

Additional Resources: Dabella Home Improvement

Doers Manufacturing

"DOERS Windows started making windows back in 2012 by two gentlemen who had worked for Champion Windows. The name s a mix of the two men's names..."

Additional Resources: Doers Manufacturing

Don Young

"I love Don Young windows. They make a great thermally broken aluminum window, especially the single hung. Their vinyls are nothing special, just average, but they do really well when it comes to..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Don Young


"Eagles are great when you have a strong color preference. They have an extruded aluminum exterior, 50 basic colors plus other in the anodized and custom lines. They also have a lot of different finishes and different wood options..."

Additional Resources: Eagle Windows Reviews


"The only line from Earthwise I really like is Innovations. It has a lot of good features and performs well. It might be the only window of theirs that is worth the price. Besides this line, it is an average window. They have a curved lift rail that looks really good, and colonial beading around the glass..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Earthwise

Eastern Architectural Systems

" I don't hear a ton about Eastern Architectural Systems and honestly don't know a lot about the quality of their products..."

Additional Resources: Eastern Architectural Systems


"Echo Windows, LLC was headquartered in Red Oak, Iowa and ceased operations back in early 2009. Echo came out of Traco's residential window operation and was owned by the Gilman family..."

Additional Resources: Echo Reviews


"ECO Windows vs PGT Windows for a single family home in Florida. Both are reputable in Florida and the prices seem to be competitive. My concern is quality and customer service..."

Additional Resources: Eco Reviews


"I will meet with Ecoview tomorrow in person. Over the phone, the high end of their estimate came in $500 below HD's Craftsman estimate – $1200 below Simonton..."

Additional Resources: EcoView


"Nilesh, I have never heard of Elevate. I did check a source of mine who installs in Texas and they said they..."

Additional Resources: Elevate Reviews


"I've found they offer a pretty basic vinyl window that tends to be more boxy than other brands I've used. I would say that they're more of a builder grade than a real quality replacement window. They aren't bad by any means..."

Additional Resources: Ellison Reviews

Empire Pacific

"I've installed a lot ot Empire Pacific windows here in Los Angeles, and I've never had any major problems with service or the warranty. The quality is spot on for the price and they always deliver on time. I've put in hundreds of their..."

Additional Resources: Empire Pacific Reviews


"The second was with a local company, Encore Windows, who sells several different name brand windows. Their quote was $43,000 for 38 double paned..."

Additional Resources: Encore Reviews


"I sell the Energex Elite and always recommend them to buyers, along with two other brands I carry. The windows are very well engineered and designed. The corner welds are cleaner than just about all brands out there. They use a..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Energex

Energy Pro

"It looks like they manufacture their own vinyl windows (or buy them from another retailer). I would ask them to provide the U-factor, SHGC, Design Pressure and Air Infiltration numbers on their Signature..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Energy Pro

Energy Wall

"Energy Wall is essentially a relabeled UltraWeld window, which is Polaris's top of the line vinyl windows. The energy Wall offers a few options and extras that aren't available on the UltraWeld, such as a..."

Additional Resources: Energy Wall By Polaris


"EnerLux Windows and Doors manufacture fiberglass window and doors based out of Omaha, Nebraska. The performance data is impressive, for instance, their casement garners a .01 air infiltration..."

Additional Resources: Enerlux Reviews


"I've also had a bid from Precision Millworks on their Enviroguard BT model. That bid was considerably more expensive at $25,000 and change. I was hoping to get your opinion..."

Additional Resources: Enviroguard Reviews

Enviroview Windows

"Enviroview Windows sells a rebranded Alside Excalibur, which is a poor quality window in my opinion..."

Additional Resources: Enviroview Reviews

ES Windows

"Read ES Windows reviews from consumers and industry experts alike on this Forida based manufacturer..."

Additional Resources: ES Reviews


"Are there any other manufactures (PGT or ETI, European Industres) that sell vinyl French doors like the CWS..."

Additional Resources: ETI Reviews

Euro Tech

"Euro Tech is scheduled to come on Monday to check and give an estimate. The BBB reviews/complaints as of latest show some issues..."

Additional Resources: Euro Tech Reviews


"Although it's been in business for about 30 years, about 5 or 6 years ago the owner sold the company. They don't make their own vinyl windows. They used to buy from Accuweld and now they get them from Thermal Industries. I've heard a few..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Feldco

Florida Home Improvement Associates

"Lastly, FHA is Florida Home Improvement Associates. The guy never measured. Never gave an actual quote and when I asked for one for comparison purposes, he said he didn’t have time if so wasn’t willing to commit on the

Additional Resources: Florida Home Improvement Associates


"We've received quotes from both Thermotech and Fibertec and the Thermotech was 15K more than the Fibertec quote - all for the same number (20+) and I believe the same quality (there might have been some minor differences but I think they were comparable)... "

Additional Resources: Opinions On Fibertec


"The other really good thing about the Fleetwood windows was the good U-factor for aluminum. I was really impressed with the windows, although they are very expensive..."

Additional Resources: Fleetwood Review Information


"Have you heard of Galaxy? Are they good in installation? This process is stressful. Thank you for assisting in advance..."

Additional Resources: Galaxy Reviews


"Gentek is more known for its vinyl and aluminum siding products than its vinyl windows. Nonetheless, the company manufactures three vinyl window lines, including the Sequoia Select, Signature Elite, and the Concord Plus..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Gentek


"It's harder to find aluminum windows today, everyone is making vinyl. Gerkin makes a decent one. They don't have as many options as the vinyl ones do, but their windows have pretty low air infiltration rates, .01 to .04..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Gerkin


"We bought Gienow for our whole home. The service was great, and their windows seem to be a good quality product. The exterior doors are another story, just terrible. They seem so cheap it's hard to believe they come from the same company..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Gienow


"Gilkey makes a great window. I'm not a fan of the Heat Mirror, but it does help to lower energy costs. Their windows are really sturdy. They even have a System Boreal that's hurricane rated, but it isn't the prettiest of..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Gilkey


"I really like the Gorell 5300. It's one of the best designed vinyl windows on the market. It's a lot like the Vekaplast DH1WW but without the shortcomings. With a sloped sill instead of a pocket sill and the glazing beads on the exterior, it looks and works great..."

Additional Resources: Gorell Windows Reviews | Gorell Costs


"I still intend on sending you bids as I pull them together, but got a hard sell today from a reputable installer (Gravina’s) that..."

Additional Resources: Gravinas Reviews

Great Lakes

"In the 1990s I was an installer with Great Lakes. They do have strong fused corners, and the glass is great, low-E, argon filled, all that. They're also good about providing replacement parts quickly and without hassle. I think their biggest weakness..."

Additional Resources: Great Lakes Windows Reviews | Great Lakes Pricing

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H Windows


Additional Resources: H Windows Reviews


"Hanson has its good and bad points. They handle customer service really well, fast responses and they take customer satisfaction very seriously. It can be annoying, though, because they investigate pretty closely and it can make some..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Hansons


"Harvey is based close by and is really popular here in Massachusetts. Their prices are better here than some places because you aren't paying for all that shipping. It's a good quality mid-grade window, and there are a ton of dealers and installers..."

Additional Resources: Harvey Window Reviews | Harvey Windows Pricing


"My friend had Hayfields put on his whole house and he is really pleased. He said he got a great deal, and when we decided to get new windows we called the dealer he had gone through. We've been really happy with them. The warranty is..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Hayfield


"Heartland is an Iowa based vinyl window manufacturer that doesn't get a lot of publicity for the most part. It's hard to know the quality of their products because of this..."

Additional Resources: Heartland


"Sunrise, HiMark, Polaris, and Softlite are considered to be a kind of elite, status brand. I'm not sure if that means they are really better than the big players. I think a lot depends on the dealer you get then from..."

Additional Resources: HiMark Reviews


"I have received bids from Acadia, custom made in house and HomeRite #1650 picture window; both have vinyl frames and are low-e, tempered glass. How is it possible to compare apples to apples..."

Additional Resources: HomeRite

Home Performance Alliance

"Home Performance Alliance is a St. Petersburg based business that sells a rebranded Soft-Lite window called a DuraShield. Soft-Lite has an excellent reputation in the industry..."

Additional Resources: Home Performance Alliance


"The new Hurds are pretty good. In the 80s they changed the wood preservatives and for a few years there were some windows really prone to rot, but the newer ones don't have that problem. A few years ago Hurd hired..."

Additional Resources: Hurd Window Reviews


"I live in east Penn. and want replacement vinyl windows. The Ideal 5000s were quoted at $400 per and the Gorell 5100s was $572. Ideal had a 20 year warranty, Gorells 50. I had Ideals once before and they were..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Ideal


"I bought Indow Windows in 2010, just about the time they started selling their storms. The installation was very easy, it took three hours do the whole house. The next year we purchased more..."

Additional Resources: Indow Windows Reviews | Indow Window Cost


"I think the Inline fiberglass is great. Finding an installer can be harder than choosing a window. If the frames are still good and you just need inserts, that's one thing, a full tear out is something else. For some reason, it can be hard to find a..."

Additional Resources: Inline Window Review


".There is another company I've looked at, Innerglass, that has storm windows that can be opened, so I'm looking into that. .."

Additional Resources: Innerglass Reviews


"Linda, I don't know a ton about Interstate windows. I looked on what I believe is their website and found some performance data that is actually pretty impressive..."

Additional Resources: Interstate Reviews


"My wife and I have been looking at Intus Windows and they are really well made compared to some of the sample windows we've seen. In particular, I like the quality and durability of the hardware and the screens are so much sturdier than the Marvin windows that we currently have..."

Additional Resources: Intus Passive Windows


"I've sold a lot of windows, many of then IWC. They are cheaper windows made out of materials that are better in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact. That said, it doesn't matter anymore since they have closed down..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On IWC


Jancor Cos. Inc. closed its doors back in 2008 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company had been basd out of Ohio and made vinyl windows and siding products. To the best of our knowledge, the company's assets were purchased by Kensington Windows.

Additional Resources: Jancor Reviews


"Jantek is a pretty reliable company, with a decent product and good customer service. To me, their top selling point is that they make vinyl inswing sliders. As far as I know there's only one other company making them, and I really like that window style..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Jantek

Jeld Wen

"I'm considering Simonton Prism Platinum and Jeld-Wen Builders Vinyl, and I could use advice. I'm getting 17 double hungs, 2 pictures, and a slider. Both are Low-E, both qualify for tax credits and have similar warranties..."

Additional Resources: Jeld Wen Windows Reviews | Jeld Wen Window Prices


"We have read on blogs that the Jordan 1800 was their contractor series. Since Jordan went out of business in 2009..."

Additional Resources: Jordan


"I don't know a ton about Joyce, I would say they're a mid range outfit like Alside. Since they are probably comparable in quality, I would say go with what your contractor recommends in terms of his overall experience with the two companies..."

Additional Resources: Joyce


"I met a contractor who is offering German made windows called KBE. The cost is less than any of the quotes I’ve received in the past. But the quality seems to be better than anything I’ve seen..."

Additional Resources: KBE Reviews


"Kensington is a smaller window manufacturer that has a factory in Western Pennsylvania and produces 3 vinyl window series. They were once owned by Jancor and then by Serious Energy and today are owned by Alpen High Performance Products. This has created some real issues for consumers..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Kensington


"There's a local company we like offering KHPP Ascent Vinyl Windows, but he cautioned us about the loss of glass and how it'd look from the exterior. ..."

Additional Resources: KHPP Reviews


"Klearwall Windows And Doors is a Virginia based business, whose triple pane windows are designed with more of a European style, function and materials. This emphasis on energy efficiency, specifically on greatly reducing..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Klearwall


"Krestmark is decent, they sell mainly through local lumber yards, manufacturer direct supply places and so forth, not so much through distributors. This is one reason why there isn't as much information on them as other companies..."

Additional Resources: Krestmark Reviews


"If you're looking at Pellas and Kolbes, the Pella is probably a little cheaper, but not by much. I think the Kolbes are better by a big enough margin to be worth the higher cost. I had 20 double hung wood windows put in..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Kolbe


"Second, priority is sound proof. Third, reasonably priced and to last for 20 years. Do you know anything about Lansing windows, known as lansinglb..."

Additional Resources: Lansing Reviews


"I finished replacing 25 storm window in a bungalow style home with the Larson Gold series storm windows. They cost more than their other storms, but I felt they were worth it. The frames are much stronger and..."

Additional Resources: Larsen Window Reviews


"We want to replace our aluminum windows with Lawson impact 7700 series and sliding doors with the 9200 series. How do these compare with the PGT windows and doors..."

Additional Resources: Lawson Reviews

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"LbL was based out of Toutdale, Oregon and manufactured a number of vinyl and composite models and series. The company also manufactured a number of private-label series that were then relabeled..."

Additional Resources: on LbL Windows

LEI Home Enhancements

"We got a quote on Friday from the contractor at LEI Home Enhancements and they install only Alside. The only booklet she left was for the Revelations Premier series, so I assume that is the only series from Alside they install..."

Additional Resources: on LEI Home Enhancements Reviews


"I've used Lepage windows on a project and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. We needed to get several window locks replaced, so the installer also did exterior trim work and the price was still under..."

Additional Resources: on LePage Review


"Our whole neighborhood was built with Lincolns and almost as soon as the warranty expired, people started having to replace them. All of them were thermopane windows and I've already done 9 and have more that need replacing..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Lincoln


"The Lindsay option seems like the best value for the money, but that's just because of the price compared to the others. The numbers were pretty good on the Lindsay..."

Additional Resources: Lindsay Reviews


"I recommend Loewen, sort of, but only with caution. About 10 years ago I had almost 40 custom doors and windows put for our renovation project. They kept sending us the wrong order. Once we finally got the right ones though..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Loewen | Loewen Windows Costs


"Marvin windows are widely considered one of the best brands on the market. While there are some differences from one Marvin line to the next, they are almost always going to win out when compared to any other brand with..."

Additional Resources: Marvin Windows Reviews | Marvin Window Prices

Mathews Brothers

"Any thoughts or feedback on Mathew Brothers? They are a local manufacturer in this area, NH and ME but I haven't heard much about their products..."

Additional Resources: Mathews Brothers Reviews

Max Guard

"Glenn, I'm not familiar with all the Florida companies that you've listed. Max Guard does seem to get good reviews but $49K seems pretty excessive for your project given the other bids you have..."

Additional Resources: Max Guard Reviews

Mercury Excelum

"The other installer has been using Mercury Excelum exclusively for quite a few years. Mercury Excelum is actually a local manufacturer here in CT, but their web site is not up to date for the product we've been quoted..."

Additional Resources: Mercury Excelum

MGM Industries

"One of the lumber yards quoted a window from MGM Industries. I didn't see anything on your site about them. I was wondering if you knew anything about them or how the would compare to other Windows such as..."

Additional Resources: MGM Industries


"My house has MI windows that are about 15 years old. I've heard they have a lot of problems, but I've been impressed with mine. Their warranty was better than a lot that I looked at and when I did have a minor problem..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On MI


"I've been told that the Midway is basically a "souped up" Alliance Hawthorne. Rep said he chose this option when he was looking for value ..."

Additional Resources: Midway Reviews | Midway Window Pricing


"We went with Milgards for a few reasons, mainly the warranty and their reputation for a good product. I've been happy with them, no drafts or anything else, but the dealer we went through has been awful. Several different things were ordered wrong..."

Additional Resources: Milgard Windows Reviews | Milgard Window Pricing

Monte Verde

"The Monte Verde is darn good and the best of the bunch. The Monte Verde is the low end window from Anlin, but it gets decent numbers with the triple window option. If the installer gets good reviews, then you should definitely consider this..."

Additional Resources: Monte Verde Reviews | Monte Verde Prices

Morgan Exteriors

"When I called Morgan Exteriors, they assured me that the windows are Simonton hurricane windows and when I checked I did see a label with the brand on it. Good company and warranty..."

Additional Resources: Morgan Exteriors Reviews


"At one time, Napco manufactured both residential windows and siding that was sold to builders, supply stores and consumers under their own brand name. The company was eventually purchased by Ply Gem..."

Additional Resources: Napco


"I would suggest that you call the Nescor rep and have him give you the air infiltration, U-factor, design pressure, and SHGC numbers for the particular vinyl window that he quoted you on. Then I would get these exact same numbers from..."

Additional Resources: Nescor Review Information

Newriver Windows

"He also quoted me Newriver 5300 series at $7,780... he told me the Newriver 5300 are better then both the windows that Window Nation quoted..."

Additional Resources: NewRiver Reviews

NewSouth Window Solutions

"Newsouth manufactures & sells windows only in Florida using subs for installations. (The others I'm considering use company employees) From my research, the windows seem to be decent, but they've gotten a bit of flack for..."

Additional Resources: NewSouth Window Solutions

New Windows Of America

"I've just received a quote for replacing (not refitting) 2 windows from New Windows of America. One is for a bathroom, double hung (32wX42h), their Edison series, with tempered glass, and opaque lower sash. The other is a casement awning window for the kitchen (36wX42h). Windows include..."

Additional Resources: New Windows Of America


"I honestly don't know if Newpro makes a decent product or not. All I can say is that the sales pitch is so horrible I knew long before it was over that I would never buy from them, ever. It takes hours, and he started with..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Newpro

Select Type Of Window
Select Frame Material
Window Brand Quality
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How Many Windows?
Zip Code


"Norandex sells the Viewpoint 3000, which is actually an Atrium line. It's a mid-grade window, so if the price is good it isn't bad, but if you can afford something nicer then you can probably do better..."

Additional Resources: Norandex Reviews


Norco was a wood and aluminum window manufacturer that was acquired by Jeld Wen back in the mid 1990s. For repairs or other issues, consumers should contact Jeld Wen directly.

Additional Resources: Norco Reviews

Northeast Building Products

Northeast Building Products manufactures several vinyl replacement window models and series that they distribute their windows and doors throughout the Northeastern United States. The company has been making windows and doors since 1975 and currently has four series, including the Crusader, 2700, TrustGard and Camelot series.

Additional Resources: Northeast Building Products Reviews

Northeast Windows USA

Here are the window bids I got when I filled out the form. There is a big price differences between the three options, including the North East 1000DS Series.

Additional Resources: Northeast Windows USA


"NorthStar isn't terrible, but they don't have great ratings. Their best offering with triple pane and Krypton gas is only rated 0.21, which isn't that good. For the same money you can probably find something in the high or low teens..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Northstar


"If you're looking for quality, definitely find an NT dealer in your area. For a mid-priced vinyl replacement window, they are an excellent choice .They come standard with low-E 366 coating, double strength glass package, and an aluminum reinforced meeting rail. They are also 100% American made, which is always a plus..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On NT


"The better lines of Okna and Sunrise are pretty comparable in quality. Even their basic series are better than maybe 80% of other brands out there, even some so-called premium ones..."

Additional Resources: Okna Windows Reviews | Okna Pricing

Owens Corning

"I have Owens Corning Solace windows. They are actually manufactured by Sunrise, but sold by OC. I like them a lot, they are really well made and look great..."

Additional Resources: Owens Corning


"We had Oxford windows but had a house fire and the basement windows need to be replaced. There are 3 smaller windows, and we will now have 2 egress windows. Our contractor wants to replace them with MI..."

Additional Resources: Oxford Reviews


"How do the CDW windows compare with PanoramaH windows..."

Additional Resources: PanoramaH Reviews


"Paradigm is a good choice, I know a lot of contractors who won't work with anything except Andersens and Marvins for their higher end clients and Paradigms for your average home..."

Additional Resources: Paradigm Reviews


"Have you guys ever heard anything about "panes" brand windows? They're a company out of Toronto. The pricing is pretty good, particularly with the exchange rate..."

Additional Resources: Pane Window Reviews


"I need 12 replacement windows, probably vinyl. I'm in upstate NY, cold winters, humid summers, 1700 sq foot ranch home. The Peachtrees don't look good at all, they look poorly made and cheap. Pellas seem better, but they were way too expensive..."

Additional Resources: Peachtree Window Review


"Pella makes a wood clad sliding door that looks great at first, but then after a few years the cladding tends to separate from the glass. I'm not sure I can recommend them. When you're choosing a window, you have to look at three numbers..."

Additional Resources: Pella Windows Reviews | Pella Windows Prices

Penny windows

"...this is a quote for my house in St Louis. Several windows are fairly large 82 inches wide and also a 97x60 picture window. Penny Windows quote for 10 Wincore 5400 $8700..." ..."

Additional Resources: Penny Window Reviews


"I really like the PGT 2300. Their only problem is they don't have a wood grain interior. I've sold hundreds of them when they had the NC factory, and I think I only had a problem with one order, but that was handled right away..."

Additional Resources: PGT Reviews | PGT pricing

Ply Gem

"Plygem is a good mid-grade product. You sometimes find someone trying to sell it as a premium, but if you do the research you can get a good price. I would get the energy package, you get reinforced sashes, foam filled frames, and a stainless steel spacer..."

Ply Gem Windows Reviews | Ply Gem Costs


"The ThermalWeld is okay, better than a lot of them but not top tier. I like the Polaris UltraWeld much better. I think it's one of the all around best vinyl window, and definitely the best of the Polaris lines..."

Additional Resources: Polaris Windows Reviews | Polaris Window Prices

Polar Seal

"The bbb gives polar seal 5 stars and Joyce 3.86 stars. So have you heard anything about the polar seal company and there windows..."

Additional Resources: Polar Seal Reviews


"Polybau and Anlin both make really good windows. I think they're way better than Simonton or anything sold at HD (Home Depot). They offer a slightly larger extrusion..."

Additional Resources: Polybau Reviews

Select Type Of Window
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Window Brand Quality
Installation Requirements
How Many Windows?
Zip Code


"Power Windows have a "Crusader" model, made by North East Building Products. It's really a builder's grade product, although it does have a few upgrades. It uses a sashlite glazing, some sort of coating they call Sunclean, and tempered glass. I think it just looks..."

Additional Resources: Power Reviews


"Bonnie, sorry I have not heard of Precision windows. These are my Texas recommendations if you wanted to take a look..."

Additional Resources: Precision Reviews


"They look like cheap vinyl windows -- I wouldn't be surprised if they were relabeled Atriums... However, I don't know this for a fact so I will try and collect some additional consumer reviews to get a better judge on this company..."

Additional Resources: Premium Reviews


"Preservations are from Alside. They market them as their exclusive high end window, but I would put them as a solid middle of the road window that is often sold for a premium price, which is..."

Additional Resources: Preservation Reviews | Preservation Prices


"Provia isn't as well known as some brands, but they're a reliable company and they make a good window. I think they're equal to any of the more popular lines. I would take a look at Sunrise, but other than that Provia is a decent choice..."

Additional Resources: ProVia Reviews | ProVia Aeris Reviews


"There are hundreds of window manufacturers and Quaker windows have never entered our review boards. I'm not sure where they fit into the vinyl window equation. I will say that, in general..."

Additional Resources: Quaker Reviews


"I know Rehau is a German company that made vinyl extrusions for windows. This is the first I'm hearing of residential applications inside the U.S. I know they make good products..."

Additional Resources: Rehau Reviews


"Reliabilt offers good value for the price. I'd would recommend their 3201 Series over the 3500 Series for the superior air infiltration numbers. One interesting note: with some searching you can actually find them for less under a different brand name (Reliabilts are made by Atrium and then rebadged and sold.

Additional Resources: Reliabilt Window Reviews

Renewal By Andersen

"The RBAs are a good quality and they custom make each order. The big deal is getting a good installer, they really are the ones who determine if your window performs well or not. RBA is franchised, so the quality..."

Additional Resources: Renewal By Andersen Reviews | RBA prices


"Republic Windows and Doors was an Illinois based vinyl window manufacturer that started back in 1965 and ended up declaring bankruptcy at the end of 2008. There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding..."

Additional Resources: Republic W & D


"Revere is owned by Associated Materials, along with Alpine, Preservation and Alside and and is known for their Berkshire Elite vinyl windows. Each of these companies tend to use similar quality vinyl extrusions and materials to manufacture their windows. In general, they are not as well built as other options ..."

Additional Resources: Revere Reviews


"Advanced Window Systems (didn’t seem to be a well made window) and a European window company called RHEA in Darien,CT, but still searching for the right windows..."

Additional Resources: Rhea Reviews


"You don't hear alot about Richlin on a national level (or in many of the online forums) and honestly I don't know a ton about them. Their products do offer some very impressive performance numbers that can be found..."

Additional Resources: Comments On Richlin

Rite Window

"What do you think of Rite Window - it says they install their own brand of vinyl windows in the Greater Boston Area. I like their no-nonsense approach to pricing and installing, but have no idea about the quality of the product that they install. Can you please shed a little light on them?..."

Additional Resources: Rite Window Reviews

Rogers Window

"I cannot afford to replace my whole home with Marvin but I wish I could. Rogers Windows offers a clay (for the vinyl). I love the clay color at Marvin..."

Additional Resources: Rogers Windows Reviews


"First question is have you heard anything good or bad about Rosati and their product more specifically? Their installation and customer service seems to be rated high overall..."

Additional Resources: Rosatti Reviews


"Schuco stopped selling their windows on the residential market around 2008 and their windows certainly are still in homes, but they are no longer available as residential replacement windows. ..."

Additional Resources: Schuco Reviews


"I'm not going to recommend the Sears Brand because I don't know what it is exactly. Sears typically sells a relabeled Simonton window. I would doubt whether the Simonton is a better offering than the..."

Additional Resources: Sears Review Information


"There isn't much information out there on SeasonGuard Windows, but they do appear to be a rebranded Sunrise window. This isn't that unique to the window industry, there are many examples of larger manufacturers selling..."

Additional Resources: Seasonguard Reviews


"I've installed Seaway windows in the past and they are a good window. $500 for the Encore with installation does not seem excessive to me, I would say that's probably right in the middle of what you could expect..."

Additional Resources: Seaway Windows Reviews


"In 2003, I purchased 16 casements, a double hung, and 8 fixed windows plus 2 sliding glass doors, all from SEMCO. I think even with some minor problems, I'm glad we got them, because we could get the whole house done and..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Semco

Serious Energy

"I think Serious makes a good window, and I also like Thermotech and Inline. Serious makes a really good product with suspended film glass, the lighter weight makes the moving parts last a lot longer and..."

Additional Resources: Serious Energy Reviews

Shelter Windows

"I have Shelter windows which the wood on the outside has deteriorated. I need to replace them very soon. About 7 years ago I replaced 3 windows with Andersen. I now have many contractors that are providing me with bids and..."

Additional Resources: Shelter Window Reviews


"I have a bid from Showcase. This is s $1 million plus home. Any suggestions? Must have vinyl probably due to moisture in area less than a mile from Lake Ponchartrain in South Louisiana..."

Additional Resources: Reviews On Showcase


"I hadn't heard of Shwinco before and when I search for them online, there isn't much information on them regarding reviews or customer experiences. Are you familiar with them?"

Additional Resources: Shwinco Reviews

Sierra Pacific

"Overall, the Sierra Pacifics seems to be well built. The casements they installed were good looking and the crank is nice and smooth, but these also felt a bit flimsy in their design. The corner welds seem good, although there are a couple that probably could have been done cleaner..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Sierra Pacific


"I put in Silverline 8000-8500s 12 years ago. We had 28 of them, double hung, low-e coating, argon filled, all the extra features. The salesman said they were the best windows on the market. However, within..."

Additional Resources: Silverline Windows Reviews


"Simonton has some good products, especially the Reflections 5500 and Prism Platinum. They are pretty much the same with only some minor cosmetic differences. I like the Prism Platinum best, it has the Super Spacer and..."

Additional Resources: Simonton Windows Reviews | Simonton Prices


"Tracy, I've never heard of Sivan, but their google and yelp reviews are really good..."

Additional Resources: Sivan Reviews


"There isn't much information about Slocomb because they are not a very big player in the replacement market and they make a product that is mediocre - not bad, just nothing special. Their design is..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Slocomb | Slocomb Pricing

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"The Softlite is a good company and they have some good options, I really like their Edgetech Super Spacer. They are also simple to reglaze if you need it. In general, reliable and nice..."

Additional Resources: Soft-Lite Windows Reviews | Soft-Lite Prices


"In doing a fair amount of research, I have found myself comparing SoftLite, Solartech and Polaris. I was unable to find anything about Solartech..."

Additional Resources: Solar-Tech Reviews


"From what I've seen, Stanek makes a good window, but I have a big problem with the pocket sill. Manufacturers like it because it's cheaper and faster to produce than a true welded sill, but every time it rains you have..."

Additional Resources: Stanek Window Review


"I have spent hours and hours researching your incredible site and am curious if you have any feedback on Stergis in particular since they are not listed. Any other feedback that you might have regarding the others would be appreciated as well..."

Additional Resources: Stergis Reviews

Sterling Window System

"o you have any info on Sterling Windows System in Nashville, TN. They say that they make their own window in their factory in Knoxville, TN but when I said that..."

Additional Resources: Sterling Window Systems

Storm Tight

"I have been researching hurricane impact windows and have become thoroughly confused. We spoke to someone at Storm Tight and though we were going to go with them, but we are now having second thoughts..."

Additional Resources: Storm Tight


"Six years ago I replaced my original windows with some from Sun Windows and I love them. I honestly can't tell you if their customer service is any good, because we've been problem free since day one..."

Additional Resources: Sun Window Reviews


"I really like the Okna brand, but just sort of Luke warm on SunLite and Simonton 6500 from HD..."

Additional Resources: Sunlite Reviews


"I think the Sunrise Elements is a really good window, I like it even more than the LS. It has a lot of upgrades and options available, and it has a .01 air infiltration rate, which is pretty much impossible to beat..."

Additional Resources: Sunrise Windows Reviews | Sunrise Windows Cost


"Superior makes a good, reliable vinyl window. They recently came out with a new screen with a super fine mesh that makes it much less noticeable. The lift handle is extruded, too, so it doesn't have the..."

Additional Resources: Superior Window Opinions


"We have a pretty tough project on the horizon that involves sill work and 19 replacement windows. These are my bids..."

Additional Resources: SWS


"Do you have any information or opinions about Tafco windows? I’m in Houston, TX..."

Additional Resources: Tafco


"The contractor who I know is a fan of the Target Hampton, so I'm leaning towards this option. Any info. is appreciated. I have 12 windows that need to be replaced..."

Additional Resources: Target


"A reputable window supplier (not installer) is advising us to do the Andersen TW conversion kit for all the double hungs, replace the sash and stops on the bay windows, and go with Thermatru fiberglass French doors..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Therma-Tru

ThermalCraft Windows

"Explore ThermalCraft reviews and opinions from this Illinois based installer and manufacturer..."

Additional Resources: ThermalCraft Reviews

Thermal Industries

"I'm considering either Thermal Industries or Okna. Is one of them better than the other, or should I be looking at something else? I'm either renting or selling the home soon, so I don't want to spend too much, but I don't want to have to replace them in just a few years if I do keep it as a rental..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Thermal Industries

Thermal Windows & Doors

"I'm in need of vinyl replacement double hungs and called Thermal Window & Door company (the installers) in broomall, PA. I've use them bf (last July) for a larger patio door & think they're terrific!..."

Additional Resources: Thermal Windows & Doors


"I also like Thermotech and Inline. Serious has been used in a lot of famous buildings, including the Empire State Building, plus they come with a lifetime guarantee. Thermotech is also great, they are more expensive, but they have really great service, and I recommend them especially if you don't know anything about what you want or need..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Thermo Tech


"Hi. How does Polaris compare to Thermo-Twin? The prices for both were about the same for a 3 section picture window with casement flankers..."

Additional Resources: Thermo-Twin Reviews


"From what I can tell, they seem to be on par with Marvin and Andersen in terms of quality. Perhaps a bit less expensive than these big name brands but I would suspect that Trimline windows cost will be only a bit less than what you would pay for a comparable Andersen or Marvin..."

Additional Resources: Trimline Reviews


"I don’t know anything about Trust Gard windows, but I suppose this is what I would recommend if you trust the contractor to put them in correctly. Windows should last at a minimum 10 years if installed correctly..."

Additional Resources: Trustgard Reviews


"I used to use United windows a lot. They are mostly in New Jersey. They are a nice, solid product, that's what I put on my own house..."

Additional Resources: other United Reviews

Universal Windows Direct

"Universal is much more regional and that has some advantages also - they will both sell the door and install the door so if there are any problems, you know actually who to go to. Assuming you like the Unishield Plus..."

Additional Resources: other Universal Windows Direct Reviews


"I been thinking on Vector window which there is limited information - I think they are contractor range but I am not sure..."

Additional Resources: Vector Reviews


"Velux makes a great skylight in my opinion. If one of their skylights leaks, it was probably installed improperly. I haven't seen any of their products fail, but I also haven't worked with that many of them..."

Additional Resources: Velux Reviews


"Thanks for your question, it is an interesting one. First off, I'd never heard of Venetian windows by Alside and when I went to look them up online, I couldn't tell exactly what I was looking for..."

Additional Resources: Reviews Of Alside Venetian Series


"Beth, unfortunately, the Ventura brochure didn't include any performance data, which is really what I would need to compare them. I've never heard of them and when I did an online..."

Additional Resources: Ventura Windows Reviews

Vinyl Design

"It looks like they are a pretty small operation based on the google map pics I saw. I also checked their performance numbers on - it looks like their double hung option is..."

Additional Resources: Vinyl Design Review Information

Vinyl Kraft

"The company manufactures three vinyl window series, which includes the Legacy Series, the 5500 Series and the Trustgard Series. The company uses vekka extrusions in their frame rails and sashes, which is a high quality vinyl material and one used by many of the top companies in the industry..."

Additional Resources: Vinyl Kraft Reviews


"I like the Vinylmax Easton, I'd compare it to a Simonton 5500, but the Easton has a triple pane option that is great for noise reduction. They aren't as well known as a lot of brands, but they are a small family run business and I've had really good experiences..."

Additional Resources: Vinylmax Reviews | Vinylmax Windows Prices

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"The Vista Panorama Series is a nice mid range vinyl frame. I actually use it as my drop window, or the one I recommend to customers on a tight budget but who still want a decent product. Over the past several years, I've installed loads of them and had relatively few issues..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Vista


"Nancy, I don't know much about Vistamark except that they are a new company. The rule of thumb in the window industry..."

Additional Resources: Vistamark Reviews


"I've heard a lot of bad things about Viwincos but I like them. I've seen them in a lot of homes and they look very nice and seem sturdy. I'll probably use them when it's time to replace more of my..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Viwinco


"The Stormbreaker is a good window for coastal applications. I don't know a ton about ViWinTech windows, but I know their reputation is..."

Additional Resources: ViWinTech Reviews


"I did replace a number of windows 5 years ago with VPI windows and they seem to be holding up fine..."

Additional Resources: VPI Reviews


"I am impressed with the Vytex Fortis range, its a decent windows that looks good. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the Vytex Heritage or the Alside Excalibur to my clients..."

Additional Resources: Vytex Reviews


"Wallside is a Michigan company, and they manufacture their own frames and then also handle the install and service. They offer a 35 year material and labor warranty. The windows I'm looking at have an Intercept spacer and Guardian Climagard RLE 71/31 glass, but their numbers just seem average..."

Additional Resources: Wallside Windows Reviews


"I would say that the products are equal in strength - so the big question is going to be which company provides better installation - which one do you feel represents you..."

Additional Resources: opinions on Walsh Reviews


"I am currently getting estimates for replacing 41 windows on my home in north Texas (dfw area). One installer is using weatherbarr windows..."

Additional Resources: WeatherBarr Reviews


"Weathergard is bit more expenses however my research appears to be that weathergard is a better product. What is your opinion..."

Additional Resources: WeatherGard Reviews


"Alpen is a great window, but it has to be quite expensive. In terms of the quality of WeatherMaster installation, I really don't have much information. What I would say is this..."

Additional Resources: WeatherMaster Opinions


"Weathershield Legacy is a good wood clad window, but their lower end products are not so good. When people order a builders quality frame, they have to expect an entry level product..."

Additional Resources: Opinions On Weathershield


"Their main office as well as factory where they manufacture their own windows are located in Anaheim, California . They seem to be a trustworthy company, but very limited window style selection (ie they discontinued their double hung windows due to lack of supply demand)..."

Additional Resources: Win-Dor Reviews


"I used your installed finder and got a company called winchoice...I never heard of them, but I assume they will call me monday..."

Additional Resources: WinChoice Reviews


"'Wincore makes a great product. Based on Veka extrusions, the frame is well designed and engineered. It's sturdy and durable but still looks great. They're a fairly new company, and the sales and marketing need some work..."

Additional Resources: Wincore Windows Reviews


"I was at Winowrama looking at the United vs the Mi and noticed a significant difference in the whites. Also your thoughts on the Mi 1650..."

Additional Resources: Windowrama Reviews

Window Depot

"Hi again Dane. I got a second estimate from Window Depot (not Window World). They gave me an estimate of just over $900 for a..."

Additional Resources: Window Depot Reviews

Window Door Outlet

"they referred me to a dealer called WINDOW DOOR OUTLET. Unfortunately, they cannot come out today. I got an appt. for tomorrow. I will keep you posted..."

Additional Resources: Window Door Outlet Reviews

Window eStore

"I am looking into buying replacement windows online. I am looking at From my research it seems they are selling Simonton windows. Do you know which models it is they are selling..."

Additional Resources: Windowestore Reviews

Window Express

"We are looking at replacement of 8 windows, 5 double hung, 3 half round, We have had estimates from Window World, Lanham Window Company (a local family owned business 0perating for 42 years in the area) Window Express and Renewal by Anderson..."

Additional Resources: Window Express Reviews

Window Mart

"In terms of the Window Mart warranty, it looks like they offer a Limited Lifetime on all the vinyl parts, hardware and components. They also offer a 3 year glass breakage provision, which is quite a nice provision..."

Additional Resources: Window Mart Reviews

Window Nation

"We recently had our windows replaced by Window Nation and are thrilled with our new windows. They were well priced and I think they are great looking and performing windows. Overall a great experience, professional sales staff and installers..."

Additional Resources: Window Nation

(The) Window Source

"The window source” series 3000 (ply gem, I think). They look good and seem to be holding up after 4 years. I want to replace more windows..."

Additional Resources: Window Source Reviews

Window Universe

"We recently got a bid on a Berkshire Elite window from Window Universe and I was impressed with the price per window. My question is is this a quality product or not in your estimation..."

Additional Resources: Window Universe

Window Works

"I know very little about Window Works, only that they are Chicago based and have a number of reviews on them through the BBB website. In general, they seem to get mostly positive reviews..."

Additional Resources: Window Works

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Window World

"You can get a good deal if you need some simple white double hungs, but if you want energy efficient features or different styles, you'll find a lot of extra charges. Generally, you can do better than Window World. If I'm going to live in a house I want decent windows..."

Additional Resources: Window World Reviews | Window World Prices

Windows By Unlimited

"Beth, I have never heard of Windows By Unlimited, but this is what I found out. Windows By Unlimited has been in business since the late 60s and is a Wisconsin based company..."

Additional Resources: Windows By Unlimited


"I'm considering SEMCO, Marvin, Windsor, and JeldWen, but I like the Semco and Marvin best. The Windsor and JeldWens are kind of plain and generic looking, and their movement seems less smooth. The Marvin and Semco seem to have better hardware..."

Additional Resources: Windsor Window Reviews


"I wasn't super impressed with the 10 to 12 reviews that I read (I try to weed out the perfect reviews and the dismal reviews and concentrate on what look like thoughtful and legitimate reviews). Most of the complaints seem to focus on the overall business approach to how they attract new customers. However, I know nothing about their windows, which I saw no complaints about. ..."

Additional Resources: Woodbridge Reviews


"Xact is now part of MI Windows And Doors, which is a large building supply company that has 3 manufacturing locations, including Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona. The company also owns the CertainTeed brand. Both Xact..."

Additional Resources: Xact Reviews


"Our specification calls out Jeld-Wen single hung windows, but the pandemic has caused Jeld-Wen problems such that our builder would like to substitute YKK AP StyleView windows instead..."

Additional Resources: YKK AP Reviews


"Zen Windows are essentially a private reseller of Soft-Lite windows, although I don't know much more about the relationship than that. To the best of my knowledge, the Zen Karma is the..."

Additional Resources: Zen Windows Reviews


"I have been collecting window bids for a passive house that I am building. So far, we have bids from Zola, Intus and CoMetal..."

Additional Resources: Zola Reviews

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