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Brothers Home Improvement Window Reviews

Read Brothers Home Improvement reviews from consumers and industry experts alike on this Sacramento, California based company. They sell a relabeled Lindsay window series, although we haven't been able to determine which series they use.

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Brothers Home Improvement vs. Milgard Style Line

I just signed a contract (in the Sacramento area) with Chriswell Home Improvements to install 30 Milgard Style Line (mainly to preserve the views, but also pricing) windows of various sizes (including a couple large trapezoids) and four large sliding doors for $30,000, supposedly 35% off retail. The deal was only valid if I signed right then, but I have three days to cancel if I wish.

I also had an earlier quote from Brothers Home Improvement using their own proprietary line (I think) for about $24,000. I went with the Milgard because I had been under the impression they were higher end...but after doing some research and finding your site, I’m not so sure I took the right deal.

So I’m wondering if you have experience with Brothers and their product, and how they would compare with Chriswell’s Milgard offering. Any insights or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

If it helps, winters here only occasionally dip below freezing, but summers often get over 100 degrees.

Derek - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Derek, I don't have any experience with either one of those local companies. Brothers Home Improvement has lots of good yelp reviews. Chriswell Home Improvements has good reviews, but way less of them.

My big concern here is the price per window. I have no idea of the quality of window of Brothers Home Improvement. The Styleline is Milgard's entry window and not the window I would have in my home. I would at least have the Tuscany model with an upgraded glass.

I think you need a couple more bids -- I'm not saying the bids you have are unfair because sliding doors can easily run $2K to $3K each. I would try and get the performance data on the Brothers Home Improvement windows and see how they compare to the Styleline and Tuscany. Then I would read all of their reviews...

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

[Derek's Reply]

Thank you very much for your response. I felt uncomfortable with the Milgard Style Line, in part because of your reviews. The Brothers windows are an inch thick, rather than half an inch, the vinyl frames mount from the inside and are thus subject to much lower temperature extremes, the frame construction is comparable to the Tuscany, and along with the lifetime parts warranty there is a 10 year labor warranty, according to their sales person. And their price is only $23,000, compared to $30,000.

I've also received a slightly lower price offer from a company that uses Anlin Bay View Optimum View Series windows. How would you rate the two different brands?

Again, thanks for your advice.

Derek - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Lindsey has an okay reputation, but without knowing which window they are using, it's tough to say. Typically when a company resells a window, they use a mid range series. If you received a lower bid on an Anlin product, that's what I would go with. I'm assuming the Bay View Optimum View is akin to their Panoramic series. This is what I would go with.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

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