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Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews

Read 13 Sierra Pacific windows reviews to find out what homeowners and contractors think of their products and customer service. The Red Bluff, California based company sells windows and doors, including an 8500 repalcement window, 8000 series new construction window, H3 fusion, all wood and aluminum clad series.

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Sierra Pacific Window Prices

Editor's Sierra Pacific Review

Sierra Pacific Industries is a family owned and operated window and door business headquartered in Red Bluff, California. The company has been in business from a hundred plus years. While mostly known for their wood clad windows and doors, the company now also offers aluminum clad and vinyl products. The company acquired the assets of Hurd windows sometime back and integrated their manufacturing lines to their fleet of windows and doors.

While mostly known for their distribution in the Northwest, where they obviously got their start, Sierra Pacific now sells throughout the United States through local reps and dealers. The company has over 600 dealers and distributors and company stores across the country, as well as three manufacturing plants.

While their wood clad windows are good quality, their entrance into the vinyl window market is too early to really make a solid judgement on their vinyl windows. Hurd windows had a solid reputation for quality products. While I wouldn't necessarily put Sierra Pacific in there top tier of window manufacturers, I would say they are a very solid manufacturer.

Tim - Site Editor

Sierra Pacific Windows Warranty

Does your company honor warranty claims for Hurd windows, or do you know who would?

Jeff - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jeff, if anyone is going to honor the warranty it would be Sierra Pacific Windows, who bought the assets in 2014. The odds are probably pretty low that they will warranty the windows, but it is always worth a shot.

In case it does not work, this is my recommendation. I would find a good window repair person in your area by googling "window repairman in [your city, state]" and seeing if any credible companies comes up. You can also use an app like yelp to find a top rated window repair person. Make sure to check their online reviews before going with them.

I would call them up and see if they offer free bids on repair or glass jobs. The free bid thing is kind of amazing if they do offer it because you can glean a lot of information from that visit about your options going forward.

For instance, they should able to tell you if they can fix your window, whether you can get away with just replacing the window pane(s), or whether you need to replace the entire window.

This is where I would start. If it turns out that you do need to replace your windows, I am happy to offer some recommendations of quality window brands/series in your area.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2022

Sierra Pacific Windows Cost vs. Apex

Dane, your reviews and information is over-the-top awesome. Thank you. I have an Apex salesman coming today to pitch his product. He stopped by yesterday and I have to say his initial presentation was excellent. The local reviews on Google etc are very good. I have a 4k sq ft house with about 35 windows. We are looking for very high quality storm and energy efficient windows as we are in the hot and hurricane potential area of Tampa Bay Florida, just a few blocks to the Gulf of Mexico.

I had someone else come out a few months ago that showed me the Sierra Pacific product at about $1250 installed per window, but there was no follow up and I suspect with current costs and labor issues, they wouldn’t deliver on a timely install.

Apex on the other hand, just in the sales guys initial guess, would do the job in 3 days. Supposedly we also have an unique issue with the existing windows that they will have to be cut out of their existing metal frames. The said something about metal straps or framing that had to be cut through?

I was told this by the Sierra guy, it seems like it was a big deal and required special saws. I mentioned this to the Apex guy and he said they are master installers and have all the necessary equipment for this endeavor. Sorry for the scattered email and thoughts but do you have any suggestions? Last question, the Apex person gave me a folder to look at, one piece is their Coastal Series, have you heard of Pearl Bay Coastal Collection? Thanks for your amazing work.

Jim - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jim, if the Apex outfit has very good reviews than you are halfway there already. Pearl Bay is a Simonton impact window, and to the best of my knowledge, is considered a good impact window. I don’t know enough about this particular window and door series to give it an endorsement myself, but they are solid from the little I know.

Replacement windows or inserts are installed in the holes where the previous windows are cut out. There is a nailing flange on new construction windows that remains unless you take everything out, but this is only done if there is water damage to your existing frames. It sounds like you are good to go.

Just in case, you want one more bid, my top picks [listed redacted]

Let me know how the job turns out as I’m always looking for a gauge on how to judge Apex. I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around them yet :)

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Sierra Pacific Aluminum Clad Windows

Dane, I need some advice before I reach out via your site to get quotes. We live in Atlanta and have been considering replacement windows for a while and keep getting stuck on a few points, i hope you can set us straight. We have 34 double hung and 4 picture to replace and were leaning towards Sierra Pacific aluminum clad windows. We got a quote around $30k were going to move forward.

Then we started discussing the fact that its just a sash replacement and we would still have to paint the interior, which would be expensive. We also weren't totally happy with the white color selection they have as we would need to match the exterior trim to that color, its a bit bright for us. We then started thinking about what we could get for whole windows replacement via vinyl.

We were reluctant to do vinyl as some people believe they look cheap and they have thick frames with dividers inside the window. We saw the Sunrise windows and how low profile they are, and decided to reconsider. We got a few quotes on Sunrise but they didnt seem to get what we were asking for.. Is there another vinyl window which has a low profile window comparable to Sunrise with a toned down white color?

We looked at Okna, loved the price, but the frame is very thick and the edges have seams. Or is there a paintable one where we could choose which white we would like? I don't like the idea of painting as it adds extra cost, but if its what we want, we would only spend the money once. I am attaching the quotes we received for your reference and I appreciate your insights on price. FYI, all the quotes have different quantities of windows as we were changing our minds on how many we were going to replace at one time. Thank you for your help.

Joe - Homeowner - from 2021

Sierra Pacific 8500 Double-hung Windows

Hello Dane and Tim! I found your site while doing research on windows and I love it! what a great resource and wealth of information.

Pella - Encompass or 250 Vinyl

Ideal Window - Ultra Tite Window

Sierra Window - 8500 double-hung

We are first-time window buyers and there is so much to know and learn, and such a wide difference in pricing. We have met with four window companies, three of them are listed here, the other one was Renewal by Anderson. I think I've narrowed it down to these three, Pella of course has good reviews, Sierra Pacific has good reviews, and Ideal Windows have been around for almost 100 years so I take that as they must be doing something right. Would love any advice or feedback on any of the three windows that we are looking at, thank you!

Thanks so much,

Rico - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rico, I have a pretty strong opinion on this one. The Ideal Ultra-site is the best of these windows. The overall build, fit, and tolerance of this window is much better than the Sierra or Pella. The Sierra Pacific 8500 series is going to be right behind the Ideal in terms of energy efficiency. The Pella 250 is going to be pretty far behind. Pella's vinyl windows have gotten much better, but they are still more of a wood clad window manufacturer than a vinyl window maker.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sierra Pacific Sliding Doors

Hi Tim, since you answered my question in July the company we paid to install 2 Softlite Elements doors came yesterday and installed 2 Sierra Pacific sliding doors. The company claims that Softlite machinery was unable to accommodate the smallish size that we required. Not sure I believe that but will call Softlite to inquire. We were never told that that the product would be switched.

So what I am asking you is if you have any info about Sierra Pacific vinyl patio doors and how it would compare to the Softlite in cost and quality.

Thank you

Molly - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Molly, that is ridiculous, who shows up for an install and presents a completely different product? Sierra Pacific vinyl patio doors are not going to be as good as Softlite Elements doors. Sierra Pacific is primarily a wood clad window and door company that has more recently gotten into the vinyl window and door business. I haven't seen the exact specs, but I would be shocked if the Sierra Pacific could compete with the Soft-Lite Elements.

If they are charging you the same amount as the Soft-Lite, I would be angry. I would either threaten to write up a poor review on yelp (assuming they are on) or I might even do it afterwards. This is a tricky situation, but I can't believe they would show up with something completely different and just expect you to accept it.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Good Customer Experience

We just put in Sierra Pacific windows in our home - 25 windows and 2 doors that replaced Andersen 200 series windows and doors. One of the biggest reasons was our contractor who has worked with their products in the past and liked most of what he saw. This general sentiment was also held by the architect who liked everything except the SP door handles. They had a showroom in the Bay Area that I visited and went over the specs with one of the support team. She was quite helpful and indicated that the majority of issues they have with customers is minor things like weatherstripping, the handles etc. Of course, she works for the company so it was unclear how much of what she said was lip service. One thing I did like was they had a lot of exterior color options, even though in our case we had an off white outside frame so it didn't affect us.

We've now had the windows in our home for several months and I'll say this - I don't like the handles as much as the Andersen's, they're less smooth and a bit flimsier. The casements they installed were good looking and the crank is nice and smooth, but these also felt a bit flimsy in their design. The corner welds seem good, although there are a couple that probably could have been done cleaner. Overall, the Sierra Pacific windows seems to be well built, but time will tell whether they hold up or not.

Danny - Homeowner - from 2020

Sierra Pacific Vinyl Windows

Hi Dane, first off, I love the website. It's a great source for a vast amount of knowledge.

I'm somewhat familiar with Sierra Pacific as a whole, but I'm looking for knowledge and/or opinions on their vinyl windows. Maybe they've recently started producing them? I can't seem to find any information or opinions. Do you know anything you can share?

Bryan - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bryan, I wish I knew more about Sierra Pacific vinyl windows. I looked on their website on the vinyl section, professionals section, under structural data. Decent enough air infiltration numbers, at least on the casement and awning windows.

The windows and components look decent enough as well. But this isn't enough information for me to give you a real answer. I know Sierra Pacific took over Hurd windows, but I can't remember if that included vinyl windows or not.

If I were you, I would proceed with caution. See if they will provide you with structural data on the specific vinyl window you are buying. This would go a long ways to knowing whether this is a quality vinyl window or not. I'd love to see the data if you get your hands on it.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sierra Pacific vs Andersen

We're replacing 30 windows that are mainly double hungs with some horizontal sliding and awning windows thrown in there as well. So far, we have bids from Andersen on their 400 Woodwright series with upgraded glass and screens fro $20K. Sierra Pacific came in and their bid was about 7K less for an aluminum clad window with a triple low-e glass and screens. They seem to be more on the west coast so I don't feel like they do as much business here in Montana. Weathershield was $16K, but there were a few design features that turned me off so I'm going to pass on them.

Leslie - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Montana winters are pretty serious business and you obviously don't want to have any window failures. To be honest, I know very little about Sierra Pacific, but I would find out whether their aluminum is extruded or roll form and also how it is applied. The roll form is not a good design choice in my opinion because it is can trap water between the wood and aluminum if the water can seep in. The better manufacturers of aluminum windows use an extruded method. The Andersen 400 series is a high quality window and the Woodwright is the better option over the Tilt turn. I'm not a huge fan of the Weathershield windows, so if it were me I would take that one off the list.

Hal - Contractor - from 2011

[2nd Contractor Response]

Sierra Pacific does use an extruded aluminum on the frame and sash and I believe the wood they offer is either Douglas Fir or a Ponderosa Pine. Ask the person who came out whether they will send you a sample window so you can see the wood species and aluminum in person if you haven't had a chance yet. I like Sierra Pacific's windows and I also like the Andersen, which is obviously more expensive. I'm not familiar with the Weathershield so I can't comment. I would choose between the first two options.

Brad - Installer - from 2011

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[3rd Contractor Response]

Of the three you mention, I like the Andersen 400 window the best. They make a very good window at a top end price, but you get the backing of a very strong company. Sierra Pacific is a mid range manufacturer with mid range windows. I personally dislike Weathershield.

John - Contractor - from 2011

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Sierra Pacific vs Pella And Eagle

We have bids from several manufacturers that includes Pella, Eagle and Sierra Pacific, although the Pella Architect is just too expensive so that's basically off the list. Eagle gets pretty good reviews and Sierra Pacific gets so-so reviews. The Eagle bid is a good 9K more, which is pushing out budget right now.

Jamie - Homeowner- from 2010

[Contractor Response]

I don't know enough about SP to give an opinion, but I like Eagle windows. They are owned by Andersen but they more or less run as an independent company. The website lists their windows as the E series from Andersen and they are an aluminum clad wood window that are really pretty nice looking. I would spring for the 9K if you can do it and go with a brand that you feel comfortable with over one that leaves a question mark in your mind. Most of my customers are glad they went with a higher end window brand once the project is over, even if it stretches their budget thin in the short run.

Holland- Contractor - from 2010

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